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Carefree summer 2023 - Holidays with children in Hotel Magellan***

389 zł / person. /day

The final bell will sound sooner than you think, so it's time to think about a well-deserved summer vacation... How about ...

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Great barbecue - May Day 2023 at Hotel Magellan***

1519 zł /person. /package

The fresh air, the smell of the forest, the delectable scent of the barbecue, the feast by the campfire... isn't this how it should be ...

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A festive respite from the mundane at Easter 2023

PLN 1399 1259 PLN/person. /package

Take a break from the gray reality and plan a truly festive holy calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, ...

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package in love in spa hotel magellan

In love with SPA

1739 zł /package

Time spent with two people is extraordinary and priceless at the same time.

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gold spa package magellan hotel

SPA Gold

1159 PLN / person. /package

Indulge in the delights of a true glamour style ceremony, feel special, relaxed and... gilded.

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magellan hotel spa package

The Magic of SPA

635 PLN / person. /day

Welcome to the magical world of relaxation. Relax in the flavors and aromas of amazing teas from all over the ...

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relaxation island spa package

Relaxation Island

1029 PLN / person. /package

Find time for yourself and allow yourself a break from everyday life. Azure bath ...

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chocolate love package at magellan hotel

Chocolate Love

PLN 1199 /package

Need to relax and unwind, preferably with a loved one? Do you love chocolate?

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Your special bachelor/bachelorette party

339 PLN / person. /package

By design, it is supposed to be a farewell to single status, in practice it means great fun and an opportunity to ...

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chocolate spa package


579 zł / package

Time spent just the two of you is priceless. A bath together will give you a moment of relaxation.

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fit cupcake package


429 PLN/person. /package

Book time just for you to relax from the worries of everyday life at the Magellan Hotel ***.

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the world of womanhood package


439 PLN /person. /package

Do you need time to breathe? A unique set of treatments was created especially for you.

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single day package

Last day of singles

259 zł /person

Before you one of the most important days in life? Or maybe you want to give a pleasant surprise to the future ...

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