The perfect gift for any occasion? Weekend voucher to SPA

spa weekend voucher

Every woman loves shopping. Actually, gifts and shopping. Which of us doesn't like getting them?

We are, of course, most excited about the relevant and practical gifts. The problem arises when we are faced with the dilemma of buying for people who already have literally everything? With help come gift certificates and vouchers. In this article, we will tell you why a voucher for a weekend at the spa will be the right gift for both her and him.

  1. Voucher to a hotel - for whom and for how much?
  2. Packages for the voucher - our suggestions


Voucher for a stay at a hotel as a gift

Is there a universal gift for everyone? For a colleague, wife, boyfriend, friends or parents? Well, that's exactly what it turns out to be. The topic of universal gifts for the undecided has long been picked up by chain stores, beauty salons, or entertainment centers.

We are, of course, talking about gift certificates or, if you prefer, vouchers.. Choosing such a gift will certainly soothe the nerves of gift seekers who are completely at a loss as to what to buy a person. However, this is not only an option for the indecisive, such a gift voucher of a certain value will allow the recipient to choose the gift himself. Isn't it just like that? We receive SPA weekend voucher worth a thousand zlotys.

It's up to us to decide what to spend a grand on SPA Institute, which spa treatments choose which attractions to enjoy. This is a very convenient form of gift and, above all, a guarantee to avoid a gift mishap. Do you care about an even bigger surprise? Buying such a voucher is extremely simple. You enter the data of the recipient, the amount of the gift and that's it. You can buy such a gift online or over the phone. If you care about the surprise effect, ask the sales department to send the voucher to the jeweler. That's just the wow effect.

Is such a voucher for a hotel stay or a gift certificate to a store really the perfect gift?

spa voucher


Gift Voucher. For whom and how much?

We can rhapsodize about the advantages of gift certificates. However, there is one downside worth mentioning here. If we decide to purchase a voucher for a certain amount, the recipient will know the cost of the gift. This is not to everyone's liking. Let's admit it, a voucher for a weekend to the spa certainly does not amount to 100 zlotys, but to a larger sum.

Choosing a gift like this with a large amount to spare will certainly work great as a wedding, birthday or anniversary gift. Let's focus on a voucher for a weekend at the SPA. Such a unique gift allows its holder to enjoy a wide range of packages, treatments, massages in the offices of the SPA Institute. However, this is not all. As the name suggests, it is about spa weekend, so we have included a hotel stay, access to the pool complex and meals. Such a gift will certainly beat gifts for several hundred zlotys from a store. However, it's not the value of the gift that's really the point here. Although it must be admitted that a voucher for a stay at a hotel is not cheap, it will nevertheless prove to be an apt gift. Because it is not about the gift itself as a material good here. A voucher to a spa is not only about beautifying treatments.

As a gift you get moments just for yourself, relaxation in a cozy hotel, a relaxing massage, blissful silence and time with a loved one. Is this the kind of thing you can buy for yourself in a store? A voucher for a weekend at a spa is a gift that stressed-out employees of big-city corporations should receive. Ba they should receive such a voucher like a prescription from the therapists they go to. Take a break, go somewhere...each of us has heard such words at least once from a doctor or friends.

voucher for a stay in a hotel

Have a busy colleague's birthday coming up? Or maybe your wedding anniversary and once again end up with a bouquet of flowers and dinner at a nearby restaurant? Buy a voucher for a weekend at the spa as a gift. You will relax, spa treatments will delight your wife, and you, at least for a weekend will relax from stressful work. We will maintain to the end that a voucher for a hotel stay is the perfect gift. Why? Let's add another pebble to this garden. Like almost every gift, be it cosmetics, wine or a set of sweets, it has an expiration date.

In the case of a hotel gift voucher, this one also has some lead time. There will be no more excuses.... no it's not a gift for me, I don't have time. As a rule, you have as much as 3 months to redeem such a value voucher.

However, we advise you to book your hotel accommodation lightly, especially if it is for a weekend. SPA hotels as a rule, it is on weekends that they are overcrowded. However, let's not hold so tightly to the name of the weekend voucher, nothing prevents you from redeeming the voucher during the week. What types of hotel vouchers can you prepare yourself?

