How to effectively take care of your health and beauty during the fall season?

spa treatments in autumn

Autumn is a special time of year. On the one hand, we are relaxed and filled with positive energy after the summer holidays, and on the other hand - quite quickly we begin to feel tired and melancholy, which is influenced by the deteriorating weather and shorter and colder days. Therefore, it is worth looking for SPA treatments that will help us survive this difficult period.


Spa treatments in the autumn

After a summer of relaxation and vacations, autumn usually brings with it a significant deterioration in well-being. This is primarily related to the change in the weather. There is a lack of sunlight, the air temperature is getting lower, it rains more often and the days become shorter. This contributes to melancholy, exhaustion, decreased energy, and even depressive states.

Prepare your body for spa treatments

It is certainly reflected in our appearance - eyes lose their shine, complexion freshness and weight begins to increase (this is related not only to the tendency to eat sweets at this time of year, but also to slowed metabolism). That is why it is worth (especially in autumn) to take care of your appearance and well-being. The following can help SPA&Wellness centers.


For starters, a proper diet

Surely the first step to looking good, feeling good and having a slim figure is a proper diet. Despite appearances - it does not mean limiting food (and especially starving yourself). A good diet is a properly selected and balanced nutrients and the rejection of those that are definitely not conducive to us. It also means drinking enough good water. In autumn, we should primarily bet on vitamin C, which not only strengthens our immunity and will protect against colds, but also brightens the skin. Special attention should be paid to apples, which are not only a great source of this vitamin, but also cleanse the body of toxins, support weight loss and have a great impact on the complexion. Certainly it is also worth taking care of eating warm, warming meals. Pay particular attention to groats, wholemeal pasta and lean meat. A great solution is also vegetable soups-creams. It is certainly worthwhile to additionally make use of dietary supplements.


Remember to be physically active

Sport and physical recreation at any time of the year plays an invaluable role, but it is especially useful in autumn. It definitely improves blood circulation, affects the firmness of the skin, helps remove toxins from the body, get rid of excess weight and definitely improves your mood. Currently, fitness clubs offer such a wide range of activities that everyone will find something for themselves. By the way, it is worth using the sauna, which helps to warm up the body and get rid of excess water. It is also good to look into the offers of SPA & Wellness Institutes, which have in their offer not only spa treatmentsThe city has a lot to offer in terms of sports, but also a lot of sporting activities - it's good to take advantage of them, especially on weekends.


Daily care + spa treatments 

Very important in our beauty care is regularity. Occasional "spurts" are not enough, but what we do every day. Treatments in the SPA should be treated as an addition to our daily efforts, and not as a substitute for them.


Skin cleansing

The basis for taking care of our appearance in any case is the appropriate skin cleansing. It is good to use for this purpose appropriate cosmetics, which will not excessively dry and dehydrate the skin. It is worth paying attention that they contain natural ingredients. Nothing is more harmful to our skin than improperly washed makeup or, worse, going to bed without removing it.


Opt for scrubs

You should also use a scrub, which not only helps remove keratinized epidermis, but also promotes skin regeneration. Nowadays, enzymatic peels (very delicate) are also available for people with sensitive, problematic skin. Peeling can also be done at home, for example by mixing sugar or coffee with yogurt.


Moisturizing the skin

It is necessary to remember to moisturize the skin (regardless of its type), because excessive dryness in any case is harmful.


Effectiveness of SPA treatments

Professional SPA treatments have the advantage over everyday skin care that they use a special apparatus (such as ultrasound or laser) and cosmetics with a high concentration of active substances, which alone at home would not be safe for us. In addition, treatments in the SPA are performed by professionals who are properly prepared for this, who can perfectly recognize our skin type and choose the right cosmetics and SPA treatments for it. Therefore, it is worth giving into the hands of professionals, who will not only skillfully deal with the defects of our beauty, but also give expert advice on further action and selection of appropriate care products. It is worth mentioning that spa treatments are not only beauty treatments, but also massages that wonderfully affect our physical and mental condition. Therefore, it is worth (especially in autumn) to allow yourself to this type of support for our body.

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