Rope park

A grain of uncertainty, a pinch of adrenaline, a bit of excitement, and certainly a whole lot of great fun will be provided by the rope park in the Magellan Hotel, located just 50 km from Lodz and 100 km from Warsaw and Czestochowa.

Rope Park MAGELLAN is a high altitude system of platforms and rope obstacles installed on trees. It was designed and created so that any person, regardless of age, could walk the entire route enjoying an extraordinary adventure. Participants in rope programs learn poise, responsibility, balance techniques, and break the barrier of fear of heights.

Stations consisting of bridges, footbridges, beams, loops, nets and various types of slides are waiting for you. Both adults and children can play here.

An amazing experience is guaranteed by three routes:
Easy route V
Medium route V
Difficult route V
Tyrolean V

Price list - table

For organized groups of more than 5 people there is a possibility to make the Rope Park available for exclusive use. For this purpose, please >>contact

Please read the rules and regulations before using the Rope Park:

Rope park safety rules: (Text on WWW, or can there be a link about PDF?)

The rope park MAGELLAN was built according to the French System of security and rules. The safety of the participants is ensured by qualified instructors who are at the disposal of the guests.

We use equipment dedicated for use in rope parks. Before entering the rope park, guests are equipped with certified safety equipment: full harnesses, lunges, carabiners and helmets. Then the instructor explains the principles of using this equipment and shows them how to overcome obstacles correctly. The participants repeat the presented actions and the instructor eliminates possible mistakes.

The belaying system is easy to learn and its simplicity consists in performing the same actions each time at the next station. After completing the training the instructor allows the participants to climb high obstacles of the rope park route. Here, too, we use a specialized safety device that protects against falling while climbing the ladder. Participants overcome obstacles under the supervision of instructors who help them to pass the route correctly. At any time the participant may call the instructor asking for help or for evacuation from the route.