October 6, 2023


company integration events_ ideas

Company integration events - ideas and attractions, part I.

If you are wondering whether company integration events for employees make sense - it is time to put these doubts behind you. Not only do they have a great impact on the quality of interpersonal relations of the employed staff and strengthen the "team spirit", but also our employees can acquire many valuable skills (e.g. communication ones) during such events. There is one condition: these events must be professionally organised and planned, so that they do not boil down to just drinking alcohol....
treatments before new year's eve

What treatments to choose before New Year's Eve?

Every woman wants to look beautiful. Every day. But there are special days during the year when we want to dazzle everyone. Literally. Look deadly next to a handsome partner, arouse jealousy among friends, play first fiddle during special occasions. On the list of those special days is New Year's Eve, which is fast approaching. Going to a ball, party or a house party, we meticulously prepare our evening dress. In this ...