Check out how effective a spa massage is.

Loss of skin firmness, wrinkle problem, muscle tension, stressful lifestyle, back pain.

Is there a miracle cure for all these ailments?

Of course it does, and it's available to everyone.

Really. Its price doesn't knock you off your feet, it's painless, non-invasive and really enjoyable.

What is it about this treatment that has such versatile applications?

We are talking about relaxation massage. 

Did you not believe in its properties?

Or maybe you just ended up in the hands of an unprofessional massage therapist?

A well done relaxing massage brings relief after the first session, and in combination with another treatment such as a weight loss treatment can work wonders.

Table of Contents:

  1. The effective power of a relaxing massage
  2. Types of massage
  3. Indications and contraindications - so for whom massage?

Relaxing massage good for everything

Such treatment can be performed in massage parlors, beauty salons and in SPA.

In this article, we're going to focus on spa massages. Why exactly there?

SPA&Wellness Institute is a temple of relaxation.

Staying in such a place literally, has a soothing effect on every painful part of the body.

Suitable interior, SPA located outside the city, a lot of colored candles around the massage chair. To this a pleasant relaxing music and relaxing massage in the SPA. This is how you can regenerate.

I already mentioned in the introduction that a relaxing massage heals sore and tense muscles. It is also a pleasure for the body and soul.

An effective back and facial massage will not only soothe your pain, but also help you forget about your stress and troubles.

This is extremely valuable with the crazy and fast pace of life we lead.

massage in magellan hotel spa

Types of massages. Which one to choose?

Stroking, kneading, gently rubbing, patting.

These are just some of the techniques for performing a relaxation massage.

Depending on the client's needs, the massage therapist will choose the appropriate technique. Want to relax and unwind? Choose the stroking and kneading technique.

Do you want to get rid of cellulite and stimulate circulation? In this case, gentle rubbing and patting will be an effective technique. 

What else to pay attention to when looking for a spa to relax in?

  • An effective massage should last about an hour.
  • The person giving the massage should use slow movements with appropriate cosmetics.

Classics are key

Classical massage is performed with the whole hand.

It effectively improves circulation and relaxes.

The masseur uses several techniques here: vigorous massaging, rubbing, kneading.

It is certainly not a painful procedure and the patient feels relaxed and rejuvenated.

Massage with herbal stamps

This massage effectively fights muscle pain and feelings of fatigue.

The patient after the massage feels not only relaxed but gets a strong "kick" of energy.

What is a massage with herbal stamps?

It is performed with warm oil and hot aromatic herbal stamps.

In which the age-old recipe includes lemongrass, camphor and turmeric, among others.

relaxing massage in spa

Volcanic stones

This is actually my favorite:)

Hot or cold volcanic stones are placed on the patient's body, usually on the back. And these are not just any stones.

Relaxing massage with hot stones, calms and strengthens immunity.

Yes it is possible!

The whole secret is in the Far Eastern theory of chakras, or energy centers.

The masseur places the stones on the patient's body, along the energy channel. So that the precious energy flows through the whole body.

Magical Experiences.

spa massage

Chocolate massage

This relaxing massage works on all the senses.

It instantly lifts your mood and best of all, leaves a beautiful sweet scent on your skin.

Precious chocolate wonderfully warms the body and moisturizes our skin.

You have to hold yourself back a lot from licking that sweetness off 😉

Warm candlelight massage

An extremely pleasant and fragrant relaxing massage.

This unusual treatment is performed with warm oil from a burning candle.

Candle flame massage is dedicated to tired and stressed people.

relaxing massage in the spa of magellan hotel

Indian massage

In performing this massage, essential oils are used.

The massage therapist performs intense movements on the patient's body, focusing on specific points on the body.

Massage with Ayurveda elements will stimulate everyone.

A relaxing massage for everyone?

Yes, relaxation massage can be tried by anyone.

Remember that this is not a therapeutic treatment, so anyone can afford a massage in the spa.

Contraindications apply only to people with cardiovascular diseases and pregnant women (not all techniques can be used in pregnant women).

Massages in the SPA are especially recommended for stressed and tired people.

Instead of taking medicine for your nerves, go for a relaxing massage. For a moment you will forget about the hardships of life, and what is even more important... a relaxing massage will significantly improve the appearance of our skin.

Are you looking for a place where you can get a massage from our list?

Take a look at oferty of SPA& Wellness Institute of the Magellan HotelYou will also find specialty massages there.

relaxing massage in spa


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