SPA for pregnant women. Which treatments to choose?

SPA & Wellness institutes tempt us with treatment packages for everyone.

A weekend at the spa in a cozy hotel outside the city is every woman's dream.

Relaxation in the wellness area, pleasant, caring treatments and that silence.

But can every woman afford such a trip to the spa?

Can pregnant women have spa treatments?

We check out a list of spa treatments for pregnant women.

Treatments for moms-to-be

2. these treatments are better avoided!

3. care is essential

SPA for pregnant women

Pregnant women, because of their unique condition, don't have to deny themselves everything.

A visit to a spa is no different.

A pregnant woman has to give up many things because of the safety of the baby.

However, it is important to be clear about what is advisable and what she should avoid for treatments in SPA Institute.

Of course, the expert advice of the doctor in charge of the pregnancy and the knowledge of a professional cosmetologist from the spa will help us.

Hotels and SPA& Wellness Institutes have long since introduced packages dedicated to pregnant women.

These are suggestions created together with doctors and qualified cosmetologists and dermatologists.

Before you book your spa appointment, make sure that you will be taken care of by professionals.

Specialists will advise which treatments can be used by pregnant women and which should definitely be avoided.

Packages dedicated to moms-to-be should consist of non-invasive treatments.

Mainly nursing and relaxing.

Therefore, a massage, a treatment for swollen legs and a manicure or pedicure should not be missing from the list.

Such a moment of pleasure belongs to every pregnant woman.

In addition, beautifully painted nails will improve the mood of any woman.

Pregnancy cannot be an exception, at any time we want to be beautiful and well-groomed.

There is nothing to prevent a professional beautician from taking care of us during pregnancy.

A visit to a spa for pregnant women is meant to be a pleasant way out of the house, a moment to relax and take care of yourself.

pregnancy spa

Of which spa treatments can pregnant women benefit?

This is a question you should ask your health care provider and the cosmetologist who will be caring for you during your spa visit.

The spa visit is included from the period of pregnancy you are in.

However, regardless of the "age" of pregnancy, a woman should not undergo treatments that use heat.

These include sauna, jacuzzi or treatments using currents and ultrasound.

These types of treatments affect blood circulation, which can negatively affect the baby.
Spa treatments for pregnant women are advisable due to the duration of pregnancy.

Each treatment is meant to alleviate the bothersome pregnancy symptoms present at the time.

A pregnant woman is a client who cannot be offered everything and who needs special care.

Treatment chairs must be comfortable, professional and clean.

The institute must ensure that towels are pleasant to the touch, natural cosmetics and neutral scents in the room.

What treatments for pregnant women?
Pregnant women cannot be offered any body treatment until the end of the third trimester.

Instead, we can offer the future mother beauty treatments for the feet and hands.

I am referring to manicures, pedicures, and facials according to skin needs.
From the second trimester onwards (if the pregnancy is uncomplicated), the client can benefit from body scrubs and massages.

This is an especially pleasant treatment for ladies who struggle with body swelling.

Towards the end of pregnancy, women may opt for massages.

Ladies preparing for childbirth often opt for depilation treatments and biological pedicures.

Doing these treatments yourself at home can be a challenge.

Finally, the time after pregnancy.

A minimum of 3 months after giving birth, young moms can afford their first slimming treatments.

On the other hand, treatments using algae, herbs, essential oils or silt are better done after breastfeeding.

Now, let's check out what specific spa treatments for pregnant women the mom-to-be should take advantage of.

spas for pregnant women


Proper body care will not only improve the condition of the skin, but also improve the mood of a pregnant woman.

It is also important to have well-groomed hands and feet and striking red on the nails.

Pregnancy spa treatments should include treatments for skin problems if they do arise.

Our suggestion?

A purifying facial treatment by Dermalogica.

This treatment effectively reduces acne lesions, smoothens and regenerates the epidermis and prevents the formation of new ones.

The treatment does not include manual cleansing, so it is completely safe and painless for the woman.

If not a cleansing treatment, maybe a deep moisturizing one.

Pregnant women face different skin problems, depending on the need the cosmetologist will choose the right treatment.

pregnancy spa

Massage face

Another suggestion on the list of spa treatments for pregnant women is a facial massage.

The suggestions here are several.

The first is a comprehensive anti-stress therapy that includes a facial, head and neck massage.

An unearthly pleasant and relaxing treatment, every woman (not just pregnant) will love.

The second proposal is a novelty on the Polish cosmetics market: Vegan Nature facial massage.

This is a relaxing massage with vegan oils from pure organic farming.

Anything eco is good for pregnant women.

A third suggestion is a gentle facial massage with cool water balls - immediately reduces bags under the eyes or a very pleasant massage with Qi Gong bells.

Well that makes a total of 4 suggestions, why not!

Pregnant women need to be pampered, after all.


This is an extremely difficult topic for pregnant women.

Hair. Unfortunately, it can be very different after pregnancy.

Due to hormonal imbalance, women are often affected by excessive hair loss.

How to stop this process?

The Pregnancy Spa offers coconut hair oiling or a gentle trichology treatment (no prickling).
These strengthening treatments will effectively improve the condition of your hair and inhibit hair loss.

Of course, you can't expect spectacular results after the first treatment.

Adopting a series of such treatments will say goodbye to brittle and falling hair for a long time.

pregnant women spa

Massages and scrubs

Relaxing, extremely enjoyable and so soothing, massages.

Recall that pregnant women can enjoy massages only from the second trimester, provided that the pregnancy proceeds without complications.

If moms-to-be struggle with sensitive skin, it's a good idea to opt for a gentle, hypoallergenic, and importantly, odorless massage,

which will make your skin more elastic and help fight stretch marks.

In the offer of spa treatments for pregnant women you will find a sensational classical or Polynesian massage with sweet almond oils.

The second proposal is a pleasant for the body and senses karite massage with She butter.


The skin of pregnant women can be very sensitive and delicate.

Therefore, the cosmetologist must use a very fine-grained cosmetic for scrubbing.

This treatment is not only supposed to nurture the skin, but also to be a relaxing experience for the senses.

In a series of these treatments, you'll find tasty scrubs and fun names like Sweet Strawbery, Velvet Blueberry and Argan Paradise.

spa for pregnant women

Hands and feet

Is the end of your pregnancy fast approaching?

During this time, women struggle with swelling in their legs and feet.

A treatment that will bring relief and effectively combat swelling will be foot reflexology and a leg massage with cool water balls.

The end of this relaxing therapy will be a perfectly done pedicure and manicure.

Pregnant women very often find it difficult to find time for such small pleasures.

It is worth taking advantage of them during a visit to the spa.
The range of spa treatments for pregnant women is vast.

Pregnant women are important clients for spa institutes.

Treatments are divided into specific stages of pregnancy, bring relaxation, soothing and care for healthy and attractive skin.

Such a package of spa treatments combined with a short weekend vacation in a hotel is just a successful surprise for a pregnant woman.

SPA stay Will make a perfect gift for a mom-to-be at a baby shower or a gift from her husband.

Gift vouchers to spas can be found at Magellan Hotel.

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