3 ways to relax at a lakeside hotel

There are many ways to relax.

At home, away from home, with friends, with family, on a paradise foreign vacation. Relaxation after a hard day at work or a stressful week with the kids is due to everyone. However, in order for this planned rest to really bring the desired relaxation, it must be properly planned. For those who want to hole up in a quiet place away from the city at the weekend, here are 3 ways to relax in a lakeside hotel.

  1. Choose the best resort hotel
  2. Active, in harmony with nature. Here is a recipe for effective rest

Hotel for relaxation. Spa, pool, barbecue and fun

Let's not kid ourselves, you need to know how to relax. I don't believe that for you true relaxation is a screening in front of the TV.

True rest involves regenerating the body and mind, minimizing work, and most importantly, changing the environment. Well, yes, you will not thoroughly relax in the four walls of your apartment well, unless you live in a charming cottage located in the countryside by the lake? Yes in such a place you can relax. However, let's get back to the main topic. You want to relax after an exhausting week at work, you pack your suitcase for the weekend and go to a spa hotel on the lake.

This is an extremely attractive offer for residents of Łódź and Warsaw, who want to get away for a weekend, counting on a short trip by car. Desiring luxurious relaxation in harmony with nature will find a lot of offers in hotels located at the Sulejow Reservoir. Be sure to take a look at the offer of stay packages Magellan Hotel.

What kind of hotel for relaxation should you choose? One that will provide you with attractions worthy of a relaxing weekend. It's up to you to know how you want to relax.

Will it be active relaxation or lazing in a hotel room? In our opinion, a resort with a spa and wellness area will be suitable for such a short hotel vacation. These are the places where you will spend most of your time for relaxing treatments. The body-pleasing treatments will be complemented by the eye-pleasing views from the hotel room windows. Where can you find such places? It can be a cozy village, a hotel center hidden in a forest complex, or relaxing in a lakeside hotel. It is the right location that will provide you with a way to have an attractive break, but about that in a moment.

How to relax in a hotel on the lake?

Effectively, of course! So as to have a good time all weekend and come back crisp and relaxed to work on Monday. The hotel on the lake offers us packages Weekend and vacation destinations. Depending on your needs, you will choose attractions and services that will allow you to relax and, there's no denying it, have a nice time.

Resorts located on the water offer guests the attractions of a vacation by the sea. During the summer, you can sunbathe on the private beach, swim in the lake, use sports equipment. What's more, during the holiday season, there will be an opportunity to take a sailboat cruise on the lake. This is a hugely loved attraction by tourists. You can have all this in the package of a hotel located even 100 km from the capital.

100% ZEN

Just peace and quiet. Lake, sunshine, walks in the woods and a session of relaxation exercises with pleasant music in the background.

Such a ZEN package is a proposal for those who expect a calming experience, soothing the soul and body. You'll relax at a spa hotel tucked away in lush forests, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The day's program will include relaxing massages, morning breathing exercises combined with meditation. There will also be moments of outdoor relaxation including outdoor yoga practice and a beauty ritual in the SPA&Wellness Institute.

The ZEN package is mainly based on rest and relaxation using elements of yoga. Therefore, you will end the first evening of this weekend with an evening relaxation session combined with aromatherapy with massage. This pleasant session will not only allow you to relax, but will also help remove many ailments, e.g. nerve pain, muscle pain, back pain. Although the package is called a weekend at the hotel, you will not spend these two days in a room.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, take a calming solitary walk in the forest complex around the hotel or go on a bicycle tour. Staying in a charming place encourages you to explore the area, spending time at the lake.

Your weekend relaxation in a lakeside hotel is based on spending time in harmony with nature. No Wi-Fi, access to business email or phone. You are supposed to calm your body and regenerate your body for the next professional challenges.

Relaxation in SPA

Massages, scrubs, drinks and a Jacuzzi. This is not a preview of a bachelorette party, it's a vision of your relaxation at a lakeside hotel. At the hotel's spa, you'll find a wide range of treatments and beauty rituals.

Our second proposal is mainly based on relaxation in the SPA Institute. You will start your Saturday morning with a class with a trainer in the gym. Rest assured that these will not be demanding exercises. Rather, a mix of yoga and Pilates exercises.

Ahead of you is the awaited moment. From this moment you put yourself in the hands of the spa staff.

We start with chocolate massage. Deeply relaxing, made with liquid real chocolate.

The second equally pleasant suggestion is the Strawberry LOVE massage (actually, we recommend it more to couples, but why not?). It's a relaxing back massage with strawberry yogurt. For those struggling with muscle spasms, we suggest a massage with hot and cold volcanic stones, which warms and deeply relaxes the whole body. For lovers of massage sensations, we offer not only a back massage, but also a real anti-stress therapy. This is a relaxing massage for the face, head and neck.

This is the kind of ritual any stressed employee will love. Well, after the massage it's time for another super relaxing treatment. It will be hydrotherapy, although actually any variety of aromatherapy. In the case of the former, it's a combination of massage with the relaxing properties of the bath. A relaxing session in the bath has a soothing and relaxing effect on the whole body, and in combination with, for example, milk powder (Cleopatra bath), it additionally nurtures the body.

Active and sporty

Healthy and tasty meals, relaxation for the body and activity for health. The fashion for a healthy and sporty lifestyle is not going away. Live actively and rest actively.

For such people there will also be a place to relax in a hotel on the lake. Such a package is not limited to gym exercises only. The active recreation program includes: fitness classes with an outdoor trainer and classes with an instructor at the pool.

The hotel equipped with badminton, boule and volleyball courts is another opportunity for active group fun. Spend your evenings at a bonfire with sausages (well this one time you can probably afford it?) or at an open-air disco. This is an additional opportunity to maybe meet someone new.

Maybe you will already leave from such a weekend trip with a rich circle of new friends. Don't forget that this relaxation in a lakeside hotel includes water activities on the water. Plan time for a sailboat or yacht cruise on a body of water. Lying and sunbathing in the middle of the lake sounds really great. Just you and the boundless water all around.

Such a vacation on the lake is really no different from a vacation by the sea. Nie trać weekendów na leżenie przed telewizorem albo na pracę za biurkiem w biurze. Wykorzystaj przyjemne słoneczne weekendowe dni na relaks z dala od pracy, domu, stresów i obowiązków.

Are you a parent? Think about a romantic weekend just the two of you.

Such package You can find it, among others, in the Magellan Hotel.