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Looking for ideas to integrate your team? Hotel Magellan*** is the place for corporate integration you are looking for.

Training with integration is a recipe for awakening creativity, cooperation at different levels and in different departments, improving productivity and the arrangements in the company. It is also a way to check what kind of relations prevail in a team, how employees cope in sudden, surprising or extreme situations and who in such conditions shows inborn organizational or leadership skills. Not without significance is the professional organization of integration by the hotel and location in an interesting place, full of attractions, dedicated to smaller and larger groups.

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When planning team building trips, a hotel seems to be a natural choice. Apart from conference rooms and space to organize a larger integration event, we offer tasty cuisine and rooms to accommodate employees, so that they do not have to worry about their safe return to the hotel after the event. Long journeys to the seaside or mountains are out of the question, so it is worth considering the best option - a team building event in a hotel in the center of Poland.

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Integration events in Lodz province? This is it! Picturesque natural surroundings and forest space combined with an excellent location in the city center are an ideal solution for organizers of company events from Lodz and Warsaw, but also companies operating in different parts of Poland and coming together at one point to improve cooperation of the whole company. Due to our long-standing experience, we can organize an elegant integration banquet as well as less formal business meetings, which in a setting different from the office have a positive effect on all participants.

team building events magellan hotel
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The Magellan Hotel offers plenty of activities for a successful integration trip, both in the hotel itself and in its green areas, regardless of the season and the prevailing weather. The swimming pool complex, SPA Institute or Atlantis Club with music guarantee moments of relaxation inside the hotel after an intensive training. Outdoor sports enthusiasts will enjoy a professional rope park, volleyball and soccer fields or bicycles. The proximity of the lake will also provide excellent fun on yachts, sailboats or during canoeing trips. Integration event can not do without tasks and group games - various activities will be provided by the event agency cooperating with the facility, and in the evenings there will be plenty of relaxed meetings by the bonfire or grill.

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