She and He in SPA. Perfect gifts for Valentine's Day

she and he at the spa

Christmas is behind us. Gifts from the list bought, the joy of loved ones priceless. Store windows change decor. The red in store decorations remains. It's a sign. The Feast of the Lovers is approaching. From now on we'll be typing in Internet search engines: Valentine's Day gift for her, Valentine's Day gift for him. What gift to choose? Where to find the unique one? Where to look for it? Check our list of the best gifts for lovers.


Valentine's Day Gift

The most important is the idea. A Valentine's Day gift should not only be accurate, it should evoke joy in the beloved person. It should show how much time and creativity we put into preparing the surprise. When looking for an idea for a Valentine's Day gift let's consider what our other half needs. Does he/she search the Internet for cult gadgets? Dreams of your favorite band's concert, or maybe would love to see 22 guys running after the ball live? A dream gift for Valentine's Day doesn't have to ruin you financially right away. Does your budget not allow you to spend more? Organize a romantic dinner for two, such a gesture is romantic any time of the year.


Surprise for two

Valentine's Day is after all the holiday of lovers, why shouldn't you celebrate the 14th of February together? With all the responsibilities, commitments and problems, have you forgotten to be a little romantic? Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity for a short vacation for just the two of you. Organize a romantic weekend at the hotel It's actually a matter of booking a date. The hotel staff will take care of the Valentine's Day mood. When looking for a place to stay, choose a hotel/resort with a spa. When organizing Valentine's Day in a SPA, you don't have to take your other half to the sea, abroad or to the mountains. Carefully browse the offers in the Lodz area you will surely find something for the two of you. Such a package for lovers should include accommodation, meals and additional Valentine's Day attractions.

Of course, if hotel has a swimming pool, SPA&Wellness center, there will be many more of these romantic attractions.


Valentine's Day at the SPA

Massages, sauna treatments, swimming pool, jacuzzi... attractions in the hotel SPA are really a lot. Hotels prepare Valentine's Day packages, which as a gift for Valentine's Day are perfect. The packages appear in the offer already at the turn of December and January. If you book a Valentine's Day weekend in a SPA earlier, you can get an additional discount. What's more, planning this trip earlier will take the hassle out of finding a gift for Valentine's Day. Remember that each package can be consulted and prepared individually. Your half loves massages or has special culinary wishes? Valentine's Day is a day during which you can afford everything. So fulfill your dreams and hidden desires, on Valentine's Day pamper yourself to your heart's content. Time spent in the hotel SPA will be good for each of you. Besides, which woman doesn't dream about such a gift as Valentine's Day in the SPA?


She at SPA& Wellness

You leave for the resort early in the morning, after all there are so many activities to include. You start with a wine bath, then a honey massage and a HYDRA facial. Full relaxation and hydration. This is not the end of ideas for Valentine's Day at the SPA. After moisturizing treatments, it's time for a visit to the sauna. Before a romantic rendezvous with your sweetheart, it's time for moments of relaxation in the Jacuzzi, not necessarily for two.


He at the spa

At this point, it's time for a Valentine's Day gift for him. The package includes a relaxing hop bath, facial treatments and classic massage. Our beloved will forget for a moment about stressful work and nervous boss. Such a series of pleasures for the body will allow him to regain energy for the next day.


Chocolate SPA for two

It's time for the highlight of your Valentine's Day at the SPA. The holiday of lovers may be associated with excessive consumption, but the time spent just the two of us is priceless. Instead of expensive gifts, think about how to spend this time pleasantly and, above all, together. Since you are in love and you are spending this holiday in the SPA, take a bath together. In the gift package for Valentine's Day you will find chocolate bath with amazing aromas and soothing music during chocolate and Polynesian massage.



Romantic dinner

The day is coming to an end, after a series of pleasant treatments in the SPA, it is time to delight the palate. It will be a moment just for two. People in love with each other, an exquisite dinner, lots of good wine and romantic music in the background. Hotels, prepare special Valentine's Day menus. You will find there not only masterful dishes, but also aphrodisiacs that will further enhance the romantic mood of the evening. Can you imagine what a perfect gift for Valentine's Day is this Valentine's Day in the SPA?

The most important question

You've been thinking about it for a long time, just looking for the right date, place and occasion. Do you want to ask her that most important question and slip a sparkling diamond on her heart finger? You hear from everyone that engagement on valentine's day Are they so trite, predictable, and everyone does them? Perhaps most of the engagements you've heard about were banal because of the aura that lacked magic. If you are planning to get engaged to your beloved on Valentine's Day, make sure that the setting of this beautiful event is far from simple, banal and predictable. Carefully planned Valentine's Day in the SPA, step by step, will build the right atmosphere around the big event. It depends on the man where and at what point of the gift for Valentine's Day, he will ask the most important question? Build an atmosphere of mystery and romance from the moment you cross the threshold of the hotel. A skillfully directed Valentine's Day in the SPA with a great engaged finale, your partner will surely remember for years. This story will arouse emotion and delight in many of your girlfriends the bride-to-be.

Detailed information about the package for lovers at the Magellan Hotel can be found here.