How much does a weekend at a spa hotel cost? Check it out!

We associate staying in a hotel with the expensive whimsy of spending time away from home.

It is possible that sleeping alone may not be significantly different from sleeping at home,

However, only a stay in a spa hotel is an attraction worth every penny.

Why? Because a spa resort already offers us much more than a hotel near the city.

In this article we will reveal how much it costs to stay in a spa hotel. Price, attractions, details of the offer, meals, accommodation, free services, we will carefully look at all the components of such a package.

1. what is included in the spa hotel price?

2. the cheapest package in the SPA hotel. What does it include?

3. a luxury weekend at a spa hotel

4. SPA package for PLN 660

5. day spa for 275 PLN/person. Is it worth it?

Weekend in spa hotel. Price, facilities, offer.

What better idea to relax than a weekend at a spa hotel?

Just a weekend at a spa hotel can instantly relieve stress and fatigue.

This is of course due to the insanely enjoyable massages and treatments, but more on that in a moment.

Swimming pools, massages, treatments, saunas, all this can be found in the offer of stay in spa hotel. Price, well yes you will say now: "after all, staying in a hotel like this is fabulously expensive, and it's just staying in a hotel".

It's not quite the case that we only pay to sleep and eat in the building.

Everyone should indulge in a little luxury and should not necessarily book hotel accommodation in Dubai.
Locally there is a chance to relax in luxury too, you get a hotel stay and a fabulous location included in the package.

spa hotel stay

The most beautiful spa hotels, the most luxurious ones you will find not only in the city center, but also in unique ones,

beautifully located small towns and villages, exemplified by Hotel Magellan, SPA&Business hotel located in Bronislawowo (near Piotrkow Trybunalski).
Good spa hotel, in our understanding worth the price of their packages is a resort located in an attractive location, by the sea, in the mountains, on the lake in the heart of the forest wilderness.

A visit to such a place is supposed to be attractive for the client, and the time during this trip is to be spent on eye-pleasing walks in the complex.

In addition, the spa hotel should have the right atmosphere and decor. After all, no one feels good in ugly and dirty rooms.

The hotel should impress with its designer interiors, impressive swimming pool, luxurious SPA & Wellness area and, what is altogether most important, a wide choice of treatments and massages.

After all, it is for these treatments that you have decided to spend a weekend at a spa hotel. The price of such a trip?

In essence, it depends on many factors:
- the number of hotel stars (so-called standard)
- number of treatments in a package
- type of room (studio, superior)

Spa hotels have several, if not a dozen, stay packages on offer.

In a variety of configurations.

The packages differ mainly in the number and type of treatments.

The least expensive treatments on offer will include:

- massages
- pedicure, manicure
- body peelings
- simple (moisturizing) body/facial treatments

Some of the most expensive treatments on offer will include:

- endermology
- slimming and firming treatments
- cleansing - smoothing treatments
- specialised facial treatments e.g. bio oxygen infusion
- banquet treatments

spa hotel weekend

Treatments, massages, relaxation. How much does the cheapest package at a spa hotel cost?

There is no denying that your weekend at a spa hotel will essentially depend on the price.

You browse hotel offers, check price comparison sites, read descriptions spa treatments.

It is normal, if you have chosen a hotel because of its attractive location, which offers stay packages starting from 400 PLN/person, you want to know what you get in such a price.

And this is really one of the lowest prices for the package.

In luxury resorts with a rich package (i.e. with a large number of treatments) the price for a stay in a spa hotel will exceed one thousand zlotys.

spa hotel weekend price

However, do not focus only on treatments, the price of a stay at a spa hotel also includes accommodation, meals and additional attractions.

How do you know if a particular package will be cheap or expensive?

The name itself will tell us a lot. In offers with the title "Relaxation Package", "Chocolate Love", "Relaxation Island",

we can expect relaxing treatments.

Such a package usually includes massages and relaxation in the wellness zone.

Such let's call it frugal proposal, will not be heavily costly for us.
The price of a weekend at a spa hotel, therefore, depends not only on the number and types of treatments, but also on the standard of the hotel.

The more stars a resort has, it will be more expensive, but also better for you.

