Rope park

Rope park

Rope Park Magellan is a place full of action and challenges, surrounded by the green scenery of pine tree wood. It is located in Hotel Magellan premises, situated only 50 km from Lodz and 100 km from Warsaw and Czestochowa. 

Rope Park MAGELLAN is high-altitude system of platforms and rope installations on the trees.

Both, adults and children can have fun here. 

Our rope park system was created so as to enable people of any age to pass the whole route enjoying unusual adventure. 

Stages are made of bridges, footbridges, boards, loops, nets and different kind of zip lines are waiting.

Safety standards

Rope Park MAGELLAN has been built in accordance with French System of protection and safety standards. The safety of participants is ensured by the team of qualified instructors at guests’ disposal. 

We make use of equipment dedicated for use in rope parks. Before they enter the rope park, the guests are equipped with certified safety equipment: full harness, lariat, carabiners, helmet. Next, the instructor explains the rules on how to use the equipment and shows how to jump through a hoop. The participants repeat the sequence of activities presented and the instructor eliminates potential mistakes.  

The safety system is easy to learn and its simplicity lays in the fact that on every kind of stage the same activities are repeated. After the training is completed, the instructor allows people to enter the high obstacles of the rope park route. We also use specialist safety system here, which protects against the fall during ladder climbing. The participants take the obstacles under the instructors’ supervision who help to pass through the route appropriately. 

A participant may any time ask the instructor for help or evacuation from the route.



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