Is it worth going to a resort spa hotel for the weekend?

We've written about how it's not worth wasting a moment of your free time sitting at home more than once.

We stay in hotels during summer vacations, business meetings, conferences, or family events.

Why not to go to hotel for the weekend? Such a family one with attractions for everyone.

Hotels offer us really a lot, we guarantee throughout the weekend, you can not move from the facility, there will be something to do.

In this article, we want to encourage you to stay at a resort spa hotel.

What exactly does this name mean? And what can you expect from such a stay?

1. hotel resort spa - for whom to stay in such a place?

2. a family weekend at a resort hotel


SPA Hoteland Hotel Resort SPA?

The name resort spa hotel is an unfamiliar term to you?

Is this the same facility as the spa hotel?

Rest assured that even the biggest hotel connoisseurs don't quite know what this is all about.

Spa resorts are most often referred to as foreign hotels.

These All Inclusive resorts are those that charge a fixed price for all services i.e. stay, accommodation, food, hotel attractions.

Nam spa is associated only with the fact that it has a wellness zone and a SPA Institute, where we can enjoy treatments and take a dip in the Jacuzzi.
That's not quite the case.

In a spa facility, of course there must be an area spa&wellness, but in addition the resort must offer a variety of spa packages, massages, treatments in the wellness or fitness area.

Is it all in the resort spa too?

Yes, however, there is something else.
Do you associate a resort with a large facility with several buildings?

This is a very good lead.

Hotel resort SPA is a foreign standard hotel complex.

We go to one place that offers us most services for a fixed price.

spa resort hotel

So what is the key difference between a spa hotel and a resort spa hotel?

A classic hotel provides the customer with the essentials, namely accommodation and food.

The resort spa hotel provides activities for the client's entire stay.

Attractions for children, playgrounds, spa treatmentsActivities for adults: fitness, bonfire.

The resort provides us with all the elements of a hotel stay - from accommodation and food to the organization of each guest's leisure time.

Not every spa hotel offers a bonfire, disco or the help of a children's entertainer in the package.

What does a stay at a spa resort look like in practice?

Guests of the hotel can easily spend their days on the hotel grounds, without having to look for attractions outside the property.

A wide range of accompanying services in the facility will allow you to manage even a two-week holiday stay.

You don't even have to travel abroad to take advantage of all-inclusive resort spa packages.

You will find plenty of resort spa facilities in Poland.

After all, you are going for active rest and relaxation.

But in this case, does the choice of location, or rather neighborhood, matter?

In our opinion, yes. We agree that since our package is stuffed to the brim with attractions in the hotel, you really do not have to look for additional entertainment outside the hotel.

However, if you are by the sea, in the mountains, on a lake or in a beautiful rural setting, why not explore?

Go on a family bike tour?

It's a sin not to take advantage of such natural beauty, to be in such a picturesque place and not see these stunning sites.

Attractive surroundings are an additional attraction, especially important because of the youngest guests of the hotel.

You can find out what activities your family can enjoy at a resort spa hotel later in this article.

lakeside spa resort hotel

Family weekend at the lakeside resort spa hotel

Let's get down to specifics.

You decide to take a weekend away from home.

Very good decision.

The plan is simple. Quick access. Beautiful location, access to water. Entertainment at the hotel.

Resort spas, whether by the sea or in the mountains, offer several fixed stay packages + special offers.

We care about accommodation in a cozy room, full board and attractions for the whole family including children.

For a stay with only accommodation and meals at the resort spa hotel you will have to pay about 200 PLN/per person/day.

Add to this package unlimited use of the wellness area, i.e. swimming pools, jacuzzi, saunas.

For additional attractions like spa treatments, you will have to pay extra.

However, let's focus on priorities.

You have come for a family weekend. Free time will be spent with and without children.

On the water, in the hotel and around the resort. It's only two days, and there is only so much to see and experience.

Package in a hotel We divided into attractions for children and for adults, taking into account the time spent together.

lakeside spa resort hotel

Parents + children

You are in a resort spa hotel, you can't help but take advantage of the day spa packages. It is a set of treatments for her, for him, for two and finally for the whole family.

We'll focus on the latter for a moment. It is an offering consisting of treatments for both adults and children.

Here's a suggestion from Magellan Hotel. Mom and Dad will be relaxing with an extremely enjoyable chocolate massage.

For children we offer a back massage with orange oil.

Treatments will take place in one office, with no worries it will be close together.

However, this is not the end of pleasures in the hotel spa. Other treatment suggestions we found in this package include a hydrating facial treatment for the parents and a mask (gently moisturizing, age-appropriate) for the young lady.

Facelift massage - for mom and foot reflexology for dad.

For the youngest member of the family - a foot massage with peach sorbet.

Free time
There were actually quite a few family type attractions in this category.

Both inside and outside the hotel.

Hiking and biking trails await you - perfect for trips with children.

Plus, don't forget that you're on a lake. Take a family cruise on a sailboat.

If the weather is truly summery, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying water and sunbathing on the beach.

Hotels located near the lake usually have a private dedicated beach, this will provide you with an intimate quiet relaxation.

After lunch at the hotel restaurant, it's time for something sweet.

In one of the packages we found an invitation to tea with cake.

Adult version with coffee, kids version with orange juice.

It's a fun tradition, such a family, get-together over a cup of coffee.

An original way to celebrate family moments.

Can you keep up?

You still have to go through the route in the rope park, an evening bonfire.

Sunday will begin with a live cooking workshop where you will prepare breakfast for the whole family.

These types of workshops have been a real hit in the hotel industry lately.

lakeside spa hotel


In addition to spending time with their parents, the little ones will also have moments just for themselves.

Many resort spa hotels offer parents the assistance of a children's entertainer.

Such a person will take care of your little one, organize games, activities and movement animations for him.

Such a person is a treasure because parents will be able to take care of themselves during this time.

How about a romantic dinner or some joint treatment in hotel spa?

For the youngest guests the hotel offers playrooms, a multifunctional playground, a room with computer games and a cinema room.

No one will be bored here.

However, if you do not want your children in the hotel to sit in front of the TV, take advantage of additional attractions such as the mentioned animator, who will organize an attractive, active entertainment.

This is also important information for you if you are looking for a hotel that offers more than a toy room for the little ones.

Then, among the hotel offers, choose a resort dedicated to families.
A vacation away from home should be an attractive trip for every member of the family.

When looking for a place for either a short or long vacation, bet on a resort that will provide entertainment and active recreation for your whole family.
Looking for spa hotel With a complete set of attractions for the whole family?

Check out the stay packages and special offers at the Magellan Hotel.


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