Resting in an exclusive hotel with a swimming pool complex, sauna area and Jacuzzi promises excellent relaxation.

Before booking a package, think about what kind of recreation you want and what kind of budget you want to allocate for this kind of entertainment.
For staying in luxury spa hotel in the city center you will have to pay even 1000 PLN/person/day.

The offer includes: breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, accommodation in a cozy room, free access to the wellness area and spa treatments: nurturing and specialized treatments.

The price of a stay at a spa hotel depends of course on the types of treatments, so always read the description of the offer carefully.
For a modest package in a spa hotel we will pay about 440 PLN/person/day, the cheapest option we found costs about 275 PLN/person/day.

Finally, we have 3 suggestions of such packages for you, check out what you get at such a price.

spa hotel stay price

Luxury for 1299 PLN/person/stay

You have to pay quite a lot for this luxurious package in a spa hotel.

However, we do offer a stay in a picturesque area in the Dylewskie Hills. You probably already know which elegant resort we're talking about.

A well-known cosmetic company worked on the preparation of this package, so we can count on treatments based on professional cosmetics.

However, let's go into more detail. For less than 1300 PLN/person per stay (this is important information) we will get 2 nights in a luxury room with full service,

full board, relaxation and rest in the wellness zone.

In the aforementioned zone we have access to a cardio studio, saunas, swimming pools and a gym.

Let's now turn to the issue of spa treatments.

The spa hotel price includes 1 corporate facial treatment, after consultation with a dermatologist.

It's a treatment tailored to the needs of our skin.

You will also receive a regenerating hand treatment and a neck, shoulder and back massage.
The price of staying at a spa hotel may seem like a lot to us, after all, it's only two nights.

However, there are actually quite a few treatments on offer.

As befits a relaxing proposal, we will receive massage of as many as 3 parts of the body, and all this in SPA&Wellness Institute overlooking the beautiful Polish landscapes.

spa hotel weekend price

 Island of relaxation for 660 PLN/person.

Azure bath, scrubs and massages.

All this for the average price of a stay in a spa hotel, because for 660 PLN/person, such an offer can be found in the Magellan Hotel.

What exactly does such a package include?
Let's start with the basics.

For 660 PLN/person we have 2 x accommodation in a comfortable room, 2 x breakfast buffet and 2 x dinner.

What treatments are waiting for us at the SPA&Wellness Institute?

Full body peeling, massage with warm candle flame (50 min) and azure bath.
In addition, as a guest of the hotel you have free access to the Finnish sauna, steam sauna with aromatherapy, Jacuzzi and swimming pool area with water massage.

But that's not all, what else is included in that price?

Weekend at the spa hotel will spend not only in beauty parlors, during this stay will be able to use the cinema room, volleyball field, soccer.

During this stay you can use bicycles, Nordic Walking poles for free.

With such an array of attractions, you can really plan a successful relaxing weekend.

spa hotel stay price

Day spa without accommodation for 275 PLN/person.

Our final proposal does not include an overnight stay, although it is possible to purchase a hotel stay with this option.

Day SPA package The Temple of Womanhood is a full day filled with activities.

The price of staying at a spa hotel is actually low, but this does not mean that you will only get one treatment in the package.

It's so much better. Day spa is Greek grape wine bath + glass of wine, honey massage (30 min), hydra facial treatment and fit salad.
Additionally, as part of this package, you can use the wellness zone: swimming pool, Finnish sauna, steam sauna with aromatherapy, Jacuzzi.

After relaxing in the SPA&Wellness Institute you may still find time for outdoor activities, there are bicycles, a rope park and Nordic Walking poles waiting for you.
Well, you have to admit that although it's a recent proposal, it looks really attractive.

For 275 PLN/person we get a rich offer of treatments - a total of 3 types of treatments in the SPA, a meal, a glass of fine wine and the possibility to relax in the wellness area of the hotel.

This is for people who want express relaxation at an affordable price.

Don't have time for a weekend at a spa hotel?

Treat yourself to day spa packages.
Looking for a stay at a spa hotel? Prices at Hotel Magellan start from 275 PLN/person and you will surely find an offer for yourself.

Go here and check out the best spa deals.


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