Argan peeling, golden body mask, massage with golden argan oil


Coffee peeling, coffee body mask, chocolate massage


A very intensive slimming and anti-cellulite treatment. Stages: body measurements, peeling, massage of selected parts of the body with warming gel, wrapping with foil.

Frigi - Thalgo Wrap

Hypothermic anti-cellulite treatment with intensive anti-edema effect. Stages: body peeling, wrapping selected parts of the body with a bandage, introduction of gel "on light legs" with draining movements. price: 200 PLN (legs) / 220 PLN (legs + abdomen).


Facial lifting massage - skin firming by mechanical massage.

Facial massage with jade

A tension-reducing massage that lifts the oval of the face, strengthens muscles, and generally improves the condition of the face.
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