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How to organize industry conferences?

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The potential of industry conferences

It is probably not necessary to convince anyone too much, that trainings and conferences are organized in order to bring tangible benefits to the company. Admittedly, we are not always able to predict what effect we will achieve, but it is good to take appropriate steps to make it as good as possible.

Key points when organizing a conference.

The most important thing is to clearly define the goal we want to achieve and to choose the right means to make it happen. Certainly the best fruit of an event organized by us will be leaving a good impression and establishing lasting contact with the invited guests. The more people who visit an event organized by us - the better. Each guest is a potential contractor, co-worker, client or a person who will provide us with information about our business (and the more positive this information is, the better for us). That is why it is worth taking care of a good turnout, and this is connected not only with the number of places prepared for the guests, but also with whether the invited persons want to come to us - hence it is worth making every effort to ensure that their number is as high as possible. How to do it? Take good care of a few important details.

To begin with, the location 

If we invite guests from different cities or even countries - they will surely pay attention to the location first. That's why it's good to choose a place, which is easy to find on a map and easy to get to. In such situations it is good to decide on organizing a conference in the center of Poland, because the communication is the most convenient there, and cities such as Warsaw or Lodz are the easiest to reach. Surely it will be important for the invitees that we invite them to the conference in the center of Poland and not on its outskirts.

The center of Poland is a great place to organize industry conferences

Surely the best showcase of our company and an incentive for the invited guests to come to an event organized by us, is the place where we arrange it. The more attractive it is, the better for us. Good advice: it's a good idea to look for a great place for this type of event in a picturesque area near a big city. More and more often we hear about conferences in the center of Poland, by the Sulejowski Lagoon (konferencje | centrum Polski). Why is it worth to organize them in these regions? Because besides attractive and professionally equipped meeting rooms They provide a number of other attractions - beautiful landscapes, silence, opportunities for outdoor activities and water sports. Conference centers that offer the services of institutes are also becoming more and more popular. SPA & Wellness and catering services at the highest level.

Build relationships and contacts at industry conferences

For the conference to be successful, we should be aware that every contact we make is important and can bear fruit in the future. Therefore, it is not enough to invite guests and encourage them to come, but also to establish positive contact with them. One of the ways to do it is giving business cards. Of course - they should be visually attractive and printed on good quality paper. Business cards can be handed out personally or attached to training and advertising materials (also attractive). However - personal contact is very important. If we manage to establish a friendly contact with the invited guests - they will certainly not forget about us quickly and will be more inclined to use the business card given to them. Therefore, do not miss any opportunity to make a personal contact, even if only by shaking hands. Let's also ask questions about how you feel and what you think about the event. This will make your guests feel noticed and appreciated. Even the best-said conference is no substitute for personal contact.

Create a Facebook group

To establish and maintain contact with our guests - it is worth setting up a group on Facebook and inviting them to become members. This will not only allow you to exchange information and ask questions before the event, but also to maintain contact after the event, which can prove extremely valuable. Remember about self-presentation - make sure to include in your posts as much information about your business as possible, links to your website or photos of your products. After the conference don't forget to post pictures from the conference - guests will surely enjoy watching them.

One of the forms of positive contact with invited guests is also inviting them to participate in various surveys (nowadays you can create them also on Facebook). We can ask them for help in making decisions or for evaluation and opinions. Thanks to this they will feel that we count with their opinion.

Comfort during informal meetings

Let's make sure that when we organize conferences informal meetings take place - during meals, breaks, or social events. It is much easier to talk when you do not feel tense and stressed. That is why it is worth using, for example, the sauna or the SPAIt is worth checking out the conferences | center of Poland | SPA & Wellness institute). It's a very good idea to make sure that you have a good time, and that you are able to have good memories. It is also important to eat together (especially if they are of good quality). Therefore, let's look for a conference center, which has a restaurant of the highest level. The cost incurred on this account will certainly pay for itself quickly.