Here are our suggestions by occasion and with price in mind. Here we go.

spa hotel voucher


wSPAniały relaxation or a voucher for a weekend at the spa

It's a weekend proposition so we are considering an overnight stay at a spa hotel with food. However, you will not be sitting in a hotel room alone.

Our first proposal costs about 1300 PLN and is dedicated to couples. Similarly, for the same package for a single, I mean a friend, mother or sister, you will have to pay about PLN 700.

What does the description of such a package include? Voucher for a weekend at the spa is 2 days full of attractions. Two nights' accommodation with breakfast and dinner for two. Unlimited access to the pool, sauna or Jacuzzi.

In the SPA treatment set we have: 2 x relaxing massage, 2x refreshing body scrub. Importantly, remember that selected treatments are subject to exchange. A voucher for a weekend at the spa can include a selected package or an amount to be redeemed at the hotel. This proposal will be perfect as an anniversary gift, birthday gift for parents or friends. However, it is not only for couples...

A spa weekend voucher will also work well as a gift for a colleague and for company clients. Yes, this type of gift is becoming more and more common among Christmas gifts for a company's business partners or customers. A spa voucher will also work well as a reward for employees, or as a thank you for cooperation.

spa voucher


Gift voucher for newlyweds

You have to admit that this is a truly original and in 100% apt gift for the bride and groom. Especially in the case when the newlyweds ask for gifts in kind, rather than the proverbial envelopes of money. As we mentioned at the beginning, it is up to us to decide how much the voucher for the hotel stay should be. A wedding gift worth a thousand zlotys is an appropriate gift for the newlyweds.

A voucher to a spa hotel worth a thousand zlotys will allow the young couple to spend a weekend in an elegant spa hotel (2 x accommodation with breakfasts), plus a romantic dinner for two and a relaxing massage for the newlyweds. Here our hint, if you decide to buy a voucher for a weekend at a spa hotel in some tourist destination such as the mountains or the seaside, give the gift of a mini marriage vacation. Which couple would not dream of such a rest after a tiring wedding marathon?

spa gift voucher


Voucher for treatments in a hotel SPA

Our last proposal is a voucher for spa treatments alone. This is a classic birthday proposal or, as we mentioned above, a business one. For the amount indicated, the recipient will be able to take advantage of the treatment proposals of the Institute in question.

It does not have to be an exorbitant amount, already for 150 zł we can benefit from an hour of classical massage. A voucher worth about PLN 120 will allow us to enjoy an extremely pleasant Cleopatra bath. This is a bath with Thalgo sparkling milk in the form of a sugar cube with a sweet relaxing scent.

Our advice? If you decide on a gift in the form of a voucher to the SPA, or have received such a gift, decide on a treatment that you will not find in a classic beauty salon. Let it be something new, maybe this particular treatment will become a permanent part of your beauty care rituals? Speaking of rituals.

Many SPA&Wellness Institutes have SPA ceremonies and rituals in their offer. It is worth getting acquainted with them. The I'm going to be a Mom package, for about $200, includes treatments recommended for moms-to-be. It includes a hand massage, foot care treatment, facial, head and neck massage. Which mom-to-be doesn't dream of such a relaxing gift? Think about this package, if you have a pregnant woman among your friends, such a gift will be a hit. Among the beauty rituals you will also find the Capuccino package. It includes a coffee body scrub, 30 minutes of relaxing massage, anti-cellulite coffee mask and a cup of this black brew. It's a gift perfect for the busy coffeeholic.

Packagestreatments, stays in spa hotels.

A gift voucher is an original and apt gift for anyone. Deciding on such a gift, choose the right places, get acquainted with the offer of treatments and present your loved one with relaxation, a pleasant seance for the body and moments just for yourself. Remember a value voucher is more than a material gift.

The bride and groom in love, after redeeming such a voucher, will always remember those wonderful moments for two, they will certainly remember who came up with such a creative wedding gift. Surprise your busy friend and give her an extremely relaxing massage. Let's take care of our loved ones, give apt and practical gifts that will stay in their memory for a long time.

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