Spa treatments for men? Why not!

After all, it's no shame!

Everyone on this planet wants to look good, attractive.

Also gentlemen.

We associate beauty salons and spas exclusively with women.

And this is a classic stereotypical error.

Men in spas and beauty salons are no longer a taboo subject.

Spa institutes do not waste time and willingly extend the range of services with treatments for men.

And while many of you gentlemen will admit that it's embarrassing, shameful and that it's probably not appropriate... believe me after reading this article, book a stay at the temple of beauty on the spot.

In this article we will tell you what spa treatments for men is worth choosing, we will also tell you the recipe for a truly masculine spa weekend For guys.

Table of contents

1. The man in the spa

2. What does the SPA package for men include?

3. Facial treatments

4. Body treatments

5. Hand and foot treatments 


A spa for men? It's not a shame

Is a spa a place you only associate with hybrid manicures, botox injections and hair coloring?

Rest assured, you will not benefit from such treatments at this location.

Especially for you men, institutes have selected and prepared treatments dedicated only to men.

Taking advantage of them will not be a source of embarrassment.

Besides, gentlemen, let's not hide the fact that using a razor, cologne and antiperspirant will not keep you looking youthful for life.

Want to know why your work colleague always looks like a young god on Monday morning, and why there is a glow from his face?

It's not a miracle diet or a magic pill.

It never occurred to you that your corpo buddy takes his colleagues to the spa every weekend?

They spend the night in an exclusive lakeside hotelThey spend their mornings at the pool, at noon they enjoy a wide range of spa treatments for men.

Is that what you want too?

spa for men

What does the SPA package for men include?

Don't treat this trip as an unpleasant chore.

You're supposed to relax, recharge your batteries, and put yourself in a positive mood for the upcoming week at work.

SPA stay will have a beneficial effect on your health.

Women don't need anyone to convince them of this....

You gentlemen we hope we have almost convinced you.

Spa for men is especially recommended to busy and stressed employees of big-city corporations.

Such a men's trip to the SPA is not only massages and body treatments.

These are days filled with activities for your entire pack.

O is a sample package for a men's spa getaway:

1. overnight hotel stay (this is an option when choosing a hotel with a spa institute)

2. unlimited access to the hotel gym, sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool complex.

3. hotel attractions: mini golf, rope park, bike tours, etc.

4. spa treatments for men

5. delicious meals in the hotel restaurant

Add a lot of fun to this package.

A man's visit to a spa? It's not embarrassing anymore, is it?

What about treatments?

In the care program for men we emphasize care of three parts of the body: face, body and hands and feet.

Oh these are our treatment suggestions.

treatments for men


The face is, like the hands, the business card of every man.

It is on the face that you see the first wrinkles, as well as signs of fatigue and stress.

Therefore, the list of spa treatments for men should include: effective and safe skin care, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and refreshing treatments.

The spa package for men should not lack a cleansing scrub and moisturizing masks.

For men with a greater need for care we offer microdermabrasion and cavitation peeling.

This first treatment thoroughly cleanses the skin, as a result, the complexion impresses with a healthy appearance.

Cavitation peeling is also an ally of cleansed facial skin.

man in spa

Cleansed skin with the help of ultrasonic waves, is ready for the next treatments.

What other spa treatments for men do we think are worth recommending?

Ocean Treatment For Men is a treatment that you will perform in SPA&Wellness Institute in the Magellan Hotel.

It's a treatment designed to regenerate skin irritated by daily shaving.

Does your skin need that kind of soothing?

I'm sure he'll find it at the spa:)


Massage, massage and more massage.

There are really quite a few types of massages, it all depends on what effect you want to achieve.

Well, you know it's all about relaxing:)

Our suggestion?

A 30-minute classical relaxation massage or a 30-minute sports massage.

Both deeply relax, accelerate the recovery of the muscles of the selected body part.

spa for men

The spa package for men should also include a full body scrub.

Mediterranean peeling cleanses the skin, eliminates dryness and roughness, visibly softens and smoothes the epidermis.

Body scrubbing is supposed to be a pure pleasure.

Which one should you be tempted to buy?

Berry? Honey, exotic, or maybe bamboo?

Gentlemen, don't limit yourself, be sure to put scrubs on your list of must-have spa treatments for men.

Finally, we have an incredibly tasty suggestion.

If you're a beer aficionado, you'll love the beer bath + beer tasting of course.

A nice bath with your favorite beverage is probably every guy's dream come true!

Hands and feet

Manicures and pedicures are also among men's spa treatments.

A classic manicure consists of softening the nail plate, conditioning and brightening the nail plate, plus cutting the cuticles and you're done.

Your hands will shine by example;)

If such a process is too much of an extravagance for you, you might be tempted to get a paraffin wax treatment.

After this treatment your hands will become soft and wonderfully smooth.

This treatment is especially recommended in the fall and winter.

spa treatments for men

Isn't it true that a visit to the SPA does not have a specific gender and the SPA&Wellness Institute is a place for both women and men?

Looking for a spa package for yourself?

Check out the website of Hotel Magellan, you will find package tailored to men's needs.

Or maybe such a spa package for men will turn out to be an extremely appropriate gift?

Choose from many available SPA vouchers at the Magellan Hotel.


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