The First Holy Communion is a great and emotional event not only for the child, but also for the parents. For a young person this is the first important celebration to which not only the closest family but also relatives and friends are invited. It is he or she that is the hero of the event, so it is worth to try to make it unforgettable from the beginning till the end.


Hotel MAGELLAN*** SPA & Business is an ideal place for engagement!

Why? Because it is a special moment for both of you. The long-awaited surprise for the happy beloved one and the moment of anxiety for the man who decides to take this step. How to make the idea on how to propose a jackpot and a real success? For sure there is no one recipe on the way to propose. Here the professional staff of Hotel MAGELLAN*** comes in aid to organize traditional and elegant, or a bit crazy but romantic engagement. We will take care of everything: we will organize the time and the place, topic-related menu and romantic accessories. The only thing you have to do is to be on the spot and enjoy the newly discovered happiness.

The dress chosen, the wedding date set, but to observe the tradition and bid a proper goodbye to the one who leaves the maidenhood behind and will soon become the happy wife, bachelorette party is indispensible. Whether it is a crazy party till the crack of dawn or relaxation in SPA – it all depends on the decision of the initiators. Our qualified staff will ensure unforgettable moments to the Bride and her companions. Hotel MAGELLAN*** SPA & Business is an ideal place for the bachelorette party.

The suit awaits safely in the closet, the guests invited and the wedding date set. However, there is one more thing without which the wedding cannot take place. It is the boisterous goodbye to the bachelorhood, which is to start the new stage in life. Usually it is honour of a witnesses of the Bridal Couple to organize the farewell party for both, the maid and the bachelor. However, their duty is also to plan and help to organize the wedding ceremony and the wedding party. That is why, to come in aid to the groomsman, Hotel MAGELLAN*** offers to its guest an ideal place for bachelor party. 

Childhood is an amazing period of life, when everything is still new and the friendships are made fast and emotionally. It is also the age at which we can really enjoy ourselves and have fun. That is why it is really worth to organize kinder parties during which our children can enjoy their puppy years, while the parents and guardians can take a breath, leaving their beloved ones under the care of professional supervisors.

Wedding is the day some girls have been dreaming of for the whole of their lives. Magical, snow-white dress, ice-frosted cake, huge wedding party banquet hall – at first these are all dreams. Later, the little girls become women and when they find their prince charming their dream can come true. Hotel MAGELLAN has the best wedding party banquet halls in the area and it has been created so that the little girl’s dream of the white dress could become even better in reality than in the fantasy.