An entertainer is needed right away

conference entertainer

You are planning to organize a conference. You've chosen the date, found suitable conference center, you have your speaker list ready. Step by step you have planned your event. Once again, you review the list of tasks to be completed in organizing your conference. Everything is in place? We've got it, the conference is ready to go.

Or is something missing after all?

Conference presenter. Is it worth investing in?

We have this, conference it's all buttoned up. But maybe something is missing? Maybe for a happy ending you need him. The one who will nimbly lead your event. An entertainer, a conference leader, simply an announcer. Do you need an announcer? Do you know what running a conference looks like? Find out why it is worth investing in a professional conference presenter.

The ideal conference presenter. Who to look for.

He is the one who has the most contact with the audience. He moderates, leads, engages participants. If necessary, he helps the speakers, introduces them to the stage, takes care of every detail of the conference. The leader of the conference is an expert, a professional. On his shoulders rests the responsibility for the success of your event. As a moderator, he or she knows: How to lead a conference? How to engage participants and gracefully lead the event? We will discuss how to find such a moderator later in this article.

Experience counts

Konferansjerzy zajmujący się zawodowo prowadzeniem konferencji z reguły posiadają własną stronę internetową. To źródło cennych informacji. W zakładkach: O mnie, Doświadczenie,  Referencje znajdziemy opinie zadowolonych klientów. To oczywiste, że im pokaźniej wypełnione doświadczenie tym lepiej. Znane firmy, duże projekty? – kolejny plus. Nasz kandydat nie posiada własnej strony internetowej? Informacji o prowadzącym konferencję szukajmy również w mediach społecznościowych oraz na forach internetowych.

Focus on personality

The presenter of our conference must have that something. The announcer should interact with the audience. Infect participants with positive energy. Efficiently navigate the event An experienced conference leader quickly responds to the problems of the speakers. Moderates discussions, activates audience. Entertainer knows how many jokes and colloquial language he can afford. He can talk with the audience, and not just talk to them, not forgetting to smile and have a good mood.

How about a duet?

Looking for a single conference presenter? Or maybe you should choose a duo? Two is always better together. Conference duos are not a novelty. Two presenters can perfectly complement each other and introduce variety.

Idea counts - conference scenario

The leader of the conference is based on a script created by himself. On its basis, he announces the guests in a manner consistent with the chosen topic. He also adds short interjections on the current topic. This greatly relaxes the atmosphere in the hall. And the audience feels as if they have known the leader of the conference for several years.

Assistance for Speakers

A good entertainer is the speakers' friend. Speakers are often accompanied by tremendous stress. This is where the opportunity opens up for our presenter. He is the one who can provide the speakers with a stress-free exit to the stage - handing over the microphone, an appropriate announcement, preparing the audience for the next presentation.

The choice of leader is simple

Entertainers are said to be hustlers and DJs. Light work, business tripsgood money. In this profession, however, it is about something more. Therefore, when looking for a suitable conference leader, choose a real professional, not a specialist in shoddy work. A successful event is one that stands out from the rest. That is why it is worth taking care of every element here. Perhaps the element that will distinguish our event will be the conference moderator.