Choosing a good place for a team building event

hotel for a team building trip for companies

Any month is a good month to organize team-building events for your employees. To hear after the event that it was the best employee party ever, you need to prepare well for it. Take care of a lot of details, choose the form of the event and, most importantly, choose a good venue for the team-building event. In a moment we will tell you what hotel to choose for a company integration trip. All ready for the best integration ever?

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    2. How to plan a successful integration for employees?

Choose a hotel for a corporate team building trip

Well, okay, we associate integration with having fun outdoors, on tasks in groups, competing in the open air. However, you have to sleep and eat somewhere. There is a place, or rather a building, that will provide you with a place for integration, delicious meals and relaxation and accommodation. It is a hotel.

Best spa&business hotel with experience in organizing corporate events. Skąd masz wiedzieć, że taki hotel ma za sobą niejedną organizację biznesowego eventu? Od tego masz Internet. Przed rezerwacją i wpłatą zaliczki, zajrzyj do wyszukiwarki i do mediów społecznościowych. Znajdziesz tam opinie klientów w tym opinie niezadowolonych klientów. Jeżeli takie rzeczywiście istnieją i dotyczą organizacji imprez firmowych, może decyzję o rezerwacji warto przemyśleć?
When you search the reviews and recommendations tab and don't find anything of concern, it's still worth checking the hotel's website, the resort's customer list.

Hotels are very fond of boasting about their cooperation with well-known companies. It is known that the more such companies the better, it simply means that the resort has already organized a lot of team-building events. This can be your trusted partner and finally the right hotel for a company team-building trip.
Why is a hotel the perfect place for a team building event?

A hotel is not just a building, it's people, ideas, attractions and quality service. When organizing a team building event in a hotel at your disposal, you have rooms in the hotel and the grounds around the center. You benefit from the extensive experience of the facility's staff and, as a guest, you are provided with accommodation, meals and attractions. We will tell you about the latter later in this article.

Employee integration must be successful

Impreza integracyjna nie może być nudnym spotkaniem w sali szkoleniowej. Ten wyjazd ma być dla pracowników nagrodą, wyczekiwaną zabawą. Ma zwiastować świetną zabawę z kolegami z pracy. Oczywiście ma być zabawą, ale jednak musi mieć w sobie pierwiastek integracji.

And this integration will be so if you plan this corporate integration trip properly. The idea is the most important thing and start with it. If you take the organization and implementation of the event on your own, be sure to use the help of the hotel staff. If for various reasons you do not want to take on yourself the organization of the event, think about hiring an event company. Of course you will say now, well, after all, it costs so much? Well, unfortunately, you have to pay for the services.

That's how this world works already. However, seriously. A professional agency will take care of organizing your event from start to finish. In simpler words, it will do everything for you.
What exactly will he do? He will prepare a plan for the event, suggest games and activities and, finally, rent a suitable hotel for the occasion. He will take care of transportation and accommodation for the party participants. Will you, as the organizer of this event, take care of all these details? The matter is, of course, up for discussion. First of all, you must consider whether the company has the budget to hire an agency?
But don't cross out your skills or, for that matter, the hotel's legacy on team-building trip.

For the company the most important thing will be the effect and good fun. Choosing a venue for a team building event is actually the hardest part.

However, having this stage behind you, the next one can be realized with the support of the hotel staff and a little bit of our help. In a moment we will tell you how to prepare a program for a team-building event. We will also suggest which resort to choose for the planned attractions.

Outdoor games and activities

A good place for a team-building event is a hotel with an area around it. It does not have to be hectare fields or a huge ball field. All you need is a piece of green land where you can organize team games. An attractive location will also be a plus. Forests, lakes, meadows, a horse farm, a nature reserve. The field game can be organized not only on the hotel grounds, but just on the adjacent areas.

Hotel Magellan This is an example of such a place. The resort is surrounded by a forest with a rope park. These are ideal places for group team-building games. If your event will take place during the holiday months. Choose a hotel on a lake, integration on the water will be great fun for employees. Why is it important for the hotel to provide you with an area for your event? Remember that you will not be the only guests of the resort. The integration event is governed by its own rules, it can sometimes be noisy c,o may disturb other residents of the hotel. Using the garden at the back of the hotel, none of the guests should be exposed to noisy partying.

Business event specialists

A hotel for a corporate team building trip is a resort with professional service. What's more, it's a hotel with a team dedicated just to business. These are specialists in conferences, team building events and other corporate events. Knowing that a particular hotel has such a team of experts on board, you can easily organize your events in such a place. The hotel staff has literally eaten their teeth on conferences and team-building events. They know what mistakes not to make. They will suggest what attractions will work for our event. Besides, who better knows the capabilities of the hotel than this very dream team? They will meticulously plan the program of the event, choosing the right places If you are reading this headline and the organization of your integration will be handled by the agency, nothing lost.

The hotel staff will easily work with the agency and together they will prepare the hotel for your event. All in all, it is to them that agents will direct their questions and it is with them that they will carry out your order. Such cooperation heralds a really good team-building event.

Collision-free training rooms

Nie każdy hotel posiada odpowiednią ilość sal szkoleniowych. Decydując się na formę warsztatów dla pracowników w tym pracę w grupach, upewnij się, że będziecie mieć miejsce na pracę w osobnych salach. Nie wspominamy już o wyposażeniu takiej sali, bo to kwestia tak oczywista, że nie ma sensu w kółko jej powtarzać. Wróćmy jednak do sal szkoleniowych. Jeżeli hotel na Wasz wyjazd integracyjny, rzeczywiście je posiada to świetnie. Pozostaje jeszcze kwestia ich położenia na terenie kompleksu. Sąsiedztwo sal szkoleniowych nie powinno przeszkadzać gościom wypoczywającym w hotelu.

As a rule, a good venue for team building and other corporate events should be divided into a business area and a leisure area. The course of the event should not interfere with the life of the hotel and vice versa. So-called holiday guests should not interfere with your event. Besides, with the hotel staff by your side, you are unlikely to face any disaster.

Relaxation in SPA

If your hotel for a team-building trip for the company has all this, it's great. And if it still has a SPA&Wellness Institute it's a fairy tale in general. We associate a hotel with a pool and spa with sensational relaxation in luxury. You can have fun in such conditions at your team-building event.

When planning a trip, why not include a spa visit for employees?

We're not writing about an expensive, advanced treatment here, just a massage or scrub. Such a surprise at a temple of beauty will be a nice change for everyone. If there are no finances in your integration budget for the spa treatments, nothing lost. You are in a spa & business hotel, so as guests you have free access to the pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. We assure you, these places will be quite popular with your employees. Who wouldn't enjoy relaxing in the sauna after a murderous field struggle? Good team-building fun here goes hand in hand with the high standard of the hotel.

Food, accommodation, integration. All in one place

Attractive location, hotel with accommodation and meals + attractive integration event. It's possible, at one address.

A hotel for a corporate team building trip that provides you with all of this is the perfect place for corporate events. No commuting to an integration center, no ordering catering and figuring out on your knee what to do on a team building trip. When planning a team-building event, start by finding a place that meets all these expectations. Remember that it doesn't have to be a four-star hotel in the mountains. You will find a lot of resorts specializing in corporate events in the area. A quick review of them, will allow you to choose the best hotel for a company team-building trip.

A successful team building event will remain in everyone's memories.

At your next event, will you be wondering how to top the attraction and provide even better integration for your employees?

Remember, nothing integrates a team and improves its efficiency like successful corporate events. We employees just love them!

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