Organizing a conference? Here's a list of basic formalities

conference organization_golden rules

Organizing a conference is quite a challenge.

Do you think you know a lot about organizing events?

A conference or corporate trip are events in a completely different category.

Organizing them is very different from organizing a birthday party, a daughter's baptism or a corporate event at the office.

I suspect that since you have come here, you are facing the challenge of organizing a conference or a corporate trip.

In this article, you will learn about the basic paperwork involved in organizing a conference.

  1. Location - business hotel for conference  
  2. Budget is the key
  3. Guests, guests, guests
  4. Closing of the conference


Company trip, training, conference - difficult tasks to perform

Organizing events from the business world is not the easiest of tasks, nor is it a task for everyone.

How about this. It's not so much difficult as simply a rather complex task. It's not very understandable to you?

Ok... I'm explaining now.

Conference organizer cannot be a random person, chosen by the boss, because this person has little work.

Because no one else has a knack for it, the boss chooses his favorite because he trusts that the company trip he organizes will be a hit.

This task cannot be entrusted to a random person.

If the most important people in the company decide that you will choose a conference "specialist" among your employees, you must know who to look for;)

He's not a super hero, he's a meticulous, accurate person with the ability to anticipate.

You definitely have someone like that on your team.

Since we already have our conference operator who will plan the entire corporate trip.

It is time for him to use his comprehensive knowledge and include some important points related to the formalities.

Start with the basic paperwork

Who among us likes paperwork and formality? Of course nobody. It's not a pleasant duty, but necessary when organizing events.

However, in this case, to make our task easier, it is worth dividing the paperwork into those that have to be dealt with before the conference and those that will be taken care of after the event.

Let's start with things that need to be done before the conference, even months before.

Stay tuned to see where to start.


Location - business hotel for conference

We are organizing a business trip, an industry conference... and we are looking for a suitable venue.

Let's not leave room reservations for the last minute, in the spring and summer season, companies organize a lot of events.

This is why you need to hurry up, choose the best business hotel for your conference and be sure to book the date.

When choosing a center, the number of participants and equipment should be taken into account meeting rooms.

You can read more about this in the equipment article a luxury hotel for a conference.

When booking a date at the business hotel of your choice for your conference, make sure the resort:

  • has a conference room suitable for the number of our participants
  • will be able to provide accommodation for all guests
  • has catering facilities

All in all, these are the most important considerations when booking a hotel for our event.

If you are looking for a 3 star hotel, check out the offer Conference Center of the Magellan Hotel.

Together with the resort staff you will organize a successful corporate trip.


The budget and the schedule must be watched. Because it is the most important one and all in all, it all depends on the budget.

It's true. Holy words.

Already at the stage of planning the event you need to know what funds you have and how long your event will last (days/days with accommodation).

It is the budget that determines whether all guests will spend the night in the hotel and what meals we will order.

What kind of business hotel for a conference we can afford also depends on our budget. 

The same is true for a company trip for employees.

In your budget, you'll need to determine which resort the event will be held at and what team activities you'll be able to afford.

Invitations and sponsors

It doesn't matter which invitations you decide on.

Paper, personalized, hand-lettered, envelope-wrapped, or mail-order invitations.

The content and form of such an invitation must be created much... much earlier.

When preparing your budget, you need to know how many special guests you want to invite.

As for event attendees, materials advertising the event and the newsletter will suffice.

While preparing such a newsletter or materials promoting the company it is worth thinking about the sponsors of our company trip or conference.

Since we have funders for the event and were able to get media sponsorships for the conference, it's worth bragging about 🙂

How can this be done? On materials promoting the event, such as logos, or a short note.

Video, photo and advertising materials

If you care about recording the event, want to have commemorative photos, or live coverage on social media. Think about a video and photo professional.

When hiring such a person, specify in the contract what kind of photos and videos you expect.

Determine the deadline for turning in all materials and the scope of work during the company trip.

Such photographic materials may also be included in the post-conference packet for attendees.

The videos, photos that you will post on social media are great publicity material.

Perhaps your business hotel for the conference, will be interested in publishing such a video.

Material exchange is a perfect example of cross-promotion.


Promotional gifts and office supplies

No conference can do without promotional gadgets.

Thus, when organizing a conference, it is worth including in the cost estimate a point concerning the purchase of gadgets for conference participants.

Are you organizing a company trip for employees with training?

There will be plenty of team-building games at the event?

You will definitely need office supplies. Include their purchase in your event budget as well.

Small things in the form of advertising gadgets (necessarily with our company's logo) will please everyone, and may even turn out to be a necessary office supplies.

Contract with a catering company

A business hotel for a conference is a resort with appropriate rank. Rather, in each such place there are adequate catering facilities.

However, if for various reasons, your hotel cannot offer you meals, you need to think about a catering company.

In this case you will need a contract, after all the caterer is our subcontractor.

In the terms and conditions, indicate the times when the caterer is to appear at the hotel, specify the exact menu and form of payment.

Make sure, preferably in writing on the contract, that there will be no shortage of food or drink during the conference and that professional waiters will oversee the catering.


After the conference 

For conferences, you as the organizers should take care of the speakers' publications.

If you are hosting a recurring event, think about a small publication included with the materials advertising the event.

After a successful event, it's a good idea to thank attendees in a follow-up email for attending.

In such a message you can send a short summary of the event along with a short photo report (if we already have one).


All elements of the conclusion of the conference make a good last impression.

After all, they are the ones we will be sending future invitations to our events to.

A database of such contacts is valuable to any conference organizer.



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