Rejuvenating treatments in SPA. Discover their power!

spa rejuvenation treatments

You look in the mirror. Do you notice the first signs of aging in yourself? I can only expect, your emotional reaction. The aging process is unfortunately an inevitable process. There will come a time for each of us 🙂

Skupmy się jednak na skutecznych metodach walki z brutalnym upływem czasu. We take the face to the workshop, after all, it is on it that the first wrinkles will be most visible. Literally..... seen by everyone.

Stay with us, in a moment I will reveal to you what spa rejuvenation treatments and spa lifting treatments work wonders. Yes, exactly! It is in SPA&Wellness InstituteYou will regain your youth and thoroughly relax.

Spa rejuvenation treatments and spa lifting treatments really work! The face, décolleté and neck are the places that first betray our age. It is these places, that will feel the passage of time most acutely. Wrinkles, visible on the front, expose us in seconds. It doesn't have to be that way at all. There is still a moment before you decide to put yourself under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon.

In fact, there are facial rejuvenation treatments that do not alter facial features. These types of treatments will effectively fight the first signs of aging and improve the appearance of the skin. I guarantee, we'll still look like each other... So put off your visit to the aesthetician's office and opt for the package rejuvenating treatments in SPA Or a package of lifting treatments in the SPA. You are about to find out which package to choose.

SPA& Wellness Institute, this is not an ordinary beauty salon. It is a place where you will regenerate, relax and, under the guidance of expert cosmetologists, take care of your younger appearance. A true temple of beauty.

spa rejuvenation treatments

Go all out with your face. Try rejuvenating facial treatments.

Over time, facial skin cells regenerate more slowly, producing less protein, lipids and collagen. It is necessary to act quickly. What else can be done? A range of rejuvenating spa treatments and a package of lifting treatments come to the rescue. Facial rejuvenation treatments have an anti-aging effect. In addition, they improve skin tone and firmness.

The skin will become smoother, more resistant to external factors, elastic and tightened. Sounds good doesn't it? Such treatments really work wonders. We manage to slow down the aging process and improve the condition of the skin. How to prepare for a series of facial rejuvenation treatments?

First, we will have a consultation with a dermatologist/cosmetologist. The specialist will assess the condition of our facial shortcut and professionally select a rejuvenating or lifting treatment.  It's really important at this stage.

Proper treatment will stimulate flabby skin to intensive regeneration. It will effectively nourish it, smooth and make it more elastic.  That was the effect we were going for after all!

hotel spa rejuvenation treatments

Lifting in seconds

We want to look young, attractive, fresh ... and of course we still want to look like ourselves. Facelift we associate only with the operating room at the plastic surgeon, and yet, lifting treatments can be done already outside this scary place.

Just take a good look around in the offers of beauty salons and SPA Institutes.  Without needles, syringes, stitches and immense pain... There really are effective and painless ways to keep your youthful appearance longer. I assure you the spa lifting treatments are completely painless.

Some of them, unfortunately, are not cheap, but we don't know from today that an attractive appearance is worth any money for many of us.  To the point. How will spa lifting treatments work? They really work wonders.

Here are examples of these cosmetic wonders: they optically raise the oval of the face and tighten the skin. The secret weapon hidden in lifting treatments is vitamin A. When combined with retinol in lifting treatments, it acts like a vitamin cocktail. Youth explosion. After each lifting treatment, it's time for a relaxing massage of the face, décolleté and neck. We immediately feel younger and relaxed. However, when it comes to the visible effect, the treatment is worth repeating. Preferably a dozen times. Well, but what one does not do for beauty... 🙂

At the end of this subsection I have a real gem, the icing on the cake! A few words about the treatment, after which (I emphasize only one treatment!!) we will immediately look 5 years younger. The active ingredients contained in this treatment ( collagen, hyaluronic acid, marine silicon, among others) provide an immediate lifting effect. Its name and the place where you can perform it, I will reveal to you in a moment....

spa lifting treatments

Youth in seconds

You want to get rid of the first signs of skin aging. Fill every wrinkle with surgical precision?

All so that our face does not betray how old we are. Świat pędzi, a my choć z roku na rok starsze chcemy nadążyć za tym światem. Od zabiegów odmładzających w SPA, oczekujemy natychmiastowych efektów i minimalnej inwazyjności. To może się udać.

In the effective fight against facial skin gravity, you should reach for the weapon of innovative hyaluronic acid moisturizing treatments.  This magic ingredient is the most effective wrinkle filler today. All you have to do is find the right package of treatments.

spa facial treatments

Men have wrinkles too

Surprised? Time will not be kind to men either. However, one thing must be admitted, wrinkles in men will not be so painfully visible. Men rather accept the sight of wrinkles on the forehead with humility. For those who do not quite want to accept aging, we direct our proposal - a package of rejuvenating and lifting treatments in the SPA. This is an ideal proposition for the busy and stressed. Gentlemen, you will certainly need a moment of relaxation in the comfort of the SPA Institute....

spa facial treatments

At the end we have a TOP list for you rejuvenating and lifting treatments in SPAwhich you can do in Hotel Magellan. 

  • Silicium Marine Treatment

This facial rejuvenation treatment is a luxurious and innovative treatment. Its effects can be seen already after the first treatment. That's the kind of effectiveness we want! The immediate lifting effect is guaranteed by highly concentrated active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, collagen, marine silicon, red algae Meristotheca Dakarensis and JaniaRubens. Complementing the effect is the innovative Derma-Stim Massage.

  • Dermalogica Contouring Treatment

This is a rejuvenating facial treatment that lifts the oval of the face. It deeply moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin. It improves the condition of the skin and additionally strengthens its protective barrier.

  • Ocean Treatment For Men

This is a proposal for men. The treatment effectively moisturizes the deeper layers of the epidermis. And that's not all. The treatment will make the skin of every man's face more elastic and regenerate it.

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