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skin regeneration after winter
There is no doubt that winter is a difficult time for the skin. It usually weakens its condition and appearance, and thus worsens our mood. Changing temperatures, frost, wind, several layers of clothing and central heating make the skin significantly lose its beauty, and we do not feel good with it. However, this is not a state that we can not change. There are many ways to improve the situation. If the home...
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trip to the spa with children
This is a question you are probably asking yourself. The necessity of caring for young children has more than once put you in a dilemma - whether to stay at home or let yourself relax (especially when you couldn't "drop off" your kids to someone). For many parents, going to a spa for a weekend with children may seem like a vague pipe dream. Meanwhile, it is enough to find a family-friendly hotel. Spa with children - it doesn't have to be....
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An easy-to-apply and effective way to relieve pain? Kinesiotaping (dynamic patching) can help you! It is a proven and uncomplicated way not only to manage pain, but also to prevent injuries. Its reliability is evidenced by the fact that it is readily used by famous athletes. So - make a note of these names and ask them at the specialist's office: kinesiotaping/dynamic patching. What does kinesiotaping consist of? Kinesiotaping involves taping painful areas with special...
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romantic weekend in the spa
In any relationship, there can be a feeling of boredom and stagnation. On top of that, fatigue and the hardship of everyday life. If you are experiencing a crisis - do not give up and try to revive your relationship. A romantic weekend in the SPA is an excellent way to strengthen it. Romantic spa weekend for two One of the ideas we suggest is to combine the pleasant with the useful: a romantic spa weekend. A spa weekend for two will help you...
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spa in winter_ treatments
Skin after winter is dry, damaged and in need of hydration. How to take care of your skin after winter? Which SPA treatments should you choose to restore the glow of your skin? Check out our tips.
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