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December/January - Mr. Piotr Szubert

January day five,
I came to the SPA stuck in the forest.
The neighborhood is beautiful and peaceful,
The night spent here was supremely soothing.

Hotel staff
Nice at the entrance,
A sincere smile greeted him from the entrance,
All employees deserve orders.

Although I have read different opinions on the Internet,
I was in the room myself and saw a lot.
Clean, nice and neat,
The style was regal, I felt wonderful.
Bathroom quite okay,
I had no reservations about its appearance.

A restaurant, that's just a dream,
With a large portion it was a collision.
The cook deserves a medal,
On the plate, he took care of the smallest detail.
We held a dinner for two,
There were candles and food for three.
Romatically, quietly and calmly
I will never forget that dinner, it was so wonderful.

Treatments awaited on day two,
There were massages of the best on Earth.
Azure bath is indescribable
Once again, the hotel gave a lot of show.

Massages, Polynesian and chocolate,
It was some great restoration studio!
Conducted by qualified personnel,
Of which the entire hotel consists of the rest.

What more can I say,
I remember my stay here most beautifully.
I know I will want to return,
Throw everything here and stay bought out ­čÖé