How to organize good medical conferences in a hotel?

medical conference at the hotel

Scientific, medical, corporate, business. The cross-section of conferences that can be organized , is really quite a lot. Each event is different, needs a different setting, a different amount of work.

Medical conferences are specific events. They touch on difficult, scientific topics, and their audiences are medical authorities, professors, doctors, people from the world of science. This is a demanding customer. And since the demands are high, all the elements that build our event must form a perfect whole. In this article, we will focus on choosing a venue for medical conferences. How to choose them? What should you be guided by? Is it really worth organizing medical conferences in a hotel? And only there?

Table of Contents:

  1. Medical conferences at the hotel
  2. Step-by-step organization
  3. High-end guests 
  4. Medical support

Medical conferences in a hotel are prestigious events

Medical congresses, symposia, conferences, medical meetings, lectures. They belong to a huge group of scientific events. In Poland, a really large number of them are organized. Their name indicates that they will be difficult, demanding events. And which are not, right?

Since our customer has requirements and wants the highest level of service.

We offer him to organize a medical conference at the hotel. Because only there (in our opinion) will you organize a business event of the highest quality. The business customer is today the main consumer of hotel products. That's why hotels really try, preparing business packages. Any business event can already be organized in a hotel. Companies have discovered this possibility and are eager to organize corporate conferences at the hotel just.

Which hotel to choose? To hold a medical conference in a hotel, you need to choose a center that is prepared to provide conference services. These are to be professionally equipped meeting rooms. And such unfortunately is lacking in Polish hotels.

Good organization is the key to conference success

Medical conferences have long left medical facilities. In theory, this is their natural environment. However, a hospital or clinic is not a conference room, and it can be a problem to find a suitable venue. Holding such an event in the heart of such an organism as a hospital puts specific rules on the organizers. In such a place not everything can be afforded, the event must continue in harmony with the rhythm of the hospital corridors.

By organizing a medical conference in the hotel, we can be sure that the room where our event will be held will be prepared waiting for our guests. Already at the preparation stage you must ask yourself: what goal do you want to achieve? If you will be presenting innovative research results at the conference. Do it in an appropriate rank in the presence of medical celebrities and the media. A good medical conference in a hotel is a chance to promote medical achievements. If the event gathers a sizable audience, it has a chance to be repeated. The cyclical nature of the event is a solid foundation for creating a truly super event.

High-end guests

As the name of the conference suggests, we can expect representatives from the world of medicine and science. The hall will be filled with people with no small achievements in medicine. These are specialists who came to the conference because they want to present the environment with up-to-date information, recommendations, diagnostics on diseases in the field. Difficult topics, serious research, scientific language and medical authorities. Such a conference guest should be especially taken care of.

Our advice?

Organizując konferencje medyczną w hotelu, masz pewność, że o Twoich gości zadba wykwalifikowana obsługa hotelu. Wyposażona w odpowiednie wskazówki, zadba o każdego gościa ( zwłaszcza o tych mega ważnych gości). To osoba, która pomoże gościom przy punkcie rejestracji, wskaże miejsce na sali, pokaże gdzie należy udać się, na przerwę kawową. Kto lepiej zna hotel niż nie ludzie tam pracujący? Taka osoba z obsługi hotelowej to ogromne wsparcie dla starszego uczestnika konferencji.

Each member of the hotel team has a task for which they are responsible. There is no room for error here.

Becomes a mentor and guide to the conference guest during the conference.


Tak bezpieczeństwo to podstawa. A najbezpieczniej jest przecież w sejfie 🙂 Dlaczego o tym wspominam? Konferencje medyczne z reguły organizowane są po to, by przekazać światu ważną medyczną informację, pokazać światu nowe medyczne urządzanie, by pochwalić się innowacyjnym lekiem na choroby ludzkości. Te wszystkie, nazwijmy je medyczne cenne rekwizyty, nie mogą ulec uszkodzeniu, dlatego do czasu ich prezentacji warto umieścić je w bezpiecznym miejscu.

Czyli w sejfie. Potrzebujemy większego miejsca? Przydałby się nawet cały pokój. Załatwione! W hotelu przecież mają ich pod dostatkiem 😉


Medical conferences in a hotel usually last for several days. After all, this is no problem for us. We are at the hotel, we finish the first day of the conference, we move from the Conference Room to a comfortable hotel room. We don't have to tiredly get into the car and travel the route home at night. The organizer of the event has taken care of the accommodation for the conference participants, here on site at the hotel. After a night in a comfortable room, it's time for breakfast, also here on site.

Still have some time left before the conference starts? Use it to walk around the complex. Hotel Magellan is a lakeside hotel located in the Sulejowski Landscape Park. Such terrains all the time want to discover and explore. Our medical conference at the hotel thus becomes an attractive business trip.

A place for more private conversations

This is where serious business conversations get started. New ideas are born, new initiatives are created. Medical conferences at the hotel will be no different.

The hotel staff will prepare a suitable place for such discussions and meetings.

In close proximity to tables with food, sweets and coffee and tea. It is a place from which it will be easy to get back to the conference room. Would it be possible to create such a place in a hospital? As a rule, speakers land in the director's office or the doctor's room. These places do not have the right space and atmosphere for such talks. Our event must not interfere with the hospital, it is a living organism that works 24 hours a day. Some conversations require adequate intimacy, the hospital director's office will not give speakers and guests the freedom to converse.

Medical support

Behind every major conference event are sponsors, large companies, institutions, etc.

Medical conferences should also have such facilities, in the form of medical institutions, foundations or pharmaceutical companies. Tzw. partnerzy konferencji zadbają o materiały pokonferencyjne oraz o gadżety konferencyjne. O ich wsparcie czy patronat trzeba się postarać nawet kilka miesięcy przed wydarzeniem. Może wśród tych zapytań, znajdziemy współorganizatora naszej konferencji?

This is worth thinking about. A drug company is organizing this conference? Be sure to provide gift packs for the conference guests. In addition to leaflets advertising your products, let there be samples and mini preparations of your company. This is additional free advertising.

Journalists and photojournalists

Our conference is unique. This is an event where we will be revealing very important information. We want, not only the medical community to learn about it. We want to share this knowledge with everyone. Such information will reach everyone only thanks to them.... Media. So don't delay in sending invitations to journalists. Invite local reporters as well as national media. Their participation in the conference, as well as their proper treatment ( yes, yes) is a guarantee of articles about our event.

A well-planned medical conference, is a real benefit for its organizer. To participate in medical conferences, it is sometimes difficult to convince professors with titles, doctors with considerable achievements. How to do it? It is enough to create an attractive offer for such an event. A medical conference at a hotel is a ready-made package that includes participation in the event, but also a stay at the hotel and the opportunity to enjoy all its attractions.

Use our tips, organize your conference step by step. Planning this event is quite a challenge, but with an idea and a compact and ready-to-go hotel staff at your side, you will be able to rest easy. Looking for such a place for your medical event?

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