Dermo oxygen massage with vitamin mask.

The power of snake venom

Anti-wrinkle, firming treatment with stem cell technology. 60 minutes (face) / 70 minutes (face, neck, neckline)

Dragon Blood

Anti-wrinkle treatment, antioxidant, whitening hyperpigmentation. 60minutes (face) / 70 minutes (face, neck, cleavage)

Blue fusion

Ultra moisturizing and firming treatment with hyaluronic acid. 60 minutes (face) / 70 minutes (face, neck, cleavage)

Ocean Treatment For Men

The treatment is intended for men's skin care. The purpose - levelling the structure of the epidermis through peeling performed during the treatment, moisturizing deeper layers of the epidermis, as well as making the skin mechanically irritated during daily shaving more elastic and regenerating it.

Hyaluronic Marine Treatment

An innovative moisturizing treatment which removes the first signs of skin aging and precisely fills in wrinkles. Instant effect is provided by microspheres with hyaluronic acid particles.

Beauty Hydration Ritual

A moisturizing and firming treatment for dehydrated skin. It is designed for skin that needs moisturizing. It is particularly recommended in early spring, after the heating period, and in summer, when the skin is dry and after a solarium.


An intensive toning and regulating treatment for grey, tired and problematic skin. Ideal for the problem of water bags under the eyes.
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