Choosing a hotel for family events

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There is no shortage of occasions for family gatherings. Christenings, communions, weddings, birthdays. It's been a good dozen years now that we don't hold family events in homes and apartments. It's no longer dinner and cake in the living room. Family celebrations have long since grown into big events with an array of guests, attractive menus and attractions for all guests. Family events have moved to restaurants, conference rooms and hotels.

Convenience isn't the only reason we're so keen on holding family events at the hotel. Check out why else is it a good idea to hold a family event at a hotel?

  1. Choosing a hotel for family events
  2. Party at home or at a hotel?


A hotel for family events - or what kind of hotel?

A family hotel is, not the same as a hotel for family events. Although and such a resort dedicated to families also successfully organizes special events for the family. A special event with a small group may be possible to organize at home or in an apartment.

What about for really big celebrations? For dozens of people? With help come out hotels, which very quickly introduced comprehensive organization of events into their offer. Why will a hotel take better care of your guests than you can at home?

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned convenience. This statement is followed by a specific promise. More precisely, it is - a promise of peace, order, a richly set table, a family atmosphere, a good time. Will a hotel really guarantee all this? Just think, in order to organize a baptism or communion at home, you will have to order a caterer or - even worse - prepare all the dishes yourself. Then there are the purely technical issues. You will be faced with rearranging the living room, renting additional chairs, tables, tableware. On top of that, you also have to handle the event, changing glasses, plates, serving dishes and taking care of order.

Should the birthday boy's parents on this day be so festive when organizing a family event? Definitely not. A hotel for family events, or a restaurant, is a center that is primarily experienced in organizing special events. The wait staff and managers will take care of every aspect of organizing this party. To organize the perfect family party, you need an experienced team and the right venue that will accommodate your guests and meet your expectations.


Special events in a hotel - why is it worth it?

The offer of special events at hotels is not limited to a family dinner and dessert. These are parties refined in every detail. Parties with a program of attractions for all guests from the youngest to the oldest. Hotels do not only offer a venue for the party and wait staff, which, admit it, is extremely important. It is the hotel, together with the organizers, that will choose an appropriate, rich menu, prepare the cake, take care of the decoration of the hall, tables, offer guests additional attractions. It is on the hotel staff that all the responsibility for the success of your event will fall. From the preparation of meals, to the organization of free time for guests. After all, you need space for such events. Guests would like to go outside for a cigarette or just get some fresh air. In a hotel located in an attractive area, there will be a chance to take a short walk in beautiful natural surroundings.

Attractions for all guests. A family party is not just about sitting at the table. Your guests should have space to spend time outside. If, in addition, there is beautiful weather outside the window nothing, stands in the way of spending time, for example, in the hotel garden. During such a special event, everyone would like to have a moment to talk with a long-lost aunt or uncle. Adults take care of themselves, but what do the little ones do during this time? This is where a hotel comes to the rescue. In most offers for family events, you get the care of a children's entertainer included in the package. Such a children's entertainer is a real salvation. The caretaker will manage the kids' time for fun, joint creative tasks, active relaxation. If your event was held at home, the cost of hiring a leisure entertainer is even a few hundred zlotys for 3-4 hours of work of the animator.

Can every family afford such an expense? What other attractions can your guests take advantage of? An inflatable palace in the hotel garden for children, a chocolate fountain with fruit, an evening bonfire for all guests, a disco party, a photo booth, etc. For each such service you would have to, you would have to pay extra. First, look for these service providers, sign contracts with them and finally organize the space for the attractions. When booking a hotel for a family event, it is the caretaker from the hotel side who will take care of all the elements of our event. Not only will he negotiate the best contracts, choose the best attractions, but by virtue of these collaborations, the hotel will be able to offer us favorable prices. As a rule, the costs of these attractions are woven into the overall price of the so-called "plate" at the hotel. The option of doing everything for you is an argument that definitely convinces us.



Is there enough room in your house or apartment to accommodate all your guests overnight? Or at least those who have come from far away? Organizing a communion party at a hotel is a chance to provide accommodation for your guests at attractive prices. After an exhausting event, your guests will be able to go to their rooms, and in the morning they will be able to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant. There is nothing to prevent all the participants of the event from staying overnight at the hotel. What's more, if you're staying at a spa hotel, why not spend the evening in the Jacuzzi or getting a massage? What a wonderful culmination of the tiring day. Overnight accommodation for guests is really a fantastic thing, no one will have to drive home by car after a night out. This way, guests can allow themselves to celebrate freely regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed.


Comprehensive setting of the event

Dishes served on time, clean tableware, richly set tables. Harmonious flow of the event - this is one of the key principles in the organization of special events. Our guests are to feel at ease, they are to be served warm, delicious dishes, glasses full of dry liquors. This aforementioned tranquility will be taken care of by an experienced team of waiters. They are the real treasure of the hotel. Guests are supposed to focus on feasting together, after all, they can't be bothered with dirty plates. For the organizers it should be a celebration without tiring preparations. You will agree on all details with the staff well in advance. Together you will work out the menu, approve decorations in the hall, attractions for guests.

All that's left to do is sign the appropriate contract and you can count down the days until the big celebration.

Christenings, birthdays, 18's, anniversaries. Hotels for Family Events will organize any type of special event for you.

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