We reveal the recipe for last minute vacations in Poland

las minute lakeside vacations

Because of the pandemic, can you forget about your planned overseas vacation?

Does this mean no vacation this year?

Who said that vacations in Poland can't be as attractive and successful as a week in Greece?

That's right, you still have plenty of time to book last minute vacations in Poland.

Our suggestion?

Family vacation in Poland full of attractions on the Sulejowski Lake.

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Vacations on Lake Sulejowski

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Last minute vacations. What does it mean?

As we write this, we do not know when the COVID-19 pandemic will end.

We don't know, but we're assuming we'll get a little bit of a vacation this year.

Last minute vacations are just that, last minute vacations.

We realize that many of you have already selected and booked an overseas trip this winter.

Since that moment, you have been counting down the days bringing you closer to holiday carefreeness.

Trips to foreign resorts probably will not be, may be instead vacations in Poland. At the lake, by the sea, in the mountains, there are really many possibilities.


We will not encourage you to go to the seaside or mountains.

We offer a secluded place away from the crowds - a pleasant vacation at Sulejowski Lagoon.

For the sake of difficulty I'll add that it's not far from here in Lodz province.

It's a surprise.

Who of us perceives Lodz as a holiday resort?

This underrated vacation spot has already been loved by employees of large corporations who have taken a liking to the area for relaxing weekends.

Okay, but let's get back to the topic of last-minute vacations, does that mean you'll pay less for them?
Last minute vacations even those in Poland are vacation packageswhich we buy at the last minute before the date of departure.

There are plenty of such offers on the market, it is a particularly attractive option for people who do not have precise vacation plans and plan everything at the last minute.

What else is worth knowing?

Last minute vacations are usually cheaper, hence the great interest in them.

Will it be the same for vacations in Polish resorts?

It's hard to predict, but you can buy now voucher e.g., on vacation in a week in hotel.

You will benefit from it when the world is normal.


But let's get back to the positive news, a vacation in Poland on Sulejowski Lake can also be an attractive option, as we mentioned earlier.

In addition, if you choose spa, your vacation can only be an attractive trip.

But what is magical about the area located by the Sulejowski Lagoon?

Time for a brief history lesson.

This year's vacation in Poland. On Sulejowski Lake

Sulejowski Lagoon is probably one of the most interesting tourist and recreational attractions in the Lodz province.

In addition, so accessible to everyone in the country, because it is located in the heart of the country.

It's a vacation spot for families and water sports fans alike.

The lagoon offers excellent conditions for sailing, as sailors can use the entire area. The bathing area is a silent zone, which means that motorboat sports are not allowed. However, you must admit that the silence will not disturb anyone, it is even more favourable conditions for holiday relaxation.

Well, what else should encourage you to come here?

The reservoir is surrounded by beautiful, dense forests, the perfect area for hiking and biking.

Here you literally relax close to this fabulous nature. In this area not only forests and are the main attractions.

The reservoir is located in the Pilica River valley, it is here that the Pilica Forest extends, where two landscape parks have been created: Sulejowski and Spalski.

These are the places most visited by tourists.

Why not combine a last minute vacation in spa hotel With a tour of this scenic area?
Deciding on lakeside vacation, we understand that you want to spend some time at the hotel.

Take advantage of all these benefits in SPA & Wellness Institute, spend time with loved ones.

To humanely rest and relax.


The hotel staff will surely tell you where to go for a family trip.
The vacations are just such a time when you can spend some time together, see something new, explore historically interesting places.

The region "at Sulejowski Lagoon" is a real tourist pearl for small and big adventure fans.

Being in the Pilica Valley, you can not miss the famous Grottoes Nagórzycki, it is actually the excavations, which were created in the seventeenth century.

The main attraction here is the guided underground tourist route.

Another attraction is the European Bison Breeding Center, one of the oldest facilities of its kind in Poland.

The center covers the area of 72.4 ha. And it lies in the protection zone of Spalski Landscape Park.

You have to admit that this is a really attractive proposal for a family trip.

The area of the Pilica River Open Air Museum abounds in such tourist gems.

Vacations in Poland on Sulejowskie Lake are not only about lying on the beach by the water's edge.

It is a very attractive tourist region and not yet fully appreciated by families. It has a chance to change.
What might your last minute spa hotel vacation program look like?

In the end, it's just there to be discovered.

Your holiday package in a spa hotel

Do you associate a spa hotel exclusively with girls' weekends?

Nothing could be further from the truth, even the most masculine men will find themselves in such a place.

However, on a serious note.
The spa hotel is a true oasis of relaxation, you will be able to splash around all day in the poolRelax in a massage chair and then enjoy a beer bath.
However, one step at a time. Although... we already encourage you to check out what spa packages are offered by the hotel of your choice. It is a sin not to take advantage of them!

For 149 PLN/person/day you will stay in a comfortable room. You will receive full board in the package, including a children's menu.

Speaking of the little ones, the kids will have a great time under the supervision of an entertainer. Oh yes, parents will have moments just for themselves.

As a guest of the spa hotel, you can enjoy a range of treatments for a fee.

It is worthwhile to enjoy a massage or a scrub.

Let's move on hotel attractions.

Every day the hotel offers something different: movie screenings for the whole family, bonfire, entry to the rope park, aqua aerobics, or disco with a DJ.

When choosing a hotel for that lakeside vacation in Poland, pay attention to the hotel facilities.

After all, you will not just sit in the room. Hotel especially one that advertises itself as a place recommended for families, so family hotel should have permanent attractions within the complex, i.e. playground, soccer / volleyball field, or at least a cinema room.

Hotels in Sulejowski Park Krajobrazowy will tempt you with attractions beyond the offer, i.e. regional trips around the area.

As a rule, these will be extra services, the price should not be that high.

As we mentioned above, the Park area is an extremely attractive tourist destination and certainly worth exploring on this last minute vacation.

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