Cellulite, how to fight it?

cellulite - how to fight it

Cellulite is the bane of many women (even the slim ones). Contrary to appearances, its formation is responsible not only unevenly distributed fat, but also water and toxins retained in the body. Currently cellulite is so common ailment in women that it is even considered a disease of civilization. Although it is often associated only with an unsightly appearance of the skin, its source lies inside the body. Therefore, actions to combat this ailment should be comprehensive.


Cellulite - what is it?

It is a skin defect that manifests itself by the fact that the skin becomes folded, loses its firmness, and in appearance begins to resemble an orange peel. The biggest disadvantage of this condition is that the skin loses its nice appearance, which becomes problematic especially in summer, when it needs to be exposed. Cellulite most often appears on the thighs and buttocks, but it can also affect the arms, abdomen and calves. Although it is often seen in terms of aesthetics only - its causes should be looked for inside the body. One of them is impaired blood and lymph circulation. This is associated primarily with physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestylebut also unhealthy eating and hormonal disorders. Taking birth control pills also has a large impact on the formation of cellulite in women.


It is not enough to combat the symptoms alone

A fairly common reaction of women to the appearance of cellulite is to try to combat its external symptoms - rubbing creams, spa treatmentsmassages. This, of course, can help to some extent, but it won't fully solve the problem. There is a reason why it is said that the state of our skin reflects what is going on inside of us. Therefore - we should affect not only the external appearance of the skin, but the whole body. The first important point in the fight against cellulite is hydration (drinking an adequate amount of still mineral water, which also prevents stagnation of fluids in the body). You should also avoid drinking drinks that contain sugar, artificial colouring and preservatives - they have a very negative effect on the appearance of our skin. The right amount of water also Cleanses the body of toxins and improves skin firmness. 


Diet - an important step in the fight against cellulite

Equally important as proper hydration of the body is proper diet. Remember that unhealthy diet will not only prevent you from getting rid of orange peel, but it can also destroy the effects of spa treatments or cosmetics. The first step of a healthy diet is eliminating fast food, sweets, excess salt, unhealthy fats (especially fried) and white flour. You will not have to wait long for the effects. It is also worth noting that fish, nuts, green vegetables, oatmeal and whole grain flour have a beneficial effect on the appearance of the skin. Under no circumstances should you get rid of fat from your diet, because not only will it not have a beneficial effect on our appearance, but it can lead to hormonal disorders. You only need to remember that these are healthy, unrefined fats.


Spa stay

In the process of combating cellulite, we will certainly also benefit from leaving stay in SPA. It is worth considering this possibility for many reasons. First - we will be able to take advantage of professional assistance from professionals who will not only choose the right spa treatments for us, but also provide the necessary advice. Acting on our own - to a large extent we can do it in the dark (eg, use the wrong cosmetics or use the wrong massage techniques). During a stay in the SPA we will not only have the opportunity to take advantage of a rich offer of SPA treatmentsThe patients are not only offered the opportunity to take part in the treatment, but also to consult with professionals as to how to proceed. An additional advantage of staying in this type of facility is a rich offer of dietetic meals and active forms of leisure activities.


Advantages of SPA treatments

It is worth knowing that some treatments cannot be performed at home alone, because we do not have the right equipment or preparations for this. We also do not have the right qualifications to perform them properly. Meanwhile, they bring very good results and are a great complement to our actions in the fight against cellulite. They affect not only the outside, but also reach the deep layers of the skin. We especially recommend anti-cellulite and slimming treatment Micronized Marine Algae (You can use it in, among other places. SPA&Welness Institute Magellan Hotel). This treatment primarily provides our skin with many microelements and vitamins necessary to keep it in good condition. In addition, it uses purifying alginic acid. The treatment also includes an algae body scrub, a micronized algae pack and a session in a steam capsule. We would certainly not be able to perform this type of treatment at home.


Other recommended treatments

Other SPA treatmentsworth mentioning are Frigi -Thalgo Wrap and Stretch (The first one consists in wrapping selected parts of the body in a bandage and a draining massage with the use of a special gel.) The first one consists in wrapping selected parts of the body in a bandage and a draining massage with the use of a special gel. The treatment also includes peeling. Stretch is recommended for people who struggle with stretch marks in addition to cellulite. Microdermabrasion and ultrasound treatment is performed on selected areas of the body. In addition, special cosmetics with high collagen content are applied to the skin.

Mentioned SPA treatments are, of course, only examples of a whole list of no less attractive proposals from professional biological regeneration salons. It is worth noting, however, that although they bring great results - they are not the only action that must be taken in the fight against cellulite. Equally important is diet, rest, maintaining hormonal balance and physical activity (especially such that improves blood circulation).