October 30, 2023


event organizer_guide

How to organize an event? A guide for event organizers

Conferences, team building events, trainings, trips. Event manager has his hands full. The organization of events of this type is a big challenge for every event organizer. The event has to be creative, interesting and, most importantly, buttoned up to the last button. Event organizing agencies and event managers are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. So what should a person who will organize events for us have? Take a look at our short guide. You will find there...
spa banquet treatments

What are banquet treatments? A conversation with a cosmetologist

Carnival is underway. We want to have fun, party, meet with friends, have a good time. When going to a carnival ball, we meticulously browse the offers of hotels and banquet halls. The place is chosen, the partner at your side is ready, it's time to think about yourself. In this article we will tell you which banquet treatments, including facial treatments in the SPA, are worth investing in to dazzle everyone at the carnival. Natalia Śpiewak, a cosmetologist at the Institute of...