The hotel's conference offer. What should it include? We check it!

You browse through a myriad of hotel conference offers. You send questions, compare offers, look for the best place for your conference. Very often you automatically send the same questions about conference organization to many centers.

Otrzymujesz plik ze wszystkimi danymi. Czy to jednak dla Ciebie odpowiedź wystarczająca? There are rigid data, prices, descriptions, charts. Is this what you think a conference offer tailored to your needs looks like?

In this article, we will reveal to you what exactly to ask when booking meeting rooms in a hotel. You will learn important details that you have never asked before.

Specific questions + Professional service = Comprehensive and successful conference organization.

Table of Contents:

  1. Reservation of a conference room at the hotel 
  2. What to ask the hotel staff?
  3. Number of participants and date
  4. Catering
  5. Additional attractions

You're booking conference rooms at a hotel. What to ask?

Are you under the impression that all conference offers for hotels are identical? You care about a personalized approach to the customer.

You want to book a meeting room at a hotel, you want to have "your" man on site. Such a supervisor with whom you will arrange all the details and together as a dream team you will create a customized event. It is possible, you just need to know what questions should be included in your request for proposal. Personalized offer, individual orders, special realizations. These are not the whims of celebrities and stars. Personalization has reached the hotel industry. Today's business events are events executed on a grand scale.

These are events that delight with refined details and perfect organization. Such conferences are not forgotten.

Contact. Communications. These are the key words when booking a conference room at a hotel. The higher the standard of the hotel the... more you can count on.

Star hotels and luxury resorts have a human resources department dedicated to business. It is in this team that your conference man is located. Contact with such a person is mandatory and extremely valuable. Dedicated to your conference, this person will not only reliably answer your question, but will also take care of the implementation of the event.

Your mentor is a business industry expert, marketer and special task man. Such a person will not only supervise the course of the conference, but will also suggest what amenities to choose, reveal what are the current trends in the industry. Together with you he will create a personalized event.

Important questions and important answers

What to ask a hotel about booking a conference room? That's the question. Rest assured that from this article you will learn what questions to ask so that you really know everything about the conference organization.

The conference offer of hotels is constantly changing (it's good that resorts introduce novelties) you do not need to know about everything. Zapytać zawsze warto i o tych najważniejszych pytaniach, przeczytasz za chwilę.

Inquire about the number of participants and date of the event

We start with the most important issue. This is, of course, the number of guests and the date. You don't need to know the final number of conference participants a month before the event.

However, you need to know (at least indicatively) how many participants you can expect. The number of participants largely generates the cost of rent conference room In a hotel. You may find that you don't need a room for a thousand people, but a training room for 150 people is enough. That's a significant difference, isn't it? In addition, the number of participants is concrete information for the hotel, how many chairs it should prepare, how many waiters should staff the event, etc.

If your event is planned over several days, inquire about accommodations for guests. This is a really important issue.

And finally, the second most important element - the date of the event. If you have a date selected, the matter looks a little simpler.

In the inquiries you send to hotels, you ask for a specific date and select the offer with that available date. Then a problem arises, because not always the most attractive offer will be available on your date. Fortunately, hotels do not have only one conference room, as a rule there are several. So there is a chance that you will organize conferences on a previously selected date and in the hotel that offered the most favorable conditions. The date and the number of participants are essential elements for pricing.

Conference food

Lunch, snacks, coffee, tea, drinks, wine. All these must be included in the conference menu.

In your conference request, you must specify what meals and assortment you expect from the hotel. What should be on the buffet table, what types of teas and cookies should waiters serve during the coffee break? If vegetarians are among the conference attendees, ask for menu suggestions for vegetarians. Ask what exactly is included in the hotel's conference offerings. Will you have to pay separately for catering? Will you get one quote for all items?

If you want your meals to be taken care of by your reliable caterer, ask the hotel staff if this is even possible. If so, be sure to provide the hotel with rooms for the company, access to bathrooms, etc.

Ask about the conference room equipment

In your request for a conference quote, you should include the issue of space arrangement. If you want the hall to include decorations and material advertising the company, determine with the staff where these things are to be placed. There remains the question of the arrangement of chairs in the hall.

There are several options available, it all depends on the nature of the event.

As a reminder, the most popular settings are movie theater, banquet, communal table or horseshoe. At this point, also ask about lighting: artificial or natural. Ask what equipment the hotel has available. Finally, issues of available electronic equipment.

Write how many projectors, laptops, overhead projectors or flipcharts you need. Be sure to indicate that you will need Internet access, preferably wifi access. If on the hotel's website, there are no photos of the rooms, ask to send such photos along with a technical description. Ask not only for photos of the training room, but also for photos of the rooms, the restaurant or the hotel's neighborhood. After all, you want to know exactly the place that will take care of your guests.

Attractions additionally paid

Your conference attendees are supposed to feel comfortable at the hotel. You certainly want to avoid a situation where your guests are arguing with the hotel staff about payment for spa treatments.

Therefore, ask the hotel's marketing department to prepare a special offer e.g. SPA Institute for your guests. An attractive price will certainly tempt more than one person to visit the spa. In your inquiry to the hotel, ask for information on which hotel attractions, guests can use for free, and for which they must pay extra.

In luxury hotels, it is standard that hotel guests can use the pool, sauna or Jacuzzi for free. If your guests can use such facilities for free, inform them of this with a brief note in the conference program. Also include information about local attractions in the program. If the hotel is located in an interesting place: by the sea, by a lake, in a beautiful forest, it is worth taking advantage of this during the walks. Such additional elements will raise the standard of your event.

It will no longer be just business meetingbut it will turn into an attractive business trip.

Event signage

Flyers, banners, balloons are the advertising materials you want to put in your hotel. Plus special signs to inform guests where the conference room, restrooms or restaurant are located.

Make sure in your conversation with the hotel staff that you can place all these materials at important points in the hotel. I am referring to the reception area. Especially when it comes to places like the reception area, make sure that your company's flyers won't interfere with the hotel staff. If you are looking for a venue for your business events, send to Magellan Hotel request for quote conference organization. The marketing department will prepare a personalized conference offer for you.