5 ideas for a weekend at a lakeside spa hotel

If you had two days off. Two days off from work, kids, daily responsibilities.

Two days to get away from the city, to a place where time passes pleasantly slowly.

Where would you like to spend these two precious days?

At home in front of the TV? Or at a cozy spa hotel with a lakeside pool?

The choice is obvious.

Check out our 5 ideas for a weekend in spa hotel by the lake.

It's going to be fabulous.

1. where to look for a good spa hotel in the region?

2. spa weekend - ideas 


A good spa hotel with a lakeside pool

Duration of leave: 2 days.

Place of rest: a cozy spa hotel with a swimming pool.

The place is located in a fabulous forest area.

It's only a two-day vacation, so a long journey to Masuria is not an option. In the Lodz region you will find several good spa hotels.

They include, among others, Hotel Uniejów, Hotel Magellan or Chojnata Palace.

A good hotel for your weekend must have a swimming pool complex and a SPA & Wellness zone as well as... a fabulous view from the window.

These are the places where you will spend most of your time.

This weekend you don't have to cook, do the dishes, or worry about who will clean your room.

This weekend, dinner cooks itself, the room cleans itself, you then will "literally" lie down and smell.

Make the most of this weekend, spend time at the hotel's spa and pool, but also enjoy the beauty of the area.

Kayaking, hiking, sailing? It's really not boring at the lake.

spa hotel with pool

Before you click book, make sure your weekend package includes:

- hotel accommodation

- free access to the swimming pool complex, jacuzzi, saunas

- selected treatments/massages in the hotel SPA

If SPA packages offered by the hotel does not quite meet your expectations, ask the staff if you can create your own spa package.

Have the treatments you care about included.

The number and type of treatments will obviously affect the price of such a package.

weekend in a spa hotel with a swimming pool

 A GREAT weekend

We've been waiting for him all week.

We have so many plans, tasks, so much to do, however, not this time....

I guess you can spend one weekend a month relaxing and unwinding at a spa hotel with a lakeside pool?

A weekend like this is only worth waiting 5 days for. If you've reached our article, it means one thing.

You have a weekend getaway planned.

That's great!

We've got you covered with 5 ideas for a weekend at a lakeside spa hotel.

1. active from the morning!

This is a suggestion for those who start their day with a visit to the gym.

Rest assured, we will not be dragging anyone out of bed at 6:00 am.

A weekend at a hotel with a lakeside pool, you'll start with a short walk around the hotel.

After this brief effort, it's time for a visit to the spa.

First things first: body scrub, then body massage with shea butter and fresh face treatment.

After this beauty session, you'll spend the afternoon at the pool for a class with a personal trainer.

There will also be time for a relaxing splash in the pool.

A moment of relaxation in the pool with water massages, will do everyone good.

Keeping up with our schedule? Now it's time for some outdoor movement: a bike tour of the neighborhood and fun at the ropes course.

At the end of the day, we offer a light dinner and a glass of champagne.

Start your Sunday morning with a visit to the steam sauna with aromatherapy.

We won't let you leave without a visible metamorphosis.

In a spa hotel with a swimming pool you will take care not only of your body.

Get additional treatments: manicure, pedicure, eyebrow adjustment.

These little treatments improve not only your appearance, but also your mood. We assure you Monday at work, won't be so bad.

lakeside spa hotel

2. package just for her

Two days just for her. A whole bed just for her, peace, quiet, relaxation.

It is worth paying crores for such a rest.

SPA package for one person includes: bath in wine + glass of wine for tasting, honey massage and moisturizing face treatment.

So many treatments and you're the only one. It's your time.

Don't forget that as a guest of the hotel you can use the hotel's swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi free of charge.

If you're a fan of cosmetology, take advantage of the wide range of specialty treatments.

Today's SPA&Wellness Institutes They offer many advanced treatments such as: endermologie, diamond microdermabrasion, cavitation peeling with sonophoresis.

Combining a spa hotel stay with such treatments will make your skin recover faster.

This visit will be vastly different from a visit to a beauty salon downtown.

weekend at the hotel

3 - Chocolate. For two

Well, if you decide to take your other half to a hotel with a spa pool for the weekend, choose a package for two.

It will be such a romantic weekend, spending time together, visiting the spa together.

However, before it happens, check out what you will be doing for those two days at the hotel.

Our proposal includes a visit to ropes courseWe will have a romantic dinner by the lake and an evening bonfire.

That's a lot of attractions, and you still have to check in at the spa.

SPA package for two includes shared azure bath, chocolate massage, Polynesian massage.

It also includes unlimited use of the swimming pool, Finnish sauna and Jacuzzi.

spa hotel weekend

4. a really manly weekend

There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Men increasingly use the services of beauty salons and SPA institutes.

Men benefit from rejuvenating and slimming treatments.

However, we suggest a thorough rest in the hotel combined with an evening party in the hotel club.

The spa visit will be in a very masculine way.

The SPA package for each man will include a beer bath, a classic massage and a moisturizing facial treatment.

Especially the latter treatment will be appreciated by any guy who struggles with facial hair every morning.

For such a session of beauty in an intimate and friendly atmosphere, every man will be tempted.

weekend in a spa hotel with a swimming pool

5. special task treatments

If you're looking to burn fat fast, improve your figure or get rid of wrinkles during a weekend at a hotel with a lakeside pool, you've come to the right place.

You don't have to head to an Aesthetic Medicine Clinic just a hotel spa.

Treatments such as V-lifting, whitelight or endermologie, you will perform in the idyllic comfort of SPA.

The institutes are equipped with specialized equipment and cosmetics from renowned companies.

You can return from such a weekend stay with reduced body fat, lighter by a few wrinkles on your face.

When deciding on such a beauty session in a hotel spa, remember that after the not necessarily pleasant procedure you can rest peacefully in the hotel room.

On site you have at your disposal: saunas, swimming pool, jacuzzi or game rooms.

There is no way to drive your car home with your head hidden in the hood. Taking care of your appearance is supposed to be a pleasure.

After all, this is supposed to be a weekend full of rest, relaxation, full of pleasant moments at the spa.

Looking for an idea for your weekend at a lakeside spa hotel?

Check out SPA packages SPA&Wellness Institute in the Magellan Hotel.

Don't waste your weekends lying at home in front of the TV.

Treat yourself to a touch of luxury in a temple of beauty.


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