How to organize an event? A guide for event organizers

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Conferencesbonding eventstraining courses, trips. Event manager has his hands full. The organization of events of this type is a big challenge for every event organizer. The event has to be creative, interesting and, most importantly, buttoned up to the last button. Event organizing agencies and event managers are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. So what should a person who will organize events for us have? Take a look at our short guide.

You will find interesting tips in it:

  • What qualities should an event manager have?
  • Where to find an event agency?
  • Why event manager is today's top profession
  • Proven venues for hosting events.

The perfect event organization

He is creative, floods us with ideas, has an extensive contact list. Business, scientific and promotional events - he is a real master in organizing them. He knows event organization inside out and works with extreme precision, taking care of every detail. In short, this is how we can describe an event manager whose work we will be fully satisfied with. But that's not all....

So what if the event organizer we choose is full of ideas for the event. Will he organize a conference according to our wildest imagination?

Will he take into account all the important elements for us? Or maybe he will knock out of our head the idea of a Disney-like event by the sea with a crowd of celebrities and free gifts for everyone?

A good event manager is an experienced organizer. He draws on his experience and that of his clients. Perfectly feels the climate organization of eventsHe knows which elements to bet on and which details to give up. The man hired by the company not only deals with the organization of, for example, training, he takes part in shaping the company's image. And this is a really big thing ...

The organization of events is based on the appropriate distribution of work in time. The efficiency of the work will be taken care of by our mentor, who is characterized by his resistance to stress and will approach any slip-ups and misbehaviour with the gentleness of a teddy bear. Surely, he is the only one who will keep a cool head in the situation, when the organization of the event is limping and there are only 2 hours left before the start. Event manager to przecież świetny organizator, dlatego w sytuacjach kryzysowych zawsze ma przygotowany plan B i z szybkością światła wciela go w  życie, ratując nasz event. 

So a good event manager is?

She is a person with high interpersonal skills. She is always polite, courteous, friendly, but in emergency situations she can really stomp her foot. After all, that's what he or she is there for, so that everything runs like clockwork. An ideal event manager perfectly manages contacts with clients, event staff and guests. He or she exchanges a record number of phone calls and emails, and holds numerous business meetings. He or she quickly establishes relations and alleviates any conflicts.

Tasks of the event organizer

Planning is the key to the success of our event. And on planning, event manager knows like few others. When deciding on the services of a company organizing events, look for an agency with a certain track record and good reputation. Let's check her portfolio, which companies she has worked for and if she is sure to be up to the task of organizing an event for us. The same applies to event manager services. Most of them have their own websites, where they boast about their projects. These are valuable sources of information.

Now that we have chosen an agency and an event manager, it's time to make a plan and a list of tasks. And it is really impressive. The event organizer will literally take care of everything, arrange a plan of action, cost estimates and the course of the event. This is a really valuable help when organizing events, which after all are a really big undertaking. It's worth having someone with you who really thinks of everything 🙂 .

Hotel, centrum konferencyjne, restauracja, biuro. Jakie wybrać miejsce na nasz event? Spokojnie… to pytanie do naszego event manager’a. To on dopasuje lokal do naszego wydarzenia, zadba o sprawy techniczne, lokalowe oraz o zaplecze wydarzenia. Chcemy zorganizować integration trip near Lodz? Event manager will meticulously review all offers of hotels and conference centers around the city and will choose the best one for us.

Guest list

Let's move on to the next item on the event manager's task list. The list of invited guests, sponsors and speakers can be difficult for someone who doesn't quite know how to do it.

With the help of an organizer, we will not only fill the room with people during the event, but also take care of key sponsors.

Our invaluable helper, will not only create the guest list, also prepare invitations, invite specific performers and negotiate with speakers. In terms of guests, he will really do everything.


Food, is one of the most important points during an event. We know people who choose a catering company when choosing an event. You do not have to worry about whether the food will taste good to your guests. Event manager is familiar with all catering companies, knows what the culinary trends are, knows banquet and event menus.

When organizing an event, we can support ourselves with an external company or entrust the menu to the chefs of the hotel where our event takes place. This is a huge convenience when the place where we plan to organize the event, has an operating kitchen and master chefs.

Final result

We wrote earlier that our event organizer will really think of everything. We have another proof for that. When we will be celebrating the end of our event in euphoria, the event manager will not slow down and will lead our event to the very end. What do we have in mind here?

  • The organizer will discreetly thank the entire event preparation team.
  • Will make settlements with subcontractors, talk to guests behind the scenes.
  • Will do valuable research for the client, gathering feedback about our event.
  • In addition, it will collect contact information from all guests and send advertising materials.
  • Provide guests with promotional gadgets bearing the company's logo.

Our guardian angel will think of everything. Organizing events gives us sleepless nights, we don't know how to go about it. These are warning signs. Let's be clear: do you have no organizational skills? - Invest in a professional.

A profession on the rise

There's no need to convince anyone that event manager is a top profession. Clients are not only looking for an organizer of conferences or trainings. With the help of professionals, they want to organize weddings, birthdays, small parties, balls or communions. If you're a professional organizer, try your hand at organizing events. This job is unpredictable, exciting and extremely creative. Zero boredom guaranteed:)

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