Hotel with sauna on the lake. Why is it worth going there?

hotel with sauna on the lake

About the weekend in hotel with pool and spa does everyone good, we have written many times. We are not slowing down and come to you today with an article about hotel saunas.

We'll reveal why you should spend your weekends and vacations at a hotel with a sauna on the lake? Are there any amateurs among us who care about health? Be sure to stay with us.

We're about to reveal what health and beauty benefits a sauna has? And a visit to the sauna, combined with a weekend at a lakeside hotel, is a ready remedy for a dazzling appearance and horse health

  1. For whom a weekend at a hotel with a sauna on the lake?
  2. Types of saunas. Which one to choose?
  3. How to prepare for a visit to the sauna?

What does a hotel with a sauna on the lake offer us?

On the tourist map of Poland you will find many hotels with swimming pools, resorts with spa & wellness. In your search for the best stay for you, set the filtering of offers on hotels with sauna on the lake. Why is it worth going there? We already hint.

Nie ma co ukrywać, że hotel z kompleksem basenowym, spa oraz z saunami to najlepsze miejsce na weekendowy relaks. In such a place it's just relaxing. We take advantage of spa treatments, take care of your health in the sauna and support your fitness in the pool. Such a trio is a guarantee of a successful holiday at the hotel.

The hotel, located on the lake, is a relaxation in itself. Picturesque surroundings, comfortable room, breathtaking views. All in all, it's a bit like a trip to a spa 😉 Walks along the lake, sailboat cruises and therapeutic baths in the Finnish sauna. All in a luxurious hotel setting. One more important point.

As a guest of the hotel you can use for free the saunas, dry and wet, available in the hotel. No extra charge. A visit to the sauna in the beauty salon, SPA&Wellness Institute (poza hotelem) już darmowa nie jest. To usługa dodatkowa, która ma swoje miejsce w cenniku. Teraz się zastanów, czy rzeczywiście będziesz rezerwować seans w saunie w salonie gdzieś w centrum miasta? Czy jednak skusisz się na pobyt w hotelu poza miastem z nielimitowanym dostępem do strefy wellness? Dlatego przy następnej rezerwacji zwróć uwagę na to, czy wybierasz hotel z sauną. Nad jeziorem, w górach, nad morzem, w tych miejscach znajdziesz ośrodki z saunami, spa i basenami.

Don't miss these opportunities. A sauna in a hotel is a really important element, if you have so far considered it an unimportant detail of hotel facilities, it's time to really change this opinion. Check out the health and beauty benefits of regular visits to the sauna?

hotel with sauna by the lake

Sauna in the hotel good for everything?

Health benefits First of all, sauna supports the immune system, which is not without significance especially during the autumn and winter.

People who use saunas regularly are much less likely to get sick with colds and flu. Secondly, of course, a visit to the sauna is excellent relaxation. We get rid of unpleasant mood and daily stresses from the spot. Finally, thirdly, while in the sauna, our body reaches its maximum temperature and begins to sweat. This is an important process for the body, during which a person gets rid of toxins. It is a natural detox. Regular visits to the sauna will improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, which use lowers blood pressure and improves heart function.

A sauna after an intense workout at the gym will help you avoid soreness and muscle tension. Therefore, thermal baths are especially recommended for athletes and physically active people.

Beauty benefits The sauna is a savior for the immunocompromised, the stressed, the overtired, and the beauty-conscious. Yes, exactly, you read right.

Wizyta w saunie jak już wiemy, ma zbawienny wpływ na pozbywanie się z organizmu toksyn. Ten proces wpływa korzystnie na wygląd naszej skóry, która nabiera blasku, staje się gładsza i jędrna. Co więcej, kosmetyki antycellulitowe nałożone na skórę, zaraz po takiej termicznej kąpieli wchłoną się lepiej. Jednak to nie wszystko. Regularne wizyty w saunie (max. raz, dwa razy w tygodniu) polecane są również osobom zmagającymi się z trądzikiem skórnym oraz z wszelkiego rodzaju obrzękami.

During a thermal bath, the pores on your face open up to clear out impurities, excess sebum and water. The skin naturally cleanses and regulates the sebaceous glands. People with acne who use saunas notice a significant improvement in their skin. There is another reason why it is really worth using a sauna, for many women in total the most important. It's about weight loss, that's no joke. An accelerated heart rate during a thermal bath means a faster metabolism.

