Romantic weekend in a spa hotel near Warsaw

romantic weekend in a spa hotel

What do lovers do in their free time? They rest in bed, cook together, clean together. They book tables at romantic restaurants. Generally speaking, they focus on spending time together, on having fun together. Like, they are in love. However, how much time can you spend within four walls and still visit the same places?

Why not treat yourself to a romantic weekend in a spa hotel? Near Warsaw, near Lodz, near Cracow. This is the main requirement. Don't go for the easy way and go to a cozy hotel a dozen kilometers away from the crowded city.

  1. A successful getaway? Escape outside the city
  2. Good fun until the morning
  3. In love with SPA


We book a stay in a SPA hotel near Warsaw

We dedicate this article to all those in love, but also to busy employees of Warsaw corporations. If, due to a heap of duties, you lack time for moments just for two, finally take a long thorough break. Book a weekend in advance in the chosen spa hotel.

There are many picturesque towns near Warsaw: Ząbki, Łomianki, Józefów, Sulejówek. Of course, you don't stick to those small towns and villages exactly outside Warsaw. Even 50 kilometers from the capital you will find picturesque places, and in them hidden cozy spa hotels that have really attractive stay packages. This common romantic weekend Treat it as a short vacation. Of course, you will relax together and have fun together, but since you managed to find a free weekend and get out of the city, enjoy the beauty of the area and relax. Maybe the spa hotel you have chosen will become your secret place to which you will always escape from stressful work and the hardships of life.

Something like your own private secret garden.

Spa hotel near Warsaw, as its name suggests, is a resort equipped with spa & wellness institute. What does this mean for you? There is no denying that these types of centers simply offer you more. Because in such a place as a spa and wellness area you can really relax. This is a true temple of relaxation. Saunas, salt caves are waiting for you, pools, jacuzzi. About the pleasant SPA treatments we're just going to write.

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Relaxation + entertainment for lovers

Do hotels offer packages strictly for lovers? Of course they do. Such stay packages, are most popular in the period of February 14, but hotels do not give up on them.

Couples in love very willingly celebrate anniversaries, birthdays just in the spa hotels. After all, there is no shortage of such occasions during the year. You can also surprise your beloved one and instead of a dull dinner in a restaurant, take her for a luxurious weekend at a spa hotel. Accommodation packages for lovers offer not only the traditional relaxation, i.e. accommodation in a comfortable room, the set also includes a candlelight dinner, shared spa treatmentswalks on the beach along the lake (if your the hotel is on the lake). Such a weekend just in a spa hotel near Warsaw can easily be filled with attractive entertainment.

Correction is the hotel and its staff will make sure that you will not be bored on these free days. Especially for you, we have gathered the best in hotel stay packages for lovers.

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In love with the spa

In a hotel near Warsaw, to be more precise in Magellan Hotel, we found SPA in Love package. Before we get into the details, it's time to say a few words about the resort itself. This is a hotel to which, well, here to hide everyone would like to go for a weekend relaxation. The hotel is located in a picturesque forest setting, close to the Sulejowski Lagoon.

Dears, summer holiday weekend in such a place must be a pleasant rest. However, let's return to the package. For 555 PLN/person you will enjoy the charms of the Zakochani w SPA package. A romantic candlelit dinner and a joint bath in the SPA are just a substitute for what awaits you. In addition to unlimited access to the swimming pool complex including saunas, Jacuzzi, pools, you will spend time in the spa offices. In the package you will receive a joint Cleopatra bath, an extremely pleasant milk bath will soothe your bodies and senses. In addition, you will benefit from hand treatments, foot treatments for each of you. At the end, a pleasant classical massage awaits you. Of course, these are not all the treatments available at the hotel's spas.

You can decide for yourself what you want to do during this romantic getaway. Choose your treatments and massages. Compose your very personalized romantic package.

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On the dance floor until the morning!

A romantic weekend can also take the form of a wild party until the morning. In one of the hotels near Warsaw, we found a package for born party people.

Theme weekend in disco rhythms. The menu includes delicious appetizers, alcohol included in the package well and a good time. For starters, that is from Friday to Saturday evening feast by the campfire. This is an excellent opportunity to meet new people. The next morning relaxation in the sauna area, and already on Saturday evening.

You will be carried away by hot Brazilian rhythms on the dance floor at the hotel. Yes no night clubbing, here on site you have your disco. After an all-night party you will spend a peaceful night in your hotel room. Everything at your fingertips. Without a weightless cab trip home. Need to splurge and have some fun? You look for a stay package that offers crazy dancing on the dance floor, book and you're done. The package includes a menu, accommodation and drinks. What more could you want?

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Active relaxation

Last but not least, we left ourselves sporty outings. Morning jogging, a yoga session, swimming and bicycle tours. Is this what your daily schedule looks like? Are you sports freaks like a couple of Fit Lovers? No one expects you to lie in a hotel bed with a bowl of popcorn during your weekend for two.

There is no shortage of packages for active lifestyle enthusiasts. The program includes the aforementioned relaxation in the wellness zone, training with a professional trainer and many hours of walks in the surroundings. You earn about an attractive place to stay, this encourages outdoor activities. Sportsmen also do not forget about this aspect of romance, which we so eagerly write about. Will there be a moment for a romantic dinner this weekend? It probably shouldn't be missing.

Are you working hard and completely unable to rest effectively? After a difficult and stressful week of corporate work, bet on a thorough rest. Combined with romantic moments just for two.

Surprise your beloved one and take her for a weekend to a spa hotel near Warsaw.

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