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The season for company picnics

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If you are looking for the right moment and idea for an integration event for your employees - think about organizing a company picnic in the summer, it's the perfect time for this type of events. And if you wonder whether it is worth investing in such events - we will try to dispel your doubts. Informal integration meetings can have an extremely positive impact on the quality of work in your company.

Company picnics - invest in your team

It has not been known for a long time that An effective and integrated team is invaluable in achieving the company's business objectives. It can be compared to a team playing soccer - victory can only be achieved if everyone plays to the same goal and supports each other to score. Therefore, there is nothing more destructive for the functioning of the company than team members who are hostile to each other, harm each other and each of them cares only about their own interests. Then - it is unlikely to expect that the common goal will be achieved. There can be many reasons for mutual hostility, but very often it is poor integration. We tend to be distrustful and hostile towards people we don't know. It is not only about keeping private contacts, which we cannot impose on anyone, but also about getting to know the personality and emotionality (e.g. the way of reacting to stress) of other team members (a choleric person will behave differently in a crisis situation than a phlegmatic or melancholic one). Therefore, it is worth setting aside time and funds for employees to get to know each other better.

Integration during company events

Yes, due to the fact that these are informal meetings. This means that team members are not under the stress and pressure generated by completing business tasks. At company integration events It's much easier to be open with others and get rid of negative emotions. In addition, if, for example, professional ties are the cause of conflict in the team, eliminating them can put the relationship between employees on a completely different track. Sometimes it may turn out that under stress some people behave in a certain way, and in informal situations in a completely different way. That is why it is worth organizing integration events (e.g. company picnics), so that team members can get to know each other better, not only in a professional context. However, it is important that such events are well organized, so that they do not boil down to just drinking alcohol or simply being boring. Besides, people who know each other poorly or are in conflict with each other will find it easier to find each other when they have an organized and to some extent top-down plan of action.

Benefits for the employer

Informal staff meetings can also serve two other functions that are worth appreciating. First - if we provide our employees with an attractive event - they will think better of their company and feel more loyal to it. Unfortunately, quite often employers in Poland assume that putting pressure on employees will force them to be more effective. Nothing more misleading. Working under stress not only makes people work under pressure (i.e. unwillingly), makes them lose their health (especially mental health), get unnecessarily nervous, but also they do not feel loyal to the employer and often dream about changing their job (they do not care about being tied to the company). Therefore, if we want to have dedicated employees, genuinely involved in their work, who will be bound to the company they work for and will sincerely care about it - we need to strengthen them positively by providing various types of bonuses. It is not only about good social care, but also about various gestures, which will make the people employed by us feel that the employer cares about them. One of such forms may be a company picnic.

Empower your team

Another important benefit that an informal event for employees can bring us is also the regeneration of their strength (both physical and mental). Rest and relaxation are very important in maintaining health, and thus also productivity at work. Therefore - if we want to strengthen the vitality and motivation of our team members - we should A company picnic is ideal, especially in the summer. Not only will it allow our employees to relax and establish friendly relations, but also to catch a distance to their daily duties and look at them in a more objective, non-emotional way. During informal meetings it is also easier to solve conflicts and misunderstandings within the team. To sum up - thanks to integration events we will gain relaxed, satisfied employees, who with a large load of positive energy will take up their professional duties with a completely different attitude and motivation (and this will certainly have a positive influence on the realization of company goals).

Company picnics best in the summer

Summer is a great time to think about a company picnic. First of all, because you can organize your time more creatively and interestingly by using outdoor activities. There are many possibilities: team games (e.g. football), water sports, canoeing, barbecue, common bonfire, trips to the forest or other outdoor activities. This is not only great fun, but also an opportunity to develop teamwork skills. In addition, the picturesque surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which will allow you to calm down and oxygenate.

An idea for a company picnic at the Magellan*** Hotel

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