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spa banquet treatments

What are banquet treatments? A conversation with a cosmetologist

Carnival is underway. We want to have fun, party, meet with friends, have a good time. When going to a carnival ball, we meticulously browse the offers of hotels and banquet halls. The place is chosen, the partner at your side is ready, it's time to think about yourself. In this article we will tell you which banquet treatments, including facial treatments in the SPA, are worth investing in to dazzle everyone at the carnival. Natalia Śpiewak, a cosmetologist at the Institute of...
best spa treatments

Top 5 spa treatments you must try!

In autumn, winter, spring and summer, this place is worth visiting. For short vacations and longer vacations. For weekend battery recharging and weekend relaxation. This place is a spa hotel. Since you take care of your appearance all year round, this time you can do it in a temple of beauty, in the best spa of course. In this article we will reveal what the best spa hotels on the lake have, we will also reveal the top 5 spa treatments you can enjoy....
bachelorette party at the spa

Ideas for a bachelorette party in SPA

Your best friend is about to be married! On her ring finger, a diamond ring sparkles. During your meetings over coffee, you plan every detail of the wedding and reception. After all, this is the most important day in your friend's life, and everything has to be perfect and polished. Take your friend away from the wedding preparations for a moment and organize for her an unforgettable hen night at the spa. It will be something! Such a goodbye to the single status for sure...
spa slimming treatments

Take care of your slim figure - slimming treatments in SPA

A slim figure, without cellulite and unnecessary fat is the aspiration of almost every woman. Nowadays overweight and lack of fitness are definitely not in fashion. The problem with appearance becomes more acute especially during vacations, when the body needs to be shown in skimpy summer dresses or swimsuits. What's more - slim figure does not mean at all: a well-groomed body. Therefore, in order to really look good, we should take...
she and he at the spa

She and He in SPA. Perfect gifts for Valentine's Day

Christmas is behind us. Gifts from the list bought, the joy of loved ones priceless. Store windows change decor. The red in store decorations remains. It's a sign. The Feast of the Lovers is approaching. From now on we'll be typing in Internet search engines: Valentine's Day gift for her, Valentine's Day gift for him. What gift to choose? Where to find the unique one? Where to look for it? Check out our list of great gifts for lovers....

Luxury spa treatments. Are they worth the price?

Cosmetology and dermatology are well established in SPA&Wellness Institutes. Polish women go to the temples of beauty, not only for a massage or body peeling. They reach for definitely more advanced treatments. They choose modern, effective, extremely pleasant luxury spa treatments. In this article we will tell you which high-end treatments are worth using. Even though the prices of some of them can be quite staggering. Believe us, their high cost is worth the effect you will see in the mirror....
spa in winter_ treatments

SPA in winter - which SPA treatments to choose?

Skin after winter is dry, damaged and in need of hydration. How to take care of your skin after winter? Which SPA treatments should you choose to restore the glow of your skin? Check out our tips.
treatments before new year's eve

What treatments to choose before New Year's Eve?

Every woman wants to look beautiful. Every day. But there are special days during the year when we want to dazzle everyone. Literally. Look deadly next to a handsome partner, arouse jealousy among friends, play first fiddle during special occasions. On the list of those special days is New Year's Eve, which is fast approaching. Going to a ball, party or a house party, we meticulously prepare our evening dress. In this ...
cellulite - how to fight it

Cellulite, how to fight it?

Cellulite is the bane of many women (even the slim ones). Contrary to appearances, its formation is responsible not only unevenly distributed fat, but also water and toxins retained in the body. Currently, cellulite is so common in women that it is even considered a disease of civilization. Although it is often associated only with an unsightly appearance of the skin, its source lies inside the body. Therefore, actions to combat this ailment ...
spa rejuvenation treatments

Rejuvenating treatments in SPA. Discover their power!

Spoglądasz w lustro. Dostrzegasz u siebie pierwsze oznaki starzenia? Mogę się tylko spodziewać, Twojej emocjonującej reakcji. Proces starzenia jest niestety procesem nieuniknionym. Na każdego z nas przyjdzie pora 🙂 Skupmy się jednak na skutecznych metodach walki z brutalnym upływem czasu. Na warsztat bierzemy twarz, to w końcu na niej pierwsze zmarszczki będą najbardziej widoczne. Dosłownie….. widoczne przez wszystkich. Zostań z nami, za chwilę zdradzę Ci jakie zabiegi odmładzające w SPA ...
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