Training rooms

Intimate training room or spacious conference room?

You will find the right space for any event at the Magellan*** Hotel. Our conference center consists of 8 professionally equipped conference rooms with a total area of 1480m2, which can accommodate up to 1000 people. The space of each room allows to conduct training or workshops in groups ranging from several to even 400 people.

Pacific Room

The Pacific Conference Room is a large, spacious room located on the second floor with close access to the elevator. This makes it possible to equip the event with the necessary materials or equipment. It has access to daylight with the possibility of its complete blackout. With the help of sliding ...

Number of people: 300 Area: 300 m2 Check details

Laguna Hall

The Laguna conference room has direct access to the terrace overlooking the forest and the rope park. This makes breaks in a conference or training exceptionally pleasant. It is located on the first floor with close access to the elevator. With the help of sliding walls it is possible ...

Number of people: 140 Area: 140 m2 Check details

Sala Atol

The conference room Atol is located on the first floor (next to Laguna room). With the help of sliding walls it is possible to divide the room into two smaller ones. Possible settings:

Number of people: 100 Area: 105 m2 Check details

Oceania Room

The Oceania room with a total area of 300m2 is located on the first floor. The advantage of this room is the mezzanine, the vicinity of the reception hall, the swimming pool complex and the direct exit to the summer garden. Due to its large surface and height, the room is ideal for organizing banquets or receptions.

Number of people: 400 Area: 300 m2 Check details

Mirror Room

Lustrzana conference room is perfect not only for training, but also for sports and dance classes thanks to the mirrors mounted on one of the walls.

Number of people: 25 Area: 38 m2 Check details

We also have various restaurant rooms, both for small and large banquets, up to 200 people

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