Bride in the SPA. What treatments to choose before the wedding?

The special day is approaching.

Preparations have been going on for a good few months now. A fabulous place for a wedding selected, wedding bouquet ordered, wedding dress waiting for final tailor's touches.

Everything planned down to the smallest detail.

But in the midst of these preparations, did you find a moment just for yourself?

I bet you don't...

The last few weeks before a wedding are an emotional and stressful time.

That's why for all stressed out brides, we suggest a spa before the wedding. 

In a moment we will reveal what beauty treatments before the wedding can be done in the spa.

Table of Contents:

  1. Relaxation and care in one place
  2. List of beauty treatments before the wedding 
  3. We start with the face
  4. Manicure and pedicure
  5. Healthy and beautiful hair


Spa before a wedding - relaxation and care in one place

Many of us have been dreaming of this day since childhood.

We know how the wedding dress should look like, what should be the makeup, accessories. We also try to take care of our skin.

After all, it is the bride who will be the focus of attention of all invited guests.

So let's check if the bride is ready for her big day:

- Flawless and smooth skin?

- moisturized skin?

- healthy, shiny hair?

- well-groomed hands?

- Adjusted eyebrows and strong lashes?

If you are a bride-to-be and unfortunately can't tick off the above points.

The solution is one.

Stay with us until the end of this article, you will learn what spa treatments to do before your wedding and literally.... dazzle everyone.

spa before the wedding

Proven treatments before the wedding

The treatments we are going to talk about in a moment are a kind of ritual. Of course we do them to improve our beauty, but also to improve our mood.

A spa before the wedding will have a soothing effect on the bride.

But don't forget that you should take care of yourself all year round, so be sure to set aside more time for SPA visits.

It is in the SPA&Wellness Institute that the bride and groom will forget about the busy schedule of preparations for a moment, relax and unwind under the watchful eye of cosmetologists.

You will probably ask, why actually undergo these cosmetic procedures before the wedding?

The answer is simple.

Even makeup made with top-of-the-line cosmetics won't last if the condition of your skin leaves a lot to be desired.

Shiny diamonds on an engagement ring, will not cover neglected hands and damaged nails.

A visit to a spa before the wedding will effectively take away these worries for the bride and groom.

bride at Magellan spa

Cleansed and moisturized skin

The skills of a makeup artist will not cover the flaws of the complexion.

To make bridal makeup not only look, but also last, the bride should first take care of the condition of the skin.

Two treatments are sufficient.

At first, the cleansing. 

Such a cleansing treatment needs to be done a few weeks before the wedding.

After the epidermis is mechanically breached, your face will be red and swollen. No worries, these symptoms will stop a few hours after the procedure.

The next step is moisturizing.

Intensively moisturizing and energizing cosmetic treatments in spa e.g. Aquarelle is the perfect solution for gray and tired complexion.

Another proposal is a moisturizing and brightening treatment Beauty Hydration Ritual.

Such cleansed and moisturized skin is the perfect foundation for makeup.

Hands are the business card of every woman

Hand care and manicures are other pre-wedding beauty treatments you should do.

There's no denying that you should have well-groomed hands, filed and painted nails all year round.

Before the wedding, however, you should go to a beautician for a professional manicure.

It is a must have for every bride.

The hands are the second part of the body after the face that everyone will pay attention to.

Guests will want to see the ring and engagement ring. Neat hands and manicures are a must in this case.

There is still the question of color.

Brides are getting bolder and instead of the classic French manicure, they opt for blood red or elegant patterns.

For less daring brides, we suggest subtle pastel colors that are still in fashion.

spa before the wedding


When going to a spa before the wedding, think about a manicure + pedicure package.

If the bride decides to wear shoes with open toes or heels, the feet must look flawless. 

For a classic pedicure, we recommend a moisturizing treatment with paraffin to smooth and nourish cracked heel skin.

Foot care is as important as hand care.

Not everyone remembers that.

You don't want to be embarrassed about your feet during the famous shoe "theft", do you?

spa treatments before the wedding

Beautiful and well-groomed hair

This couldn't be missing among the pre-wedding treatments.

Although be forewarned, you need to take care of your hair's condition all year round.

Go for a spa visit before the wedding though, some treatments really can work wonders. 

Nourished, shiny hair will not only look great but will also perfectly present the wedding hairstyle. 

Brides should choose regenerative treatments with keratin, shea butter, aloe vera and jojoba oil.

They are specialists in moisturizing, smoothing, rebuilding and shining hair.

A visit to the spa before the wedding is supposed to be a pleasure and a temporary escape from the stressful preparations for the wedding.

Doing these few treatments before the wedding can greatly improve our appearance.

And looking good will have a positive effect on our mood 🙂 that's what it's all about, after all, to enjoy the day.

Are you a witness, a sister of the bride? Are you thinking about a pre-wedding gift for the bride-to-be?

Give her a voucher for the Spa&Wellness Institute at the Magellan Hotel, check out the offer from wSPAnianiały packages. 

spa before the wedding


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