Luxury spa treatments. Are they worth the price?

Cosmetology and dermatology have settled for good in SPA&Wellness Institutes. Polish women are going to temples of beauty, not only for a massage or body scrub. They are reaching for decidedly more advanced treatments. They choose modern, effective, extremely pleasant luxury spa treatments.

In the article, we will reveal to you which high-end treatments are worth using. Even though the prices of some of them are outrageous. Believe us, their high cost is worth the effect you will see in the mirror.

  1. Luxury spa treatment. Is it really worth it?
  2. Spa package for demanding clients. Which one to choose?
  3. After the treatment, relax in the spa.

Do luxury spa treatments really work wonders?

Everything expensive and luxurious as a rule should cost a lot and be effective. Are you able to believe in the super effect of a facial treatment for 60 zloty? Then how does a facial treatment for 400 zloty work? Is the higher price a guarantee of the effect? We already explain.

The high price generally applies to luxury spa treatments that are more potent and effective. They are specialized and available in selected spa offices. These are treatments for special tasks, they have a rejuvenating, slimming, corrective effect. The effects of such specialized treatments are visible after the first session. Why are they expensive and luxurious?

Because a cosmetologist or dermatologist uses expensive preparations, highly concentrated ingredients, uses specialized equipment. Mowa tutaj o preparatach renomowanych marek kosmetycznych oraz o drogich produktach np. złotych niciach. Do luksusowych zabiegów możemy zaliczyć nici liftingujące, epilację laserową czy zastrzyki z botoksu redukujące zmarszczki.

Luxury spa packages include aesthetic medicine and skin care treatments. If you opt for an invasive, painful procedure, a moment of relaxation at the spa will bring relief and speed up skin recovery. Regular use of such advanced treatments, will certainly avoid surgical scalpel.

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What luxury spa packages to go for?

Women strive all their lives to look perfect and attractive. We go on a diet, go to the hairdresser every 2 weeks, squeeze the last sweat at the gym. In a word, we take care of ourselves every day. We want to look young and attractive. We use beauty salons and the treatments they offer.

We don't spend our weekends at the mall, we go to SPA hotels. We enjoy the best spa treatments, relax in the hotel's comfort. Everything for health and beauty. After all, each of us deserves a little peace and luxury. This luxury can be found in the right spa treatments.

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Whether it should be a weekend stay, a romantic weekend for two, or a trip with a friend. It's a good idea to enjoy a luxurious spa treatment every time.

You go on this journey not only to take a few years off your life with the help of treatments, but also to regenerate your skin after the treatment and rest blissfully. It's supposed to be pure pleasure. You will leave the hotel relaxed, younger, more beautiful. It's really worth it. Spa hotels offer spa packages For women, packages for men, business packages and vip packages. It is in the latter that you will find luxury treatments. Which treatments are worth choosing? Here are our suggestions.

Dermalogica contour facial treatment

As the name suggests, it's a procedure that improves the oval of the face. More specifically. It's a lifting treatment that raises the oval of the face. In addition, it deeply moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin. It improves the skin's natural protective barrier.

Wykonanie zabiegu trwa ok. 60 min.

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Peeling, massage and mask

You can get a massage or scrub at almost any beauty salon.

However, this suggestion is a specialized rejuvenating and firming ritual. To carry out this procedure, the cosmetologist uses a composed serum of specialized ingredients. The result? The skin becomes moisturized, elastic and firm. It's a trio for special tasks, as it not only takes care of skin hydration, but also reduces cellulite and fatty tissue.

Wykonanie zabiegu trwa ok. 140 minut.

Wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid

The list of luxury spa treatments could not miss wrinkle filler. Although the procedure is painful, it is extremely effective and produces immediate results. A filler for wrinkles, furrows and drooping corners of the mouth, injected into the skin enlarges the area and, as a result, smooths it.

This stunning effect lasts up to 10 months, the treatment can be repeated and you can enjoy a youthful appearance again. It is recommended for anyone who does not necessarily feel like visiting a plastic surgeon.

Wykonanie zabiegu trwa ok. 30 minut (zmarszczki twarzy, bruzdy).

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Silicium Marine Treatment

It's a luxurious spa treatment that goes well beyond classic cosmetics.

Silicium Marine Treatment belongs to Thalgo's range of treatments. Its purpose is to rejuvenate and lift. After just one treatment, the skin looks 5 years younger. This is thanks to highly concentrated active ingredients. These include hyaluronic acid, collagen, marine silicon red algae. The treatment also includes Derma- Stim Mssage massage, which provides an instant lift.

Czas trwania: 90 minut.

Injection lipolysis

This is another luxurious spa treatment that effectively fights fatty tissue.

Eliminates sideburns, extra folds, double chin. Lipolysis is an alternative to liposuction. Because it involves the injection of two substances into the fatty area: soy extract and bile salt. This preparation dissolves fat cells, which causes the skin to shrink. Lipolysis is a procedure for people who want to model their figure.

Czas trwania: ok 40 minut.

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It slims, reduces cellulite, models. Probably every woman has heard about this treatment. It provides excellent results in reducing fat tissue resistant to diet and gymnastics.

A full body massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation - it is a lymphatic drainage that cleanses the body of toxins. The procedure is performed in a special costume.

Czas wykonania zabiegu: od 35 minut – 50 minut.

Spa treatments

After invasive luxury treatments, it's time for blissful relaxation and body care.

In addition to specialized treatments, the luxurious spa package includes hydromassages, soothing scrubs and relaxing massages. During your weekend of beauty, enjoy a Cleopatra bath or a detoxifying algae bath. If you are looking for deep relaxation and indulgence, enjoy a nourishing ritual that will accelerate skin regeneration. Such a ritual relieves tension, wraps the body in a pleasant fragrance and brings soothing relief to the skin. Choose from a bath, massage or scrub.

Remember also that as a guest of the spa hotel, you have free access to the wellness complex: swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna. Treat yourself to a bit of luxury, use your time at the spa to fully recover and nurture yourself. Looking for a luxury spa package for yourself?

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Spa voucher is a luxurious gift that will make any woman happy.

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