Women's spa weekend? The best packages up to 500 PLN.

No one will understand you better than another woman. A sister, a mother, a friend.

It is in their company that you forget about the troubles and hardships of everyday life.

In their company you can freely complain about your husband and nervous boss.

Celebrating female friendship is not only possible on the occasion of March 8.

Every month you have at least 4 opportunities to host a girls' spa weekend.

In this article we will reveal what attractions are waiting for you during the girls' weekend at the hotel.

1. which hotel to choose for a girls' spa weekend?

2. spa packages for girlfriends up to PLN 500.


Where to organize a girls' spa weekend?

A weekend with a friend at the spa should be a prescription for every woman.

There are a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders: family, kids, work, home, shopping, bills.

That's a lot, isn't it?

And where's the time to relax and hang out with friends?

If husbands and fiancés are reading this, think of a girls' spa weekend as a gift for your sweetheart.

Isn't a girls' birthday weekend at a hotel the best birthday gift?

Gentlemen, the title of best husband is guaranteed.

This weekend with a friend at the spa is supposed to be a reward after a tiring week, a feminine ritual, weekend relaxation, a pleasant escape from everyday life.

Where to start organizing such a trip?

Women's weekend at the hotel does not have to be an exclusive trip to a five-star hotel by the sea.

Look for a trip destination near where you live.

The journey to the hotel should be short, after all, no one feels like taking a tiring and long drive behind the wheel.

In the vicinity of the Sulejowski Lagoon you will find several spa hotels including Hotel Magellan.

ladies' spa weekend

What hotel for a friend's spa trip to look for?

A hotel for a girls' trip should of course have SPA & Wellness Institute, swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi.

The institute should offer a variety of packages, including spa package for girlfriends.

You will spend the weekend not only in the spa, but also outside the hotel.

And there you have to have something to do, so the neighborhood. She's important, too.

Is there anything interesting to visit near the hotel?

Is it possible to walk in a forested area?

Finally, the third element, the attractiveness of the hotel.

It is, of course, about the range of additional services that the hotel offers.

Theater room, rope park, a nightclub?

During a girls' weekend, you won't just lie around and smell.

However, rest assured, there will be no cooking, washing or cleaning.

You can relax during a movie or dance till dawn.

When booking a package spa for girlfriendsYou primarily consider the list of treatments, but you will not only pay for these.

The package includes accommodation, meals, access to the wellness complex and additional services.

It's a good idea to know beforehand if you'll be bored in your room during this weekend?

A girls' weekend away is all about relaxing and having fun with your best girlfriends.  

If you rely on internet reviews to choose your hotel,

Be sure to check out the hotel's experience in organizing such ladies' spa weekends and hen nights?

Hotel staff with experience in this type of event, will not only organize a successful girls' spa weekend, but also help in composing treatments.

ladies' weekend at the hotel

Spa packages for a girls' weekend at the hotel to 500 PLN

Treats, gossip, fun, relaxation.

These are the main elements of this women's trip.

Relaxed, rested, pampered, this is how you will leave the spa hotel.

The weekend getaway will include time for indulgence at the spa,

gossip with a friend in the hotel garden, there will also be time for fitness classes with an instructor.

To make this weekend a pleasant memory, we have also taken care of the financial aspects and prepared 3 proposals for the best spa packages for less than 500 zł.

This will be an enjoyable skincare experience at a reasonable price.

Each proposal includes:

  • hotel stay
  • meals
  • spa treatments
  • additional attractions

The cost of the package depends on the number and types of treatments.

The price is also affected by the number of days of stay at the hotel (calculated in nights).

ladies' spa weekend

Fit Cupcakes

Day SPA Fit is a proposal for ladies who love to start their day with a morning visit to the gym.

Women's weekend at the hotel will begin with classes with an instructor at the pool.

30 minutes of active warm-up will recharge you positively for the whole day.

Don't forget the free services at the hotel.

As guests of the resort, you can enjoy unlimited use of the swimming pool, Finnish sauna, steam sauna with aromatherapy, or Jacuzzi during your entire stay.

Fit Cupcakes package is a proposal for friends who focus on active recreation.

Here we have athletic gym classes, spa treatments and outdoor activities.

Active activities in the gym complete this weekend beauty ritual.

This is an excellent offer for women who want to be in shape all year round despite their daily duties.

Now let's see what spa treatments you'll find in the fit package:

  • 1 x shea butter body massage 30 min.
  • 1 x body scrub
  • 1 x fresh face treatment
  • 1 x champagne/cocktail
  • 1 x hotel stay

The cost of such a package is about 380 PLN/person.

trip to spa with girlfriends

3 x care

The foundation of our second proposal is care.

The friends will start their spa visit with a stimulating bath in the Jacuzzi.

Welcome drinks will be waiting in your hotel room.

This package is designed for women who want to take care of their appearance and skin condition.

Yes... most of your time will be spent in the wellness rooms.

However, there will be no invasive treatments in the package, we focus here on effective and painless care from head to toe.

However, before you cross the threshold of the beauty salon, you will meet with a cosmetologist who will assess the condition of your skin and choose the best facial treatment.

This conversation with a specialist is a good opportunity to learn more about the condition of your skin.

You may find that the cosmetologist will suggest additional treatments, reveal cosmetic tricks.

After all, cosmetics are one of the favorite topics of conversation for women.

Won't it be fun to exchange beauty news with your girlfriends in the hotel hot tub?

This is the kind of women's spa weekend every one of us probably dreams about.

girls' spa trip

We recommend the 3 x care package especially in the autumn-winter period, when our skin needs extra hydration.

Proposals for treatments from this package are not only a feast for the body, but also for the spirit.

Spa treatments caress the body, the senses, care for the skin and restore a perfect sense of well-being.

During the ladies' spa weekend don't forget to visit the wellness zone (jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, swimming pool).

This is where you and your girlfriends will relax and recuperate.

In the 3 x care package you will find:

  • classic massage
  • hand care treatment
  • body peeling
  • moisturizing face treatment
  • 1 x overnight stay
  • 1 x breakfast
  • 1 x dinner

Cost of stay: ask for price

spa weekend

Chocolate SPA

Our final offering is a package deal at its most delicious.

After all, who among us doesn't love chocolate?

A ladies weekend at the hotel, you start on Saturday and end on Sunday.

It's a whole two days of relaxation, beauty care and fun.

You start the weekend with a visit to the spa, throughout the day you will enjoy delicious treatments, among them are:

  • 1x azure bath
  • 1x chocolate massage
  • 1x body coffee peeling

After a series of treatments, your women's party moves to the wellness area, to the pool with water massages.

The first day of this women's spa weekend will be intense, there is no room for boredom or laziness here.

After a delicious dinner, the friends will move to the hotel nightclub where they will dance until dawn.

Even the best party can make everyone tired, so on Sunday the schedule will only include relaxation in the wellness zone and walks in the fresh air.

Bathing in a Jacuzzi, using a sauna are proven forms of improving skin condition and relaxation.

Not to mention the cleansing and relaxing effect of a steam sauna with aromatherapy.

Cost of stay: about 500 PLN/person. (1 x accommodation, 1x breakfast, 1 x dinner)

Planning a trip with your girlfriends to a spa?

Or maybe you are looking for a gift for your mom, friend, sister?

Surprise your loved ones with an unusual surprise and take them to a women's spa weekend.

Check the offer spa packages at the Magellan Hotel.

ladies' spa weekend


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