Summer on the horizon? Book a lakeside spa vacation

Vacation, hot summer, beautiful sunny weather.

At work or on vacation, we want to present an impeccable figure, glowing skin and radiant complexion.

We start preparing for the summer season as early as early spring.

That's fine, but don't stop them with the start of the first summer months.

This is when your skin needs turbo care.

In this article, we have compiled for you the best spa treatments for the vacations.

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2. Summer spa package at the lake - what will you find in it?

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Summer spa package on the lake

We agree that you can let go of looking flawless during the vacations.

However, you can't let go of skin care.

To keep that sun-kissed look healthy and radiant, you can't go without some moisturizing rituals.

Every one of us could use an express spa summer package that works wonders. At the lake, in the mountains, by the sea, literally everywhere you will find such a rescue kit.

These wonders are hidden right in the spa hotels.
SPA&Wellness Institutes have treatments for every season. A visit to a hotel spa during the vacations is a combination of relaxation and body care.

You can book spa treatments separately or by choosing a specific holiday package.

Okay, now you're probably thinking that booking such a package borders on the miraculous during the summer.

The best deals will sell out like fresh buns.

That's not quite the case.

Remember, you don't need a whole week in SPATwo to three days of grooming and relaxation are enough.

Of course, a real spa vacation at the lake is an extremely attractive proposition.

Just think two weeks of blissful relaxation by the water, a daily visit to the spa, a morning class with a trainer by the pool.

This holiday option will appeal to every woman.

If you dream of just such a vacation, there is nothing to prevent you from buying such a marathon of pleasure.

You can find lakeside spa vacations at Magellan Hotel.

spa vacations on the lake

What spa treatment over the vacations to choose?

There's no denying it, summer is not kind to our skin.

The sun's rays give our skin a beautiful brown color, but they can also severely dry it out.

Rest assured that you don't have to hide your body from the sun, you just need to protect yourself effectively from harmful UV rays.


Using a series of sunscreens.

The sun and high temperatures make our skin require more intensive care.

It is mainly about nourishing and moisturizing. And there's no fooling, a drugstore cream won't provide all-day hydration for our skin.

A nighttime intensive nourishing lotion works wonders.

You can expect real results from a visit to a professional beauty salon or spa.

These are places that work with professional, highly moisturizing cosmetics.

Combined with relaxing in a hot tub and relaxing by the water, they can work wonders.

In addition, the fact that you will take care of your skin nourishment in a charming lakeside hotel is encouraging. Summer spa package should not be a ready-made product for everyone.

If the hotel offers the opportunity to "assemble" a package of treatments that we care about then great.

After all, we ourselves know what our skin needs.

spa summer package

If you don't know which holiday treatments to choose, get a free consultation with a cosmetologist before your spa visit.

Reputable spa hotels offer clients such a dermoconsultation.

This is an extremely valuable meeting with a specialist who, based on research, will determine what our skin needs and what treatments are worth using.

In addition, if the cosmetologist will be our guardian during the treatments, it will be easier and faster for him to assess the visible effects.

If we've convinced you to vacation at a lakeside spa hotel, check out which vacation spa treatments are worth taking advantage of.

Silhouette shaping massage

They bring total relaxation and rest. They calm the body, regenerate it and give strength.

A relaxing massage should be a must for such a summer spa vacation package. By the lake, on the beach you will relax on a deck chair, take a sun bath, splash in the water.

After an active day, you'll relax on a bed under the care of a massage therapist.

Such a session is actually recommended to everyone, especially people who do sedentary work.

If you have the opportunity, use this treatment as often as possible. Your spine will thank you for it ­čśë .

spa vacations on the lake

Since we want to look flawless in the summer, it is worth reaching for massages, which are attention shaping the silhouette.

In the hotel's SPA you will find a sensational massage gathering only good reviews.

It is a fitness, dynamic, body shaping massage (abdomen, thighs and buttocks).

Which of us would not want to "work" on a slim figure in just such a way?

You'll lie back while the massage therapist makes sure your warmth is firm, moisturized, and devoid of an ounce of fat.

