Classic pork chop

Classic pork chop

with boiled potatoes, dill and a set of salads

Potato pancakes

served with pork stew and an assortment of salads

Chicken fillet marinated in herbs

served on yam fries and an assortment of salads

Pike-perch fillet from a skillet

Served with a thick French fry and an assortment of salads

Confit beef hunks with horseradish sauce

served on mustard-potato puree with fried vegetables in thyme

Mackerel fried in burnt butter

served with scalloped potatoes with capers and pickled beets

Long roasted rib eye on plum sauce

Served with roasted potatoes and caramelized pickles

Tagliatelle with chicken pieces

served with bacon and cream sauce

Beef burger with yellow cheese and grilled bacon

with onion rings, vegetables, spicy piri piri peppers served with steakhouse fries