How to organize a successful integration event for employees?

team building event for employees

Impreza firmowa to nie „jakaś tam” impreza. Nawet jeśli jest szalona, ma też swoje poważne uzasadnienie: poprawę komunikacji w firmie, zacieśnienie wzajemnych relacji, rozładowanie napięć emocjonalnych, a nawet rozwój kreatywności. Dlatego do organizacji imprez firmowych dla pracowników należy podejść z rozmysłem.

Social event for employees

Some employers doubt the sense of organizing team building events for employees. Firstly, they are afraid of the costs. Secondly, they think that it is a waste of time. Thirdly - there is still a belief that an integrated team is not good for the employer - after all, he can oppose it unanimously. Are these fears right? Opinions are divided. However, it does not change the fact that Corporate events are becoming increasingly popular.

Corporate events - are they worth organizing?

The answer to this question is not clear. Why? Some say it's hard to have fun as part of your job duties under the watchful eye of your bossAnd many times still write a report from such an event. Nevertheless, events of this type are sometimes the only opportunity for employees of different departments (and even different branches) to meet in one place. For some it is a unique chance to get to know each other "live".

What are the benefits of corporate events for employees?

These types of events come in handy especially when there are new people in the band or when a brand new band is formed. Certainly such a meeting has an impact on improving mutual communication and atmosphere at work, and consequently - on the quality of cooperation. Certainly, company events allow employees to get to know each other from a less formal perspective. At the same time - this does not always speak in favor of the participants of such meetings, especially when they allow themselves to behave uncontrollably or speak...

What can you do to make your corporate event a success?

The most important thing is to determine what we want to achieve by organizing this type of meeting, because if we decide to do it - it is worth filling this time creatively, so that it really positively affects the integration of the team. One of the benefits that we can achieve is to relieve stress and negative emotions that accumulate in everyday work and certainly do not serve any good purpose. Therefore, Above all, it is a good idea not to evaluate and select employees during this let them relax for a while. And to avoid the usual drunkenness, It is good to plan interesting activities to attractively fill the time of the event.

Team games - a great idea for a company party

Integration games and workshops are increasingly being introduced at professionally organized corporate events. They are fun and relaxing, but at the same time can also be educational. They certainly open up the team members to each other, allow them to get used to each other and gain mutual trust. It happens that there are organized for employees for example dance courses or art workshops, soccer matches, and even quad bike races. Such games unite and strengthen the team and create a great atmosphere. 

How to choose a venue for a team building event?

The best solution is to hold offsite meetings - they allow you to get away from everyday matters and concentrate on the "here and now". It also makes it possible to leave the organizational matters in the hands of professionals who will take care of every detail of the meeting and thus relieve the company's employees. It is important that such events are held in places specifically designated for this purposethat have adequate floor space and the necessary equipment.

Location and access

Certainly an important selection criterion should be the location of the siteIt is important to choose a place where we want to organize a company event for employees, so that it is not too far from the city center, but at the same time away from the hustle and bustle. It is also important to have an easy access to avoid unnecessary disorientation. If we add comfortable interiors and picturesque surroundings - we can be sure that participants of the meeting will feel satisfied.

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What do we offer employees "after hours"?

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