What is the price of this pleasure? For 30 minutes of such a modeling massage you will have to pay 100 PLN.

Another suggestion is a Chinese bubble massage.

It is an intensive massage of a selected body part, a non-invasive method of fighting cellulite.

You will find plenty of articles on the Internet about the effectiveness of this method.

The Chinese bubble has become a permanent fixture in beauty salons.

Its effects are visible after the first treatment.
While we are elaborating on the benefits of body massage, we cannot fail to mention facial massage.

Among the most popular is the lifting facial massage, which eliminates signs of fatigue and swelling.

Additionally, it tightens the skin, lifts the muscles and improves the oval of the face.

It's kind of a lift without the scalpel.

You will have to pay 100 zł for one lifting facial massage.

Body shaping massage is the first step in getting the figure of your dreams,

When creating your summer spa package, don't forget this important spa treatment for the vacations.

spa treatments for the summer

Exfoliation + moisturizing

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more.

This is what your skin needs, especially in the summer.

At spa institutes, you will find a series of hydromassages.

What is it?

It is a combination of massage and bath.

Not the usual kind, though.

Water is pumped out of the jets at high pressure. It hits the muscles, causing them to relax.

This is the mechanism of what about grooming. It all depends on the type of bath.

We especially recommend for summer heat: pearl bath, which is a hydromassage with ozone therapy, Cleopatra bath with milk powder is a real feast for the senses and body.

For a single bath in the SPA you will have to pay about 100 zł.

On your list of spa treatments for the vacations, you can't miss moisturizing facial treatments. When the sun burns your face too much, a simple moisturizer won't do.

We found an awesome moisturizing treatment called Beauty Hydration Ritual at one of the lakeside resorts.

It brings soothing relief to skin in need of hydration.

For this moisturizing and firming treatment for dehydrated skin you have to pay about 150 PLN.

spa vacations on the lake

Effective treatments that improve skin hydration include oxybrasion.

It is simply a water and oxygen scrub that effectively exfoliates dead skin.

What results can be expected?

The skin is nourished, smoothed and moisturized.

After just the first treatment, the skin takes on a healthy, bright appearance.

However, in order to maintain the effect of radiant, full of glow skin oxybrasion treatment should be repeated every 3-4 weeks.

The cost of one seance about 140 zł.

The treatment is not among the cheapest, so it is worth hunting down.

It often appears in staycation packages in early spring and summer.

Non-invasive treatments

Endermologie, though, is not typically a summer seasonal treatment.

There is no denying that it is one of the most effective non-invasive body contouring treatments.

Moreover, it provides excellent results in combating excess weight and cellulite.

It's a treatment designed for people who spend hours at the gym with no visible results.

Toxins and excess fluids are removed from the body.

Additionally, the treatment gently exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells.

It's exfoliation and slimming in one.

One session lasts about 35 minutes, during which a lymphatic body massage is performed.

Cost? It depends on the duration of the treatment. 35 minutes costs about 90 PLN, for one hour of massage you need to pay 120 PLN.

Body Endermologie is a procedure that must be performed in several series to achieve the desired effect.

Weekend relaxation in a hotel You can combine it with a pleasant fight with unnecessary kilograms.

If you do not find a package that offers endermologie in the hotel's offer, please contact the hotel staff who will prepare a customized package for you.

spa summer package

 Relaxation in the wellenss area

After a series of treatments in the SPA, it is time for blissful relaxation in the wellness zone.

It is understandable that during the vacations we want to look great, so especially we women quite intensively use the benefits of SPA.

But let's not forget the old proven recipe for looking great.

It's a rest!

Rested, relaxed after a vacation spent at a spa hotel, you will notice the changes in your appearance yourself.

Enjoy the treatments offered at the SPA and don't forget about the relaxing Jacuzzi baths and the health-promoting effects of the saunas.

The wellness area is a temple of relaxation, it is worth spending even a few hours there.

A spa vacation at the lake is an offer for those who want to relax and take care of their appearance.


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