Conference at your hotel? Check out the best spa packages for groups

Stressful speeches, hours-long lectures, sleepy lectures.

Conferences can be tiring, and if they last for several days, they can squeeze the last vital forces out of a person.

Business meetings do not have to be associated with boredom, routine and stiff atmosphere.

When organizing a conference in a spa hotel, take care of the relaxing element, the entertainment for that something, that wow effect.

Let it be an enjoyable spa session, dedicated business spa packages for groups.

In this article we'll reveal what treatments will effectively loosen up stiffs in suits 😉

1. take your employees to the spa

2) What spa packages for companies to choose?

3. work and relax in one place 


Corporate SPA in a hotel

Christmas Eve corporate meetings, conferences, trainings, business meetings.

So far your business events have been held in-house or at a nearby restaurant?

Probably these events always looked the same, participants just waiting for their lunch break, no motivation, no commitment, just to finish.

This is what most corporate events look like.

So the same, no idea. Because that's the idea at stake here.

And the conference in luxurious SPA hotel with a group spa package is already an event everyone wants to attend.

Spa for companies in a hotel is to be an addition, a gift, an attraction to conference offer.

The SPA package is such an icing on the conference cake, and thus will increase conference ticket sales (if there is a fee to attend the event).

A visit to the spa will have a positive impact on your learning and productivity.

After a busy day, each of us dreams of relaxing in the comfort of the SPA parlors.

You as an employer have the opportunity to make your employees' dreams come true.

Spa for company in a hotel is a great idea for a reward for employees, a way to motivate them to work.

Maybe next year, instead of gym passes, offer employees spa packages for groups as part of your social package?

spa packages for groups



Business in the SPA salon

A visit to the spa is all good, and after all, you want the best for your employees, right?

Such a business spa package for groups usually includes accommodation and catering.

It works well for events lasting several days. A short restorative break during a business trip, will change the formal nature of the trip.

An employee stay at a spa will not only improve their well-being, but also strengthen relationships within the team.

You work together, you rest together, you spend time together. This makes the group stronger.

The relaxed, casual atmosphere is conducive to conversations, not just business ones.

Work and relax in one place.

It's time to specifically suggest this spa relaxation.

We have prepared three proposals spa packages for groups.

Each differs in treatments and price.

Packages can be individually composed with the help of SPA cosmetologists or use ready proposals.

The price as well as the duration of a given treatment depend on the number of people and the length of stay at the hotel.

corporate spa offer


Spa package for men's groups

Beer bath, classic massage and moisturizing facial treatment.

This is how a spa package for men is created in three steps.

Sitting in a suit all day, with your shirt buttoned up to your neck, must be a real torment.

The male portion of the staff will not only have the opportunity to sip a pint of beer, but also bathe in it.

We explain right away, it will be healthier for your health to take a bath than to have a pint of beer 🙂

In addition to the liquor, men can still count on a real man's meal, beef roast beef with mustard sauce with pickled chanterelles.

Sounds delicious doesn't it? Such a male beauty session tastes delicious.

Package cost approx. 240 PLN


spa conference at the magellan hotel


Chocolate spa for company

This package is not dedicated to a specific gender.

After all, we all love chocolate!

A relaxing chocolate massage relieves stress, tension, back pain, and further improves your mood.

It calms and relaxes. It is a feast for the body and senses.

After the chocolate massage, it's time for an azure bath and facial treatment, selected after consultation with a cosmetologist.

Cost of the package approx. 200 PLN (Prices depend on the selected facial treatment)


Post-conference pleasure

Extra relaxation, extra relaxation, or simply an extra spa package for groups.

This is the most extensive proposal.

Individual treatments can be spread out over the days of your stay, divided into groups.

What is included in such a package?

A warming, deeply relaxing full body massage with warm stones.

Honey peeling and a session in a steam capsule.

The SPA& Wellness Institute offers several types of massages, scrubs, treatments.

After consultation with a cosmetologist, together you will create tailor-made spa packages for groups.

Package cost: approx. 330 PLN


hotel spa treatments


Beauty Ritual

Instant coffee, strong black coffee, coffee from a business coffee maker.

Coffee in the evening? Coffee that's non-dissolving but relaxing.

The Cappuccino Ritual provides an extraordinary relaxing experience.

Who wouldn't enjoy an evening coffee body scrub, massage, anti-cellulite coffee mask and a cup of delicious coffee?

Of course everyone!

Package cost 230 PLN


hotel business conference


Work and relaxation in one place

The spa package for companies consists of treatments that reduce stress, replenish energy, improve concentration.

Conference in a spa hotel with a spa package for groups is an attractive setting for a business event.

This is what professionally organized business events look like today.

Conference attendees not only meticulously listen to speakers in the training room, but also relax after SPA conferences.

And it's not just about relaxation.

Hotel clubs, SPA Institutes are places where people from the business world establish business relationships, gain contacts, act professionally.

Create a 21st century event!

Real experts in business events can be found at the Magellan Hotel.

This is where business meets the spa world and it comes out great.

Check out offer spa packages for groups in Magellan Hotel.


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