A place to stay? A spa hotel! Find out how much it costs?

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Think staying at a three-star hotel is out of your budget?

Do you only associate the legendary 3 or even 4 stars with high prices?

It turns out that accommodation in a three-star hotel does not always have to cost a fortune. 

But what can customers of a hotel with three or even five gold stars count on?

You'll learn all about it in our article.

1. a night in a 3-star hotel? Check how much it costs

2 Hotel stars. What exactly do they mean?

3. standard for 3 stars.


A three-star hotel only for the rich?

Many times in our series we emphasize that the choice of a place to stay, i.e. a spa hotel, cannot be a matter of chance.

And what we book, what first pops up in an internet search.

Well, no. How can you be sure that by choosing the former you won't miss out on the other attractive offers?

Why don't you ever browse for deals on accommodations at three-star or even five-star hotels.

Do you really think that in such places accommodation costs a lot? Nothing could be further from the truth.
Of course, we will agree with the statement that a four-star hotel in addition to a spa hotel, places to stay may have a slightly higher price.

However, that still doesn't convince us why you wouldn't book a stay at such places.

Three-star or even five-star hotels are the ideal choice for people who are looking for comfortable accommodation In eye-pleasing interiors.

Star facilities delight with modern interiors, professionally equipped rooms, luxurious SPA areaThe hotel is located in the heart of the city, in a historic building, in an attractive neighborhood.

Let's not forget about the modern business zone - professional, spacious meeting rooms, training rooms.
A three-star hotel as a place to stay, ie. spa doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Of course, you can hunt for various promotions and discounts.

However, we recommend you to approach the subject of booking accommodation in such a place economically.

The 4-star hotel is of a very high standard.

It has a luxury spa, wellness area, rest area for guests, children's playroom.

The hotel is located in an attractive location, by the sea, in the mountains, by the lake. It is located in a historic castle, a modern complex.

All these aspects affect the price of accommodation in such a place.

An overnight stay at a three-star spa hotel is more than just sleeping in a comfortable room, perfect service and activities included in the package.

How much does it cost to stay at a three-star spa hotel?

The number of stars next to the hotel name is valuable information.

It is actually a signpost of what we can expect from such a hotel.

After all, everyone knows that the more stars, the more luxurious the conditions.

This is true, because it is the e stars that testify to the standard and amenities of the resort.

A spa hotel as a place to stay can attest to this higher standard.

Why? I already explain.

There is no international document that rigidly says what requirements a hotel must meet to receive these legendary stars.

The number of stars in the name of the hotel should be treated with slight reserve.

Before booking accommodation in such a place, make sure what the star hotel offers us and at what price?

You may find that a night's stay at a 4-star hotel does not provide the high standard room with the listings promised in the offer luxury treatments.


Accommodation in such a hotel does not have to cost a fortune.
However, let's assume that the hotels take the received stars very seriously and match their offer to the promised stars.
How much does it actually cost to stay at a three-star spa hotel?

The choice of accommodation and spa hotel usually depends on the geographical location of the resort.

Here's our breakdown:

1. Warsaw
For one night in a three-star hotel in the capital city you have to pay on average about 400-550 zł. The price includes one night's accommodation and breakfast.

2. Łódź
For a night in a hotel in Lodz, in the very center, you need to pay about 350-400 PLN.

In a hotel of the same standard you have to pay about 350 PLN.

3. Krakow
Stay in a three-star hotel costs from 500 to even 600 zł per night. The package includes accommodation in a room and breakfast.

4. Gdańsk
A night in a hotel by the sea is a cost from 450 zł - to even 600 zł. The price depends on the location of the hotel.

5. Poznań
A night in a hotel + breakfast in a three-star hotel in Poznań costs from 300-470 PLN.

A 3-star hotel - the perfect place to stay?

A spa hotel whether in the city center or deeply tucked away in a forested attraction will always be a good choice for a short vacation.

What can we count on when booking a room in a three-star hotel?

The higher standard of the hotel, it tells us that we can expect elegant, tasteful interiors.

The hotel has a spa institute, swimming pool, jacuzzi and saunas.

This means that as a guest of the hotel we can use for free the swimming pool complex and a wide range of wellness area.

What else do we pay for? Let's get down to the technicalities, what is necessarily included in the offer to stay in a 3-star hotel.

Room facilities

The most important thing in a room is the bed.

In a 3-star hotel, you should be able to choose a single, double or triple room.

Each size, let's call it, corresponds to a corresponding area in square meters.
1-bed - 10m2
2-bedded - 14 m2
3-bedded - 16 m2

The room must be equipped with a bedside table, table, desk or table, min. 2 chairs, mirror, bedside lamp.

What else should be in a room at a 3-star hotel?

Bottled water, drinking glasses, television, telephone.

Now let's move on to the bathroom, as it too should be included in the room's amenities.

What's in the bathroom? Bathtub or shower, washbasin with countertop, toilet, mirror and a set for each guest: soap, soap dispenser, bath towel.

This is the real minimum when it comes to room amenities in a 3-star hotel.

That actually sounds pretty good for a place to stay.

Three star spa hotel, you can actually afford to stay in such a place.

Additional pluses for a three-star hotel

In the standard of a hotel with three stars, we can count on professional hotel services.

In fact, we should have access to them in every hotel.
What else is included in these services?

These include wake-up service, money storage, daily room cleaning, access to hot meals, and access to laundry and ironing service.

A 3-star hotel should have a bar or restaurant so that guests can enjoy the menu and drinks.

In most cases, these will be add-on options.

Is 400 PLN an exorbitant price for a stay in a 3-star hotel?

As you can see, a lot goes into the price of such a place to stay.

Spa hotel or hotels without spa institute is not relevant here.

There's no denying that most of us will make a reservation in such a place dependent on the number of stars in the name of the resort.

Is staying in a 3-star hotel really expensive?

When you stay overnight at a spa hotel, you are not just paying to sleep in a comfortable room, you are getting something more, a stay in an elegant interior,

delicious meals, a visit to the spa&wellness zone, care and such a pinch of luxury hotel magic.
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