How to promote hotel conferences on the Internet?

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Conference organization is quite a challenge. The list of tasks is large, the time is short, and the appetite for success of the event is considerable.

Prepare the program, budget, book the hotel, list the speakers and finally promote the conference at the hotel.

Do you know how to effectively promote your event so that tickets sell out to the last piece?

You can find the answer in this article.

Table of Contents:

1. conference promotion in a hotel - where to start?

2. advertising activities on the Internet


Conference promotion at the hotel

Someone once said for good reason that advertising is a lever of commerce.

He was right, there is a lot of truth in that.

Today no one can imagine selling without advertising on the Internet.

Advertising on radio, television or print is not only nightmarishly expensive, but also inaccurate in reaching your target audience.

E-marketing is currently the most effective and frequently chosen promotion channel.

It will also work well for hotel conference promotions.

You don't have to hire an advertising agency and pack huge budgets into online advertising.

Anyone of us can advertise on the web.

Also use traditional marketing activities to promote the conference.

The combination of these activities will increase sales of your conference and provide image benefits.

Engage conference partners and sponsors to promote the conference at the hotel.

All hands on the primer!

Where to promote yourself? And don't ruin yourself

Social media are huge advertising platforms today.

Social media sites include: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Start promoting your hotel conference by setting up company profiles on these media.

The aforementioned Facebook is today the third Internet search engine next to Google and Youtube.

It is on the blue profile that we look for information and reviews about the company.

The conclusion is simple, on social media you just have to be.

Your hotel's conference promotion plan should also include email marketing activities.

The third type of online advertising is the Google Adwords platform.

Google's advertising system allows you to advertise on the search network and the ad network.

Let's explore all the possibilities in more detail.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Company profiles set up on social media are our business cards online.

You will post company successes, new products, new services and events, including conferences, on your profiles.

You will be doing communications (i.e. posting) to promote the conference at the hotel.

That is, upload photos and video and text posts to your profile.

It's content that will attract fans, which are your potential customers.

Post photos of conference preparations, speaker list development, meetings with sponsors.

These are supposed to be short announcements like "We are working on the conference program, we will soon reveal who is on the list of speakers "stay tuned".

Shoot short videos of your preparations and upload them to Instagram and Twitter.

Use pictures and short texts to tell your company's story.

Good content will find appreciation from your audience who will comment and share your posts.

It's free viral advertising!


How else do you promote conferences at your hotel?

For Facebook and Instagram, use a paid advertising system.

In the advertising panel you will precisely define the target group and with the information about the conference you will reach an engaged audience, interested in the subject of your conference.

In your advertising posts, inform your audience about the last available seats, ticket promotions, and the countdown to the big day.

Such advertising messages engage the audience more strongly.

Then there's the financial issue.

How much do you have to spend on conference promotions?

Consider how much you want to spend on advertising on FB and Instagram.

A sponsored post can start from just a few dozen PLN.

For more information, check out the official Facebook Ads guide.

Press release

Is your event important, relevant and interesting enough to make journalists want to write about it?

That's great, send a press release to the appropriate editors.

If your conference is national, don't limit yourself, write to all major media outlets.

Include an invitation for journalists to attend conferences in the memo.

An attractively written press release can draw long-lost reporters to an event.

The conference venue will also be a good incentive for journalists.

Who wouldn't be tempted to visit a luxury a hotel on the lake?

Hotel Magellan It specializes in organizing business events.

Visitors to this resort, repeatedly indicate that what attracts the business world here is the attractive tourist location.

Information about the conference should also go out to your customer base.

You can find quite a few free email marketing platforms on the internet such as Freshmail.

This group is sure to include people interested in attending your business event.


If you care about online mentions, send the press release along with the invitation to influencers in your industry.

The vision of showing up at an event, taking advantage of free products is a chance for influencers to promote themselves and their business.

For your business, it's free advertising on the guest speaker's blog, vlog or social media.

Don't forget about research institutions, universities, foundations and associations.

These types of institutions are eager to engage in external initiatives.

Collaboration with academic institutions provides an opportunity to make the conference more serious.

Which is not insignificant because of the conference promotions.

Google Adwords

Google's advertising system suggests advertising on the search network and the ad network.

The ad will display on specific keywords such as hotel conferences, interesting medical conferences.

Use the keyword planner to select the right words for your event.

In the ad network, your conference will be promoted with graphic, banner or video ads.

Enabling Google Adwords advertising requires specialized skills.

While you can set up a business account on the platform yourself, as a beginner you may struggle to incorporate relevant and effective advertising.

We recommend using an experienced person.

The specialist will calculate the budget, suggest places to advertise and choose the right keywords.

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