It will be a successful day! Explore the Day SPA package

You don't have to take a vacation, you don't even have to spend an entire week at home or a resort to relax and recuperate.

You only need one day.

Literally one day.

Really, this is no joke.

One day for pleasant experiences and relaxing relaxation. To relax and recharge your batteries.

For blissful laziness and an insanely pleasant skincare experience.

That's the express way to relax, too.

What's the secret?

In the Day SPA packages.

Learn their secret!

 Table of Contents:

1) For whom is the day spa package?

2. she at the spa

3. day spa for two

4. treatments for wrinkles, cellulite and other problems 

For whom a day at the spa?

This one-day pleasure is for everyone.

If you want to improve your appearance, improve your mood, need a moment of relaxation just for yourself?

Or maybe you just want to reset, recharge your batteries and relax before a challenging week.

Very good, you are in the right place.

Any reason is good to give yourself as a gift Day SPA Package.

And there's plenty to choose from...

day spa package

SPA & Wellness Institutes They offer a lot of day spa packages.

Such a spa day is literally packed with beauty treatments for every part of the body.

In addition, the price also includes a massage, a delicious dinner, a glass of wine or champagne. 

Don't forget unlimited access to the sauna, hot tub and pool complex.

Can you rest better?

What package should I choose to make my spa day a success?

Need is the mother of invention. You know the saying, right?

With a spa it will be similar, it all starts with our needs.

Do we want to relax and unwind? Let's choose relaxing treatments and a relaxing massage.

Do you want visible results? Opt for slimming or rejuvenating treatments.

Since we are planning a full day, we need to enjoy the treatments and attractions from morning to evening.

What specifically do I mean?

spa day

Day SPA package is not only treatments and massages. You will spend the entire day away from home, so the day needs to be tailored to your needs.

In addition to treatments, the package should include:

- dinner, lunch or something light to eat (a meal included in the package is a privilege of SPA Institutes, which are located in the hotel - it is worth remembering about it)

- unlimited access to the sauna, jacuzzi, pool complex

- a glass of wine for tasting, champagne/cocktail

- possibility to rent poles for Nordic Walking, bicycles

- possibility hotel accommodation

- matching additional treatments: manicure, pedicure, depilation, additional facial treatment

Spending the day at the spa, nothing can prevent us from relaxing.

It's our day, those few precious hours, so it should be relaxing, total no stress.

The treatments we undergo are meant to pamper our senses. It should be a feast for the body and a ceremony for the soul!

In a moment I will present you selected Day SPA packages, which you can find in Institutes near Lodz.

Day SPA for her

Just her, a glass of fine wine, lots of candles around, relaxing music in the background and wonderfully floating fragrances straight from the best beauty stores in the world.

We travel back in time and land in a temple of peace and relaxation.

This is how she relaxes at the spa all over 🙂

I will now give you some suggestions for such packages.

The Temple of Womanhood Day Spa package available in the offer Magellan Hotel you will find:

- wine bath

- Honey massage - sounds amazingly good

- hydra facial treatment

- unlimited use of swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna

All topped off with a glass of wine for tasting and a fit salad.

This is just one of the proposals for such a day at the spa and at the same time a perfect proposal for stressed and busy women.

Want to spend the day with your other half?

You cook together, live together, go on vacation together, why not relax together at the spa?

spa day

 She and He at the SPA

Another day spa near the boat also belongs to the Magellan Hotel, which offers a chocolate spa for two.

Chocolate spa, sounds good right?

At the beginning common bath azure, then chocolate massage (yum!) and Polynesian massage.

This chocolate ritual reduces tension and stress and intensively moisturizes the skin. This is not the end of sweet pleasures.

Cocktails and a chocolate surprise are still waiting for you.

Plus unlimited access to the swimming pool complex, saunas and jacuzzi.

While we're on the subject of packages for's worth thinking about Day SPA package 2+1 or 2+2.

The family relaxes at the spa and gets active in the outdoors.

There will be a facial massage for mom, and a foot massage ( reflexology) for dad.

Day SPA for a single man or woman

Men and ladies, husbands and husbands and finally singles and singles. There are enough Day SPA packages for everyone.

If not with your sweetheart and not with your family, go to a spa as a single woman.

Your fiancé and future husband are just around the corner, so if you feel like relaxing alone, choose a Day SPA package for those last days of single life.

What do you find in a package for a single woman?

- body scrub for starters

- then a Polynesian massage

- and of course a glass of wine or a good whisky

Want to extend that relaxing session? It is possible.

All you need to do is make a reservation with SPA package order additional treatments such as manicure, facial treatment or additional body treatment.

A cosmetologist from SPA&Wellness Institute will surely choose the right treatment for you.

day spa package in the magellan hotel

Packages for special tasks

Rejuvenation, lifting, slimming, detox, cleansing peeling, endermology, hydrotherapy, lipolytic and detoxifying treatments, banquet treatments.

Sound like a painful beauty salon treatment chart?

Nothing could be further from the truth, these are the treatments you will get at a spa by organizing a day spa.

Behind these names, there are very effective and importantly pleasant treatments that will put our skin on its feet.

These are treatments that you can combine with relaxation treatments... and there you have it, a personalized day spa.

Our suggestion?

Micronized Marine Algae, a slimming and anti-cellulite body treatment.

The algae mask used during the treatment is rich in such ingredients as: iodine, calcium, bromine, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, beta-carotene, B1, B2, B5, B12, C, E.

Wow! It's impressive isn't it?

The next stage is an algae body peeling, a wrap with micronized algae and a session in a steam capsule.

After this treatment, I suggest a refreshing and moisturizing fresh face treatment. 

spa day at the magellan hotel

It really works!

Pool exercises, slimming and rejuvenating treatments and hot stone massages can work wonders.

SPA&Wellness institutes beat beauty parlors and the proverbial "beauticians".

Today's spa resorts offer treatments, massages, aesthetic medicine, and wellness treatments.

It is in SPA that we gain strength, relax and take care of our skin.

You don't have to lie down on the operating table yet to look younger and slimmer.

Spa treatments really do work wonders.

If you are looking for a package of treatments for yourself, dreaming of relaxation in a luxury spa, check out SPA&Wellness Institute offer at the Magellan Hotel.

spa day packages


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