The Sulejowskie Forests belong to the richest sanctuaries of forest birds and mammals in Poland. You can see here bats, foxes, wild boars, elks, squirrels, hedgehogs, otters, beavers and weasels. The main attraction, however, are the very famous wisents. The number of the breeding herd is kept at the level of 20 specimens. They can be seen at the European Bison Breeding Center in Smardzwice.

Unusual fauna can be found in the Blue Springs Reserve, which is a unique Jurassic outcrop in Europe.

The world of insects is one of the most varied fauna components of the Sulejów Landscape Park, full of numerous peculiarities and interesting zoogeographical elements, testifies to the original and specific nature of our area. Among others, there live jumping toads, fork-wings, dragonflies, and water beetles. The richness of the world of butterflies is expressed by the number of about 1000 species. Just a few kilometers from the hotel you can see the Microcosmos Educational and Recreational Park. In the Park you will find extremely realistic insect sculptures, made with great attention to their construction, there are several dozen insects, much larger than adults. The idea of creating the Park was to draw the attention of children and young people, as well as adults to the incredibly rich world of insects living here, often overlooked by the naked eye.

In the waters within the Park there are 35 species of fish and dragonflies (Ukrainian lamprey), including species characteristic for the upland river: mumps and chubs. In the Pilica River, especially in Sulejowski Reservoir, there are many common species of fish and amphibians. On the banks of Sulejowski Reservoir you can often meet anglers who go in search of tasty fish in the early morning, obviously taking care of protected species.

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