Hotel Magellan***

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Far from the city,
close to you...

Hotel  Magellan*** Business & SPA to stylowy hotel w centrum Polski, idealne miejsce na wypoczynek tylko 50km od Łodzi i 100km od Warszawy. Doskonała lokalizacja pozwala na odnalezienie odrobiny ciszy i relaksu wśród przyrody bez konieczności odbywania długotrwałej podróży, ale jednak z dala od szarego oblicza miasta.

Forest, the lake and you...

The pine forests of Sulejowski Park Krajobrazowy (Sulejów Landscape Park), surrounding the hotel by the lake, create truly picturesque circumstances of nature, favoring relaxation and well-deserved rest. The forest area is a perfect background for long walks and outdoor games, but also for evening barbecue meetings or romantic dinners under the open sky.

attractions at the magellan hotel
attractions at the magellan hotel
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if you like...

Active relaxation is possible thanks to large recreational areas, hiking and bicycle paths, but a hotel near the lake also offers access to sandy beaches and the best sailing marinas in the area, which allow practicing a wide range of water sports. Blissful, lazy rest will ensure the hotel itself with its SPA, swimming pool and beach, comfortable rooms and excellent restaurant.

For two,
for the family, for everyone...

The numerous attractions in the heart of the forest guarantee great fun for children and adults alike, so be sure to reserve the place for trips with family or friends. Vacations and vacations whether at least a short/long weekend in a hotel will allow you to breathe fresh air and get away from everyday activities. The family atmosphere and professional service are also an ideal recipe for a holiday full of magical moments and pleasures at the hotel.

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