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Massage with herbal stamps

Massage with herbal stamps

Extremely pleasant and relaxing full body massage with warm oil and hot aromatic herbal stamps

Warm candlelight massage

Warming full body massage with nourishing, warm oil candle

Beer bath

Beer not only tastes great, but also has a sensational effect on the appearance of the skin. Hops and beer yeast make the skin soft and delicate. Beer is served in the bath for tasting

Wine bath

Polyphenols contained in wine counteract the effects of skin aging. Add a glass of wine to your bath

Azure bath

Bath with a fresh scent of blue ocean with ginseng extract for successful freshness and relaxation

Cleopatra's bath

Extremely gentle bath with minerals from the Dead Sea gives a feeling of bliss and relaxation

Bubble bath

Bubble bath with hydro massage and ozone therapy


Honey peeling, coffee body mask, chocolate massage, milk bath


Papaya peeling, azure bath, rice body mask, Polynesian massage


Argan peeling, golden body mask, massage with argan oil, golden bath
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