Restaurant for a communion or christening. You can not forget about it

organization of christenings and communions in the restaurant

Family parties have long ceased to be modest dinners at the hosts' home. With the birth of the youngest member of the family we start the traditional family party marathon. We start with a christening party and usually end with a weddingAlong the way we have birthday parties including the famous birthdays, communions, 18's, 30's etc. There is really quite a lot of it. If not a family celebration at home, then where?

Table of Contents:

  1. Family party at home or at a venue?
  2. How much will we pay per plate?
  3. Animations for children


Dinner at home? Or a restaurant for a christening, though?

At the beginning there is a small quiz. We have prepared a few questions for you, the answers to which will allow you to decide whether this text is really for you.

  1. Are you facing the organization of baptism, communion?
  2. Do you live in a house or does your apartment have at least 70 m2?
  3. Are you ready for clutter and chaos in your living space?

Is everything clear now?

Of course, we do not doubt that you have organizational skills and preparing a party for your family at home is a piece of cake for you.
Organizing communion in a restaurant is simply simpler and more convenient. It is the premises for christenings that will take care of warm meals, clean plates, attractions for children. Admit it, this is quite a convenience. Convenient, professional, tasty, attractive. Yes, however, as you may have guessed all this, it comes at a price. It is in this article that we will answer the question, how much does it really cost to organize family events in restaurants and how to choose the best one?

venue for christenings łódzkie


A venue for a communion - for how much? where?

Family is the most important thing. Holy, unquestionably true words. Your special event in this case communion or baptism is, in a way, for the family. It's an important event for you so you invite your loved ones to a place that is supposed to charm them and, no denying, feed them well. It's supposed to be an eye-pleasing and stomach-pleasing celebration. Many factors will work for this effect. It is these elements that are worth considering when choosing a venue for a communion. Price for communion on the premises - a good restaurant generally offers customers 3 price packages, which differ in the number of meals and their type.

In such a place we can count on proposals from 150 zł - 250 zł per plate. In these prices we have from 3 4 hot meals, the packages vary in the type of meat and appetizers. The more elaborate the dishes, the more expensive. Children from 4 12 years old pay less - it is usually as much as 50% price.

This is valuable information, it is an increasingly common dilemma whether to invite with children since they will eat little, and we will pay as for an adult. Well, no, in really good establishments we can count on a discount and it is always worth asking. However, let's go back to the menu. In addition to hot meals at this price, on the tables you will still find cold appetizers, a coffee buffet with cake and fruit, and drinks. In the price for the so-called plate you sometimes get something else. Decorations. Floral bouquets, chair covers, runners, candles and whatever the organizer desires. However, that's not all. You will read about additional attractions in this price later in this article.

Let's further analyze the price of the so-called plate for christenings in a restaurant. Similarly to the communion service, guests can choose from several packages with a cascade of prices, i.e. from 180 PLN to 250 PLN per adult. What is the price per plate for children? Here is also good information, for the youngest we pay 50% cheaper. The discount applies to children aged 4-12 years. In the price above we have guaranteed 3 hot dishes (platter or served), remember that the number of dishes can be reduced if we plan a shorter party.

What will you be able to eat besides broth? Cold appetizers, sweet buffet (cakes, fruits), drinks, coffee and tea buffet.
The price for a communion party at a restaurant is obviously made up of many factors. Here we have the product itself + waiter service + venue rental (that is the so-called operating costs). The price per plate can change and it is always worth preparing for this.

How? Of course, we secure a contract with the restaurant. As a rule, it is the restaurant for baptism that will take care of the paragraph stating the possible increase, 20-30%. If there is no such paragraph, it is worth asking for it, so that you simply do not get cheated. The written percentage determines the risk of an increase, it may or may not be, and it is worth having it written on the contract with the premises. Are the aforementioned prices for the so-called plate exorbitant amounts? Can it be done more cheaply in a house with a garden? Both yes and no.

Of course, it all depends on the prices of the service providers who will be preparing the event for you.