20 minutes in the sauna equals up to 500 calories burned! Limit argumentów za, właśnie został wyczerpany. Drogie panie, którą z Was trzeba jeszcze przekonywać do wizyty w saunie?

hotel with saunas

Types of saunas

Well, we chose our hotel with a sauna on the lake. We want to strengthen our immunity, improve the appearance of our skin, and de-stress in a pleasant place outside the city. You've come to a great place. In the hotel you will find more than one, or even several saunas. Choosing the right one depends on the goal we want to achieve? Saunas differ in temperature and humidity.

Major saunas include:

  • steam sauna air temperature 45-55 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 40%
  • dry, Finnish sauna - air temperature 60 - 110 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 10-15%
  • sea sauna - air temperature 45-65 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 20-40%

Here's a quick rundown of the most popular and available saunas in hotels.

sauna at the hotel

Steam sauna with aromatherapy

Sauning guarantees us relaxation and exhaustion of the body. However, however, a visit to a steam sauna with aromatherapy already offers us much more. It is an integral part of SPA&Wellness Institutes, we can find it in really good hotels. Why do we recommend you a sauna with aromatherapy?

It is a sauna realizing therapy with essential oils, which are characterized by antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, warming and relaxing properties. It all depends, of course, on the type of plants that were used in the production of a particular oil. For example, aromatherapy with lavender oil will bring us relaxation and relaxation, oil from eucalyptus and tea tree is recommended for people with oily skin, while therapy with rose oil will improve the appearance of the skin.

Suggestions are really quite a lot, so consult with your cosmetologist on the choice of oil just before visiting the sauna. A sauna session can be described as a therapeutic, relaxing treatment, in combination with aromatherapy it becomes a pleasant and health-promoting procedure.

Finnish sauna

In our opinion, this is the most health-promoting type of sauna and, in addition, the most common in hotel resorts. How does it differ from a steam sauna? In the Finnish sauna there is a very high temperature, it is achieved thanks to a stove with heated stones, which are poured with water.

Finnish sauna is especially recommended for people with bronchial asthma, back problems, circulation problems or joint problems. Thermal bath in the Finnish sauna, like all saunas, effectively cleanses the body of toxins, improves the efficiency of the body, strengthens immunity. Due to the prevailing very high temperature in the sauna (Finnish sauna has the highest temperature) it can be used only once a week.

hotel with sauna on the lake

Salt sauna

This type of sauna is most often found in resorts located by the sea or in so-called salt caves. A salt sauna is built of stone salt blocks (a dry sauna is wooden), rich in sea brine.

Therefore, visits to salt caves are recommended for people struggling with respiratory diseases. If you suffer from a runny nose, cough and hoarseness all year round, think about salt inhalations in a salt sauna. During the session you breathe in steam rich in iodine, salt or bromine. It's like a vitamin boost for our immunity. Regular visits to the salt sauna, will effectively protect us from illness in the autumn and winter.

Wet sauna

A wet sauna differs from a dry sauna in its high level of humidity. The steam that fills the sauna is obtained by pouring water over the stones in the oven.

The use of this sauna is recommended for people with problematic skin such as acne. Skin heated to as much as 40 degrees Celsius gets rid of toxins and impurities from the body. Sebaceous glands unblock and get rid of excess sebum. Remember that the sea sauna, like other saunas, relaxes, relaxes and improves your mood.

saunas at the hotel

How to prepare for a visit to the sauna?

Oczywiście przygotowania do wizyty w saunie, należy zacząć od zapoznania się z przeciwskazaniami, a jest ich naprawdę sporo. Jeżeli jesteś po zawale serca, w ciąży lub masz problemy z żylakami, odpuść sobie wizytę w saunie. Jeżeli Twoje zdrowie szwankuje, cierpisz na choroby przewlekłe, wizytę w saunie skonsultuj ze specjalistą. Sauna, choć prozdrowotna nie jest jednak dla wszystkich. Pamiętaj o umiarze, zalecana dawka to jedna – dwie wizyty w tygodniu.

Don't exceed the magic limit of 12 minutes per sauna session. A visit to the sauna should not exceed 40 minutes - i.e. 3 entries of about 12 minutes each. Prolonged sauna bathing can be dangerous for the body. Also remember not to enter the sauna when full or hungry. High temperatures, an empty stomach and fainting are ready. Before using the sauna, take a shower and wipe your body thoroughly. A body prepared in this way will improve the work of the glands, which have a very intense work ahead of them.

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