We are talking about:

  • Catering company (food) + dishes, tablecloths
  • A company that will provide chairs, tables, armchairs, recliners, etc.
  • Decorations including flowers
  • Leisure time animator

Is communion and baptism in a restaurant really an expensive event? Now let's look at the elements that work for the success of a party at a hotel restaurant.

restaurant for communion lodzkie


Occasional task consultant

It is no longer a luxury, but simply a convenience that brides and grooms put the entire organization of the wedding in the hands of wedding consultants. The same is true for other family events. A good, elegant restaurant for christenings, communions and such family events has someone like an event consultant on their team. Such a man for special tasks, on special requests of clients. Option especially mandatory for busy parents who simply do not have time to choose the menu, decorations, etc.

An experienced consultant will tell us which dishes to choose, what style of decoration will be best for our reception.
If the restaurant offers the services of such a person for free, why not take advantage of it? Of course, we can not forget about the fact that it is, however, an employee of the place where we want to buy service and will probably suggest us to choose these components, so that the restaurant will come out well on it.

Okay, I'll agree, but nevertheless, he is the one who knows the place best, knows the attractions for children and can hint a lot. Of course, not everything we have the right to agree with. What if our communion venue does not employ an event consultant? Nothing lost. If the locale organizes a lot of special events it certainly has simply a department or person in the team who is responsible for events. They are the ones who will prepare the contract, pricing and take care of the booking for us.

Even at the first stage of the bidding process, it is to them that we should raise our questions.


Premises in picturesque surroundings

Should a restaurant for christenings have a garden? A pond, a lake on the premises? Wait, wait, it's not a wedding after all? But how about looking for such places? Communion receptions, baptisms have long ceased to be modest family gatherings over broth. They are elaborate micro weddings.

But where to look for such places? In a concrete city it is usually difficult to find restaurants with a garden and a playground for children.
The direction to look for is hotels, these generally have a lot to say when it comes to hosting family events.

Hotels with elegant restaurants for communion have gardens and are surrounded by forests. In short, there is somewhere to walk , and this is really already an attraction for guests. Isn't that the point of organizing special parties? The place should be pleasing to the eye, offer guests something more than just food and a place at the table. It has to provide an enjoyable time with the family outdoors. Yes the weather is also very important here. Just like weddings.

venue for christenings łódzkie


Children have a voice!

Since the little ones are the protagonists of the aforementioned special events, there can be no shortage of attractions for them. What should be on the fun menu? It all depends on the venue, as well as our wallet. A good hall for communion will offer us the services of its amateur animator, this is an extra paid service. Or appearing in the so-called package: communion, wedding, etc. Three hours of an animator is a minimum of 400 zloty. What will the kids do for those three hours? It all depends on the animator and the venue. Outdoor entertainment, themed shows, photo booth, bubble blowing, face painting. Well, we are only limited by our imagination. Since the venue determines the number of attractions, let's go one step further.

Hotel Magellan is a resort located in the heart of Lodz province. The event team in the communion package offers guests fun in the rope park and relaxation at the swimming pool. We must admit that this is only a comprehensive approach to special events. Who wouldn't want to take a dip in the pool on a hot day?

hotel for christening and communion lodzkie


Price preference for guests

We have reached the end. However, last but not least. The hall for christenings is not just altogether food and a place where the family will celebrate. A complex restaurant resort or the pub itself in a hotel offer their guests a number of additional services. Let's add that for free or at a really attractive price.
If you decide to organize a party in hotel with restaurantwhich we think is a good step, because we rent a place that has everything. We can take extra care of our guests.
How? Similarly as in the case of weddings, as guests of the hotel/restaurant we can count on accommodation at attractive, that is lower prices. The whole depends on the number of guests and duration of the event. If we are planning a not so small party, maybe we can negotiate a discount for additional attractions. What kind of attractions? It all depends on the complex we are in. These additional attractions are usually: spa treatments, rope park, horse stable, sailing cruises, etc.
So it remains to ask at the end. When organizing such a party at your home, are you able to take such complex care of your guests? Will you provide them with a number of attractions? Finally, let's try to answer together - are today's special events of the christening, communions, 18s deserve such a unique and elaborate setting?
At home or a restaurant? 😉